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Annals of Surgical Oncology 7/2019
Annals of Surgical Oncology

Ausgabe 7/2019


Inhaltsverzeichnis (54 Artikel)

03.04.2019 | Colorectal Cancer

Longer Intervals from Neoadjuvant Therapy to Rectal Cancer Surgery: The Clock is Ticking…
Laura Melina Fernandez MD, Rodrigo Oliva Perez MD, PhD

23.04.2019 | Thoracic Oncology

Better Survival After 4L Lymph Node Dissection for Early-Stage, Left-Sided, Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Are We Debating a False Duality?
J. Matthew Reinersman MD

28.02.2019 | Pancreatic Tumors

Exosomes from Pancreatic Juice: A Step Closer to the Holy Grail?
Andrew M. Lowy MD, FACS

29.04.2019 | Gastrointestinal Oncology

It Is Time
Kiran K. Turaga MD, MPH, T. Clark Gamblin MD, MS, MBA, Robert Edwards MD, PhD, H. Richard Alexander MD, PhD, David Bartlett MD

25.02.2019 | Reconstructive Oncology

Salvage Surgery for Jejunal Necrosis After a Free Jejunal Transfer
Ashley C. Mays MD, Jesse Selber MD, MPH

23.02.2019 | Breast Oncology

Prevention Therapy for Breast Cancer: How Can We Do Better?
Marie E. Wood MD, Melissa Cuke MSc, Isabelle Bedrosian MD

12.03.2019 | Breast Oncology

Borderline and Malignant Phyllodes Tumors: How Often do They Locally Recur and is There Anything we can do About it?
Richard J. Barth Jr. MD

15.04.2019 | Gastrointestinal Oncology

The Best Approach to Esophagectomy: Do We Know Yet?
Ujwal R. Yanala MD, Chandrakanth Are MD MBA, Mashaal Dhir MD

28.02.2019 | Hepatobiliary Tumors

Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: Rising Burden and Glaring Disparities
Ujwal Yanala MD, Gautam Malhotra MD, Chandrakanth Are MD, James Padussis MD

25.03.2019 | Breast Oncology

The SERM Saga, Something from Nothing: American Cancer Society/SSO Basic Science Lecture
V. Craig Jordan OBE, PhD, DSc, FMedSci, FAACR

17.04.2019 | ASO Author Reflections

ASO Author Reflections: An Optimal Biological Model for Successful Drug Discovery
V. Craig Jordan OBE, PhD, DSc, FMedSci, FAACR

28.01.2019 | Health Services Research and Global Oncology

Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: Socioeconomic Discrepancies, Contemporary Treatment Approaches and Survival Trends from the National Cancer Database
Johannes Uhlig MD MPH, Cortlandt M. Sellers BS, Charles Cha MD, Sajid A. Khan MD, Jill Lacy MD, Stacey M. Stein MD, Hyun S. Kim MD

29.03.2019 | Health Services Research and Global Oncology

Outcomes of Open Versus Minimally Invasive Ivor-Lewis Esophagectomy for Cancer: A Propensity-Score Matched Analysis of NSQIP Database
Samer A. Naffouje MD, Rony H. Salloum MD, Zaynab Khalaf BS, George I. Salti MD FACS

01.04.2019 | Health Services Research and Global Oncology

Educating Surgical Oncology Providers on Perioperative Opioid Use: Results of a Departmental Survey on Perceptions of Opioid Needs and Prescribing Habits
Heather A. Lillemoe MD, Timothy E. Newhook MD, Timothy J. Vreeland MD, Elsa M. Arvide MS, Whitney L. Dewhurst MS, Elizabeth G. Grubbs MD, MPH, Thomas A. Aloia MD, Jean-Nicolas Vauthey MD, Jeffrey E. Lee MD, Ching-Wei D. Tzeng MD

