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14.12.2018 | Original Article

Existence and features of the myodural bridge in Gallus domesticus: indication of its important physiological function

The myodural bridge (MDB) is a dense connective tissue that connects muscles with the cervical spinal dura mater via the posterior atlanto-occipital and atlato-axial interspaces. To date, the physiological function of the MDB has not been fully …

30.11.2018 | Case Report

Untreated incomplete isolated cleft palate: cadaveric findings

Isolated cleft palate without cleft lip is a rare deformity. Cleft lip and cleft palate can sometimes develop in combination with a syndrome due to genetic causes. Affected patients have morbidity through life from birth and experience …

19.11.2018 | Method Paper

A composite 3D printed model of the midcarpal joint

Three-dimensional (3D) printing has recently been developed as a resource for teaching human anatomy through the accurate reproduction of anatomical specimens. Using a composite 3D printed model with the incorporation of metal and magnets, we were …

07.11.2018 | Review Article

The emergence of modern muscle names: the contribution to the foundation of systematic terminology of Vesalius, Sylvius, and Bauhin

Although its history is complicated, today’s anatomical nomenclature, including muscle terminology, has acquired a system of naming using epithets. The objective of this literary research paper was to ascertain the founder of modern muscle …

03.11.2018 | Review Article

Molecular neuroanatomy of the mouse medial preoptic area with reference to parental behavior

The medial preoptic area (MPOA), an anterior part of the hypothalamus, is one of the most important areas for the regulation of instinctively motivated behaviors, such as parental behavior, mating behavior and aggression. Consistent with its role …

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The official English journal of the Japanese Association of Anatomists, Anatomical Science International (formerly titled Kaibogaku Zasshi) publishes original research articles dealing with morphological sciences.

Coverage in the journal includes molecular, cellular, histological and gross anatomical studies on humans and on normal and experimental animals, as well as functional morphological, biochemical, physiological and behavioral studies if they include morphological analysis.

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