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01.12.2012 | Research | Ausgabe 1/2012 Open Access

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 1/2012

An exploratory study of the perceived impact of health problems of landmine/UXO victims versus another disability group

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes > Ausgabe 1/2012
Russell B Wyper
Wichtige Hinweise

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Competing interests

The author declares no competing interests.

Author contributions

RW carried out the research for this paper and drafted the manuscript. The author read and approved the final manuscript.



The purpose of this exploratory study is to pilot a biopsychosocial instrument called the Perceived Impact of Problem Profile (PIPP) on a cohort of landmine/Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) victims with lower limb disability versus a cohort of persons with similar disability due to other trauma or medical causes. The aim is to provide greater understanding of the psychosocial impact of landmine/UXO injury to inform victim assistance a interventions within Lao PDR.


This study employs a mixed methods design, which involved piloting the PIPP instrument through an interviewer administered questionnaire and demographic questionnaire. Fifty one participants were interviewed in both urban and rural locations within Lao PDR.


An analysis of the data reveals significant differences in perceived impact for pain, anxiety and how recently the injury/illness occurred. Both groups complained of high levels of anxiety and depression; landmine/UXO victims who complained of anxiety and depression reported a much greater impact on life satisfaction and mood.


The perceived impact of the disability is greatest on psychosocial factors for both cohorts, but especially in landmine/UXO victims emphasising the need to focus on improving psychosocial interventions for landmine/UXO victims within Victim assistance programmes in Lao PDR.
Additional file 1:Annex 1. Results of Perceived Impact of Injury between groups. Annex 2. Results of Perceived Impact of Injury between UXO and Non UXO victims. Annex 3. Mann–Whitney Hypothesis Testing UXO versus Non-UXO. Annex 4. Spearman’s Correlations. (DOC 354 KB)
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