08.04.2019 | Colorectal Cancer

Role of the Interval from Completion of Neoadjuvant Therapy to Surgery in Postoperative Morbidity in Patients with Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
Campbell S. D. Roxburgh MD, PhD, Paul Strombom MD, Patricio Lynn MD, Mithat Gonen PhD, Philip B. Paty MD, Jose G. Guillem MD, Garrett M. Nash MD, J. Joshua Smith MD, PhD, Iris Wei MD, Emmanouil Pappou MD, Julio Garcia-Aguilar MD, PhD, Martin R. Weiser MD

29.03.2019 | Colorectal Cancer

Colon Neuroendocrine Tumors: A New Lymph Node Staging Classification
Adam C. Fields MD, Justin C. McCarty DO, Pamela Lu MD, Benjamin M. Vierra MS, Linda M. Pak MD, MPH, Jennifer Irani MD, Joel E. Goldberg MD, MPH, Ronald Bleday MD, Jennifer Chan MD, Nelya Melnitchouk MD, MSc

04.04.2019 | Colorectal Cancer

Sidedness of Colorectal Cancer Impacts Risk of Second Primary Gastrointestinal Malignancy
Kristy K. Broman MD, MPH, Christina E. Bailey MD, MSCI, Alexander A. Parikh MD, MPH

22.04.2019 | Thoracic Oncology

Survival Benefit of Left Lower Paratracheal (4L) Lymph Node Dissection for Patients with Left-Sided Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Once Neglected But of Great Importance
Kejia Zhao MD, Shiyou Wei MD, Jiandong Mei MD, PhD, Chenglin Guo MD, PhD, Yang Hai MD, Nan Chen MD, Lunxu Liu MD, PhD

21.03.2019 | Thoracic Oncology

A Nomogram for Predicting Cancer-Specific Survival of TNM 8th Edition Stage I Non-small-cell Lung Cancer
Yuan Zeng MD, Nicholas Mayne MD, Chi-Fu Jeffrey Yang MD, Thomas A. D’Amico MD, Calvin S. H. Ng MD, Chia-chuan Liu MD, René Horsleben Petersen MD, Gaetano Rocco MD, Alessandro Brunelli MD, Jun Liu MD, Yang Liu MD, Weizhe Huang MD, Jiaxi He MD, Wei Wang MD, Long Jiang MD, Fei Cui MD, Wenjun Wang MD, Wenhua Liang MD, Jianxing He PhD, MD, the AME Thoracic Surgery Collaborative Group

Open Access 21.03.2019 | Thoracic Oncology

Differences in Esophageal Cancer Surgery in Terms of Surgical Approach and Extent of Lymphadenectomy: Findings of an International Survey
A. S. van Rijswijk MD, E. R. C. Hagens MD, D. L. van der Peet MD, PhD, M. I. van Berge Henegouwen MD, PhD, S. S. Gisbertz MD, PhD

28.03.2019 | Thoracic Oncology

Long-Term Outcomes After Surgical Resection for Pleural Dissemination of Thymoma
Kenji Kimura MD, Ryu Kanzaki MD, PhD, Toru Kimura MD, PhD, Takashi Kanou MD, PhD, Naoko Ose MD, Soichiro Funaki MD, PhD, Masato Minami MD, PhD, Yasushi Shintani MD, PhD, Meinoshin Okumura MD, PhD

01.04.2019 | Thoracic Oncology

Influence of Neoadjuvant Therapy on Poor Long-Term Outcomes of Postoperative Complications in Patients with Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Masashi Takeuchi MD, Hirofumi Kawakubo MD, PhD, Shuhei Mayanagi MD, PhD, Tomoyuki Irino MD, PhD, Kazumasa Fukuda PhD, Rieko Nakamura MD, PhD, Norihito Wada MD, PhD, Hiroya Takeuchi MD, PhD, Yuko Kitagawa MD, PhD

