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Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery

Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery 10/2017

Ausgabe 10/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

11.07.2017 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

Radiological outcome of postoperative sagittal balance on standing radiographs in comparison to intraoperative radiographs in prone position when performing lumbar spinal fusion

Felix Greimel, Stefanie Wolkerstorfer, Jan-Frederik Spörrer, Florian Zeman, Patrick Hoffstetter, Joachim Grifka, Achim Benditz

14.07.2017 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017 Open Access

Current insights into the aetiology of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

Michal Latalski, A. Danielewicz-Bromberek, M. Fatyga, M. Latalska, M. Kröber, P. Zwolak

26.07.2017 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

Racial disparities in outcomes of operatively treated lower extremity fractures

Adam Driesman, Nina Fisher, Sanjit R. Konda, Christian A. Pean, Philipp Leucht, Kenneth A. Egol

29.07.2017 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

Response concerning ‘Letter to editor’ by Ni et al. (2017), Arch Orthop Trauma Surg. DOI 10.1007/s00402-017-2710-2

Kadir Gok, Sermet Inal, Arif Gok, Eyyup Gulbandilar

03.08.2017 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

Postoperative pain and patient satisfaction are not influenced by daytime and duration of knee and hip arthroplasty: a prospective cohort study

A. Benditz, G. Maderbacher, Florian Zeman, Joachim Grifka, Markus Weber, Frederik von Kunow, Felix Greimel, Armin Keshmiri

29.08.2017 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

Biomechanical study of novel unilateral C1 posterior arch screws and C2 laminar screws combined with an ipsilateral crossed C1–C2 pedicle screw–rod fixation for atlantoaxial instability

Kai Shen, Zhongliang Deng, Junsong Yang, Chao Liu, Ranxi Zhang

13.07.2017 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

Comparison of lateral and skyline fluoroscopic views for detection of prominent screws in distal radius fractures plating: results of an ultrasonographic study

Olivier Herisson, Caroline Delaroche, Sandrine Maillot-Roy, Alain Sautet, Levon Doursounian, Adeline Cambon-Binder

20.07.2017 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

Dynamic hip screw and fibular strut graft for fixation of fresh femoral neck fracture with posterior comminution

Adham Elgeidi, Abed El Negery, M. Serry Abdellatif, Nabil El Moghazy

27.07.2017 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

The challenging surgical treatment of closed distal humerus fractures in elderly and octogenarian patients: radiographic and functional outcomes with a minimum follow-up of 24 months

Carlo Biz, Silvano Pierluigi Sperotto, Nicola Maschio, Matteo Borella, Claudio Iacobellis, Pietro Ruggieri

29.07.2017 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017 Open Access

The female geriatric proximal humeral fracture: protagonist for straight antegrade nailing?

Richard A. Lindtner, Franz S. Kralinger, Sebastian Kapferer, Clemens Hengg, Markus Wambacher, Simon A. Euler

31.07.2017 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

Exposure of medical staff to radiation during osteosynthesis of proximal femoral fracture: descriptive analysis and comparison of different devices

Cédric Siedlecki, Rémi Gauthé, André Gillibert, Kevin Bellenger, Xavier Roussignol, Mourad Ould-Slimane

26.07.2017 | Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine | Ausgabe 10/2017

Predictors of outcomes after arthroscopic transosseous equivalent rotator cuff repair in 155 cases: a propensity score weighted analysis of knotted and knotless self-reinforcing repair techniques at a minimum of 2 years

Peter J. Millett, Chris Espinoza, Marilee P. Horan, Charles P. Ho, Ryan J. Warth, Grant J. Dornan, J. Christoph Katthagen

04.08.2017 | Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine | Ausgabe 10/2017

Arthroscopic fixation of pediatric tibial eminence fractures using suture anchors: a mid-term follow-up

Xinxian Xu, Zhongtang Liu, Hong Wen, Xiaoyun Pan

16.08.2017 | Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine | Ausgabe 10/2017

Leukocyte-reduced platelet-rich plasma increases proliferation of tenocytes treated with prednisolone: a cell cycle analysis

Franz Hilber, Markus Loibl, Siegmund Lang, Maximilian Kerschbaum, Gero Brockhoff, Peter Angele, Johannes Zellner, Paul Schmitz, Michael Nerlich, Michael Worlicek

28.08.2017 | Knee Arthroplasty | Ausgabe 10/2017

Coronal tibiofemoral subluxation is not an independent risk factor for total knee arthroplasty in patients with moderate to severe varus-osteoarthritis: data from the “Osteoarthritis Initiative”

Paul Schadler, Max Kasparek, Fritz Boettner, Mirco Sgroi, Martin Faschingbauer

28.08.2017 | Knee Arthroplasty | Ausgabe 10/2017 Open Access

Varus–valgus stability at 90° flexion correlates with the stability at midflexion range more widely than that at 0° extension in posterior-stabilized total knee arthroplasty

Kazunori Hino, Tatsuhiko Kutsuna, Kunihiko Watamori, Hiroshi Kiyomatsu, Yasumitsu Ishimaru, Jun Takeba, Seiji Watanabe, Yoshitaka Shiraishi, Hiromasa Miura

01.09.2017 | Hip Arthroplasty | Ausgabe 10/2017

Influence of undersized cementless hip stems on primary stability and strain distribution

Andreas Fottner, Matthias Woiczinski, Manuel Kistler, Christian Schröder, Tobias F. Schmidutz, Volkmar Jansson, Florian Schmidutz

14.08.2017 | Handsurgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

High-resolution MRI (3T-MRI) in diagnosis of wrist pain: is diagnostic arthroscopy still necessary?

Sabine Ochman, B. Wieskötter, M. Langer, V. Vieth, M. J. Raschke, C. Stehling

19.08.2017 | Handsurgery | Ausgabe 10/2017

New reconstruction for bone integration of non-vascularized autogenous bone graft with better bony union and revascularisation

J. H. Dolderer, S. Geis, R. Mueller-Wille, J. L. Kelly, O. Lotter, A. Ateschrang, L. Prantl, D. Schiltz

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