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12.03.2019 | Case Report

Chondroepitrochlearis and a supernumerary head of the biceps brachii

Unique variants of the pectoralis major and biceps brachii were found during a routine student dissection of a 96-year-old Caucasian female’s axilla and brachium. The donor cadaver had bilateral presentation of a muscle originating from the …

26.02.2019 | Original Article

Incidence of vertebral artery of aortic arch origin, its level of entry into transverse foramen, length, diameter and clinical significance

The aim of this study was to show the incidence of vertebral artery of aortic arch origin, its level of entry into transverse foramen, including extra- and intracranial morphometry, and clinical significance. A total of 266 embalmed cadavers were …

21.02.2019 | Original Article

Cone-beam computed tomographic evaluation of accessory mental foramen in a Turkish population

Detailed anatomical knowledge of the inferior alveolar nerve, mental nerve, and mental foramen (MF) is important to prevent neurovascular complications during surgery in the mental region (Imada et al. 2014 ; Sisman et al. 2012 ).. The inferior …

18.02.2019 | Case Report

A rare variation of the hemiazygos vein draining into the persistent left superior vena cava

During an educational dissection of a 72-year-old Chinese male cadaver, the hemiazygos vein (HAV) coursing the left side that drains into the persistent left superior vena cava was observed. The HAV was formed at the junction of the 9th to 11th …

15.02.2019 | Original Article

Can feline (Felis catus) flat and long bone morphometry predict sex or skull shape?

This study demonstrates sexual dimorphism in feline bones based on morphometric analysis of dried flat bones (scapula and os coxa) and long bones (humerus, radius, ulna, femur, tibia, and fibula) of 92 felines (50 male, 42 female). A total of 58 …

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