01.04.2019 | Thoracic Oncology

Predictive Value of Body Mass Index for Short-Term Outcomes of Patients with Esophageal Cancer After Esophagectomy: A Meta-analysis
Peiyu Wang MD, Yin Li MD, PhD, Haibo Sun MD, PhD, Shilei Liu MD, Ruixiang Zhang MD, PhD, Xianben Liu MD, Zhengshuai Zhu MD

28.02.2019 | Pancreatic Tumors

Pancreatic Juice Exosomal MicroRNAs as Biomarkers for Detection of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
So Nakamura MD, Yoshihiko Sadakari MD, PhD, Takao Ohtsuka MD, PhD, Takafumi Okayama MD, Yohei Nakashima MD, Yoshitaka Gotoh MD, Kiyoshi Saeki MD, Yasuhisa Mori MD, PhD, Kohei Nakata MD, PhD, Yoshihiro Miyasaka MD, PhD, Hideya Onishi MD, PhD, Yoshinao Oda MD, PhD, Michael Goggins MB, MD, Masafumi Nakamura MD, PhD, FACS

29.04.2019 | Pancreatic Tumors

A Single-Institution Validation Study of Lymph Node Staging By the AJCC 8th Edition for Patients with Pancreatic Head Cancer: A Proposal to Subdivide the N2 Category
Daisuke Asano MD, Satoshi Nara MD, Yoji Kishi MD, Minoru Esaki MD, Nobuyoshi Hiraoka MD, Minoru Tanabe MD, Kazuaki Shimada MD

24.04.2019 | Pancreatic Tumors

Robotic Central Pancreatectomy for Well-Differentiated Neuroendocrine Tumor: Parenchymal-Sparing Procedure
Taiga Wakabayashi MD, Emanuele Felli MD, Zineb Cherkaoui MD, Didier Mutter MD, PhD, FACS, Jacques Marescaux MD, FACS, (Hon) FRCS, (Hon) FJSES, (Hon) FASA, (Hon) APS, Patrick Pessaux MD, PhD

15.04.2019 | Reconstructive Oncology

Salvage Surgery for Jejunal Necrosis After a Free Jejunal Transfer
Satoshi Onoda PhD, Masahito Kinoshita MD

27.02.2019 | Breast Oncology

Chemoprevention Uptake for Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Varies by Risk Factor
Meghan R. Flanagan MD, MPH, Emily C. Zabor DrPH, Michelle Stempel MPH, Debra A. Mangino DO, Monica Morrow MD, Melissa L. Pilewskie MD

19.02.2019 | Breast Oncology

Long-Term Outcomes After Surgical Treatment of Malignant/Borderline Phyllodes Tumors of the Breast
Philip M. Spanheimer MD, Melissa P. Murray DO, Emily C. Zabor MS, Michelle Stempel MPH, Monica Morrow MD, Kimberly J. Van Zee MD, MS, Andrea V. Barrio MD

13.02.2019 | Breast Oncology

Is Breast-Conserving Therapy Appropriate for Male Breast Cancer Patients? A National Cancer Database Analysis
Sarah B. Bateni MD, Anders J. Davidson MD, Mili Arora MD, Megan E. Daly MD, Susan L. Stewart PhD, Richard J. Bold MD, Robert J. Canter MD, Candice A. M. Sauder MD

09.05.2019 | ASO Author Reflections

ASO Author Reflections: Surgical Treatment for Male Breast Cancer in the Modern Era
Candice A. M. Sauder MD

10.04.2019 | Breast Oncology

Effects of Progressive Upper Limb Exercises and Muscle Relaxation Training on Upper Limb Function and Health-Related Quality of Life Following Surgery in Women with Breast Cancer: A Clinical Randomized Controlled Trial
Kaina Zhou PhD, Wen Wang MS candidate, Jinghua An PhD candidate, Minjie Li PhD candidate, Jin Li PhD, Xiaomei Li PhD

