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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Ausgabe 3/2022

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Original Article

Prevention of Breast Implant Displacement Using the Acellular Dermal Matrix Garter Belt

Hyun Jeong Ha, Seong Heum Jeong, Jun Young Yang, Chan Woo Kim, Euna Hwang

Editor’s Invited Discussion

Invited Discussion on: Prevention of Breast Implant Displacement Using the Acellular Dermal Matrix Garter Belt

Sebastian Cotofana, Michael G. Alfertshofer, Konstantin Frank, Dimitry V. Melnikov, Lysander Freytag, Nicholas Moellhoff

Original Article

Patients Decision-Making Characteristics Affects Gynecomastia Treatment Satisfaction: A Multicenter Study Using the BODY-Q Chest Module

Mads Gustaf Jørgensen, Bu Youn Cho, Frederik Gulmark Hansen, Volker-Jürgen Schmidt, Jens Ahm Sørensen, Navid Mohamadpour Toyserkani

Original Article

Aesthetic Outcome of Gynecomastia Management with Conventional Liposuction and Cross-Chest Liposuction: A Prospective Comparative Study

Ratnakar Singamsetty, Sunil Kumar Rout, Sanjay Kumar Giri, Ritesh Panda, Kishore Kumar Behera, Mukund Namdev Sable

Original Article

The Role of High Resolution Ultrasonography in Elucidating Features of the Breast Implants in Asymptomatic Patients After Implant-based Augmentation Mammaplasty

Sang Eun Nam, Bum Sik Bang, Eun Kyoung Lee, Jung Youp Sung, Keun Yeong Song, Young Bum Yoo, Dong Wook Park, Jae Hong Kim

Original Article

Risk Comparison Using Autologous Dermal Flap and Absorbable Breast Mesh on Patient Undergoing Subcutaneous Mastectomy with Immediate Breast Reconstruction

Matej Patzelt, Lucie Zarubova, Michaela Vecerova, Josef Barta, Martin Ouzky, Andrej Sukop

Open Access Original Article

Impact on Patient’s Appearance Perception of Autologous and Implant Based Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy Using BREAST-Q

Paolo Persichetti, Mauro Barone, Rosa Salzillo, Annalisa Cogliandro, Beniamino Brunetti, Silvia Ciarrocchi, Mario Alessandri Bonetti, Stefania Tenna, Michail Sorotos, Fabio Santanelli Di Pompeo

Original Article

In Vivo and In Vitro Fibroblasts' Behavior and Capsular Formation in Correlation with Smooth and Textured Silicone Surfaces

Shu-qing Huang, Yao Chen, Qiong Zhu, Yi-ming Zhang, Ze-yuan Lei, Xin Zhou, Dong-li Fan

Open Access Original Article

Aesthetic Enhancement of the Brow using Hydroxyapatite

Lennert Minelli, Jacqueline Richa, Bryan C. Mendelson

Original Article

A Combination of Three-Step Lower Blepharoplasty to Correct Four Types of Lower Eyelid Deformities in Asian People

Shih-Hsuan Mao, Chia-Fang Chen, Cheng-I Yen, Shih-Yi Yang, Yen-Chang Hsiao, Jui-Yung Yang, Shu-Yin Chang, Shiow-Shuh Chuang, Hung-Chang Chen

Original Article

Vectra 3D Simulation in Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty: How Accurate is it?

Ricardo E. Miranda, Suzana Matayoshi

Editor’s Invited Discussion

Discussion: Vectra 3D Simulation of Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty: How Accurate is it?

Oren M. Tepper, Jillian E. Schreiber

Original Article

Selection of Site for Harvesting Dermal Grafts as a Spacer in the Correction of Eyelid Retraction

Hung-Chang Chen, Lan-Hsuan Teng, Cheng-I Yen, Shih-Yi Yang, Yen-Chang Hsiao, Jui-Yung Yang, Shu-Yin Chang, Shiow-Shuh Chuang, Po-Jen Huang

Original Article

Simplified Technique for Creating an Umbilicus with Scarless Caudal Aspect and Superior Hooding

Osama A. Samargandi, Emily Burke, Brian Peterson

Original Article

The Three-Hour Lower Body Lift: Evolution of a Technique and Personal Experience after 155 Consecutive Cases

Maximilian Zaussinger, Raphael Wenny, Isabel Zucal, Clement Staud, Manfred Schmidt, Dominik Duscher, Georg M. Huemer

Original Article

Assessment of an Artificial Intelligence Mandibular Osteotomy Design System: A Retrospective Study

Xiaohui Qiu, Wenqing Han, Lu Dai, Yan Zhang, Jie Zhang, Gang Chai, Li Lin, Jianda Zhou