11.04.2019 | Breast Oncology

Clinical Implication of HER2 Status in Hormone Receptor-Positive Mucinous Breast Cancer
Sung-chan Gwark MD, PhD, Han Shin Lee MD, Youngjoo Lee MD, Sae Byul Lee MD, PhD, Guiyun Sohn MD, Jisun Kim MD, PhD, Il Yong Chung MD, Beom Seok Ko MD, PhD, Hee Jeong Kim MD, PhD, Byung Ho Son MD, PhD, Jin-Hee Ahn MD, PhD, Kyung Hae Jung MD, PhD, Sung-Bae Kim MD, PhD, Hee Jin Lee MD, PhD, Gyung-Yub Gong MD, PhD, Sei Hyun Ahn MD, PhD, Jong Won Lee MD, PhD

Open Access 02.04.2019 | Breast Oncology

Significance of Metabolic Tumor Volume at Baseline and Reduction of Mean Standardized Uptake Value in 18F-FDG-PET/CT Imaging for Predicting Pathological Complete Response in Breast Cancers Treated with Preoperative Chemotherapy
Tomoko Higuchi MD, Yukie Fujimoto MD, Hiromi Ozawa MD, Ayako Bun MD, Reiko Fukui MD, Yoshimasa Miyagawa MD, PhD, Michiko Imamura MD, PhD, Kazuhiro Kitajima MD, PhD, Koichiro Yamakado MD, PhD, Yasuo Miyoshi MD, PhD

02.04.2019 | Breast Oncology

Germline Genetic Testing: What the Breast Surgeon Needs to Know
Jennifer K. Plichta MD, MS, Molly L. Sebastian MD, Linda A. Smith MD, Carolyn S. Menendez MD, Anita T. Johnson MD, Sussan M. Bays MD, David M. Euhus MD, Edward J. Clifford MD, Mena Jalali MS, Scott H. Kurtzman MD, Walton A. Taylor MD, Kevin S. Hughes MD

08.04.2019 | Breast Oncology

Tumor Heterogeneity Correlates with Less Immune Response and Worse Survival in Breast Cancer Patients
Kerry-Ann McDonald MD, Tsutomu Kawaguchi MD, PhD, Qianya Qi, Xuan Peng, Mariko Asaoka MD, Jessica Young MD, Mateusz Opyrchal MD, PhD, Li Yan PhD, Santosh Patnaik MD, PhD, Eigo Otsuji MD, PhD, Kazuaki Takabe MD, PhD, FACS

20.03.2019 | Endocrine Tumors

The Prognosis of Papillary Thyroid Cancer with Initial Distant Metastasis is Strongly Associated with Extensive Extrathyroidal Extension: A Retrospective Cohort Study
Young Ki Lee MD, Daham Kim MD, PhD, Dong Yeob Shin MD, PhD, Cho Rok Lee MD, Eun Jig Lee MD, PhD, Sang-Wook Kang MD, PhD, Jandee Lee MD, PhD, Jong Ju Jeong MD, Kee-Hyun Nam MD, PhD, Woong Youn Chung MD, PhD, Cheong Soo Park MD, PhD

Open Access 15.03.2019 | Gastrointestinal Oncology

Impact of Synchronous Versus Metachronous Onset of Colorectal Peritoneal Metastases on Survival Outcomes After Cytoreductive Surgery (CRS) with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC): A Multicenter, Retrospective, Observational Study
Judith E. K. R. Hentzen MD, Koen P. Rovers MD, Hendrien Kuipers BSc, Willemijn Y. van der Plas BSc, Lukas B. Been MD, PhD, Frederik J. H. Hoogwater MD, PhD, Robert J. van Ginkel MD, PhD, Patrick H. J. Hemmer MD, Gooitzen M. van Dam MD, PhD, Ignace H. J. T. de Hingh MD, PhD, Schelto Kruijff MD, PhD

Open Access 22.04.2019 | Gastrointestinal Oncology

Population-Based Study on Risk Factors for Tumor-Positive Resection Margins in Patients with Gastric Cancer
Leonie R. van der Werf MD, Charlotte Cords MD, Ivo Arntz MD, PhD, Eric J. T. Belt MD, PhD, Ivan M. Cherepanin MD, PhD, Peter-Paul L. O. Coene MD, PhD, Erwin van der Harst MD, PhD, Joos Heisterkamp MD, PhD, Barbara S. Langenhoff MD, PhD, Bas Lamme MD, PhD, Mark I. van Berge Henegouwen MD, PhD, Sjoerd M. Lagarde MD, PhD, Bas P. L. Wijnhoven MD, PhD

23.04.2019 | Gastrointestinal Oncology

Primary Tumor Sidedness is Predictive of Survival in Colon Cancer Patients Treated with Cytoreductive Surgery With or Without Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy: A US HIPEC Collaborative Study
Nikhil V. Kotha, Joel M. Baumgartner MD, MAS, Jula Veerapong MD, Jordan M. Cloyd MD, Ahmed Ahmed MD, Travis E. Grotz MD, Jennifer L. Leiting MD, Keith Fournier MD, Andrew J. Lee MD, Sean P. Dineen MD, Sophie Dessureault MD, PhD, Callisia Clarke MD, Harveshp Mogal MD, Mohammad Y. Zaidi MD, Maria C. Russell, Sameer H. Patel MD, Jeffrey J. Sussman MD, Vikrom Dhar MD, Laura A. Lambert MD, Ryan J. Hendrix MD, Daniel E. Abbott MD, Courtney Pokrzywa MD, Kelly Lafaro MD, Byrne Lee MD, Jonathan B. Greer MD, Nadege Fackche MD, Andrew M. Lowy MD, Kaitlyn J. Kelly MD

29.03.2019 | Hepatobiliary Tumors

Pure Laparoscopic Anatomical Segment V Resection Using the Extrafascial and Transfissural Glissonean Approach
Ji Hoon Kim MD, Hyeyoung Kim MD, PhD

29.03.2019 | Hepatobiliary Tumors

Should Utilization of Lymphadenectomy Vary According to Morphologic Subtype of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma?
Xu-Feng Zhang MD, PhD, Yi Lv MD, PhD, Matthew Weiss MD, Irinel Popescu MD, Hugo P. Marques MD, Luca Aldrighetti MD, Shishir K. Maithel MD, Carlo Pulitano MD, Todd W. Bauer MD, Feng Shen MD, George A. Poultsides MD, Oliver Soubrane MD, Guillaume Martel MD, B. Groot Koerkamp MD, Endo Itaru MD, Timothy M. Pawlik MD, MPH, PhD

13.05.2019 | ASO Author Reflections

ASO Author Reflections: Routine Lymphadenectomy Should be Recommended Regardless of Morphologic Subtype of Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma
Timothy M. Pawlik MD, MPH, Ph.D.

23.04.2019 | Hepatobiliary Tumors

Three-Dimensional Ventral Approach with the Modified Liver-Hanging Maneuver During Laparoscopic Right Hemihepatectomy
Ji Hoon Kim MD

22.04.2019 | Melanoma

Recurrence of Melanoma After a Negative Sentinel Node Biopsy: Predictors and Impact of Recurrence Site on Survival
Daniel C. Thomas MD, MPH, Gang Han PhD, Stanley P. Leong MD, MS, Mohammed Kashani-Sabet MD, John Vetto MD, Barbara Pockaj MD, Richard L. White MD, Mark B. Faries MD, Schlomo Schneebaum MD, Nicola Mozzillo MD, Kim J. Charney MD, Vernon K. Sondak MD, Jane L. Messina MD, Jonathan S. Zager MD, Dale Han MD