Editor’s Invited Commentary

Invited Discussion on: The Combined Use of Spreader Flap and Asymmetric Spreader Graft in Crooked Nose

Ronald P. Gruber, Shawn Moshrefi, Audrey Nguyen

Original Article

Closed Piezo Preservation Rhinoplasty

Ilia Almazov, Ramon Vila Rovira, Vugar Farhadov

Original Article

Translation, Cultural Adaptation and Validation of the Standardized Cosmesis and Health Nasal Outcomes Survey (SCHNOS) in Italian

Rosa Alessia Battista, Milena Ferraro, Lucia Oriella Piccioni, Mohamed Abdelwahab, Federica Battista, Michael John, Mikhail Saltychev, Sam P. Most, Mario Bussi

Original Article

Diced Cartilage Techniques in Rhinoplasty

Wenfang Dong, Ri Han, Fei Fan

Editor’s Invited Discussion

Invited Discussion on: “The Effect of Smoking on Septoplasty and Septorhinoplasty Outcomes”

Samuel J. Lin, Natalie E. Hassell

Open Access Original Article

Complications and Disasters After Minimally Invasive Tissue Augmentation with Different Types of Fillers: A Retrospective Analysis

Alperen S. Bingoel, Khaled Dastagir, Lavinia Neubert, Doha Obed, Thurid R. Hofmann, Nicco Krezdorn, Sören Könneker, Peter M. Vogt, Tobias R. Mett

Original Article

A Phase 3, Randomized, Multi-center Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Neu-BoNT/A in Treatment of Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Dong Geon Lee, Jung Eun Kim, Woo Shun Lee, Moon-Bum Kim, Chang-hun Huh, Yang Won Lee, Gwang Seong Choi, Jee-Bum Lee, Dong Soo Yu, Min Kyung Shin, Mi Ryung Roh, Hyo Hyun Ahn, Won-serk Kim, Jong Hee Lee, Kui Young Park, Jin Park, Weon Ju Lee, Mi Youn Park, Hoon Kang

Original Article

Asian Upper Blepharoplasty with the Hinge Technique

Chin-Ho Wong, Michael Ku Hung Hsieh, Fu-Chan Wei

Original Article

“Fasting: An Effective Preconditioning Method to Increase Fat Graft Survival”

Han Gyu Cha, Dong Gyu Kim, Jiyeon Chang, Yuri Song, Seongfeel Jeong, Seung Min Nam, Syeo Young Wee, Kae Won Cho, Chang Yong Choi

Original Article

Sub-Flap Use of Nano-Selenium Oxide Solution Enhances Skin Flap Viability in Rats: Study the Novel Role of mTOR and p-mTOR Expression

Omid Akhiani, Nasim Zangouie, Reza Laripour, Amir Rashidian, Mohsen Ebrahimi, Zahra Hami, Mohsen Chamanara


Role of Cultured Skin Fibroblasts in Regenerative Dermatology

Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh, Ebrahim Khodaverdi Darian, Hamideh Afzali, Mohammad Amir Amirkhani, Mohammadreza Razzaghi, Reza Naser, Amir Behtash Amiri, Alimohammad Alimohammadi, Nahid Nikkhah, Sona Zare

Original Article

Trilobal Methods for Composite Reduction Labiaplasty

Yu Zhou, Qiang Li, Senkai Li, Yujiao Cao, Meichen Liu, Yilin Li, Kexin Che, Ye Yuan, Zhen Zhang, Keke Wang, Fengyong Li

Innovative Techniques

Influence of Marker Number and Position on Accuracy of Breast Measurement With Three-Dimensional Camera

Mayu Nakamura, Hiroki Mori, Masashi Kubota, Noriko Uemura, Kentaro Tanaka

Letter to the Editor

Characterization of Contractile Forces Generated by Stretch Marks Fibroblasts: In Vitro Study.

Rosita Pensato, Barbara Hersant, Chiara Pizza, Concetta Errico, Francesco D’Andrea, Umberto Rega, Paolo Persichetti, Jean Paul Meningaud, Simone La Padula

Letter to the Editor

Rediscovering the—Involuted—Regenerative System?

Patricio Centurion

Letter to the Editor

Rhinoplasty on Hutchinson–Gilford Progeria Syndrome Patient

Mauro Barone, Rosa Salzillo, Annalisa Cogliandro, Paolo Persichetti


Correction to: Superiomedial Pedicle Breast Reduction for Gigantic Breast Hypertrophy: Experience in 341 Breasts and Suggested Safety Modifications

Roei Singolda, Gal Bracha, Tariq Zoabi, Arik Zaretski, Amir Inbal, Eyal Gur, Yoav Barnea, Ehud Arad

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