22.04.2019 | Melanoma

Negative Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Patients with Melanoma: The Patient’s Perspective
Sarah Banting BBiomed, Donna Milne RN, PhD, Tina Thorpe RN, Lumine Na MS, John Spillane MBBS, FRACS, David Speakman MBBS, FRACS, Michael A. Henderson MBBS, BMedSc, MD, FRACS, David E. Gyorki MBBS, MD, FRACS

30.04.2019 | Peritoneal Surface Malignancy

Selection and Characteristics of Patients with Peritoneal Dissemination from Appendiceal Cancer with Exceptional/Poor Survival After CRS/HIPEC
Carlos Munoz-Zuluaga MD, Mary Caitlin King BS, Armando Sardi MD, FACS, Panayotis Ledakis MD, Michelle Sittig RN, Carol Nieroda MD, Ryan MacDonald PhD, Vadim Gushchin MD, FACS

07.05.2019 | Peritoneal Surface Malignancy

Incidence, Risk Factors, and Prevention Strategies for Venous Thromboembolism after Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy
Sohini Khan BS, Kaitlyn J. Kelly MD, Jula Veerapong MD, Andrew M. Lowy MD, Joel M. Baumgartner MD, MAS

Open Access 15.04.2019 | Peritoneal Surface Malignancy

Laparoscopic Cytoreductive Surgery with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (L-CRS/HIPEC) for Perforated Low-Grade Appendiceal Mucinous Neoplasm (LAMN II)
Ed Parkin MD, Chelliah Selvasekar MD FRCS, Malcolm Wilson MD, Andrew Renehan PhD FRCS, Sarah O’Dwyer MD, Omer Aziz MD

07.05.2019 | Sarcoma

Survival Benefit of the Surgical Management of Retroperitoneal Sarcoma in a Reference Center: A Nationwide Study of the French Sarcoma Group from the NetSarc Database
S. Bonvalot MD, PhD, E. Gaignard MD, E. Stoeckle MD, P. Meeus MD, G. Decanter MD, S. Carrere MD, C. Honore MD, PhD, J. B. Delhorme MD, M. Fau MD, D. Tzanis MD, S. Causeret MD, P. Gimbergues MD, J. M. Guillois MD, B. Meunier MD, A. Le Cesne MD, F. Ducimetiere PhD, M. Toulmonde MD, PhD, J. Y. Blay MD, PhD

21.03.2019 | Translational Research and Biomarkers

All-Exon TP53 Sequencing and Protein Phenotype Analysis Accurately Predict Clinical Outcome after Surgical Treatment of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Kenya Kobayashi MD, Seiichi Yoshimoto MD, PhD, Fumihiko Matsumoto MD, PhD, Mizuo Ando MD, PhD, Naoya Murakami MD, PhD, Go Omura MD, PhD, Masahiko Fukasawa MD, PhD, Yoshifumi Matsumoto MD, PhD, Satoko Matsumura MD, Maki Akamatsu MD, Nobuyoshi Hiraoka MD, PhD, Ryo Eigitsu, Taisuke Mori DMD, PhD

10.05.2019 | Sarcoma

Defining Rupture in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor: Semantics and Prognostic Value
Toto Hølmebakk MD, Toshirou Nishida MD, PhD, FACS, Piotr Rutkowski MD, PhD, Chandrajit P. Raut MD, Msc

15.04.2019 | Endocrine Tumors

The Importance of Diagnosing Noninvasive Follicular Thyroid Neoplasm with Papillary-Like Nuclear Features (NIFTP) Based on the Defined Criteria
Pedro Weslley Rosario MD

16.04.2019 | Endocrine Tumors

Reply to Letter to the Editor Regarding “The Importance of Diagnosing Noninvasive Follicular Thyroid Neoplasm with Papillary-Like Nuclear Features (NIFTP) Based on the Defined Criteria”
Antoine Eskander MD, ScM, FRCSC, Stephen F. Hall MD, MSc, FRCSC, Marosh Manduch MD, FRCPC, Rebecca Griffiths BSc, Jonathan C. Irish MD, MSc, FACS, FRCSC

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