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Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery

Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery 10/2019

Ausgabe 10/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

15.03.2019 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

Fusion rates for odontoid fractures after treatment by anterior odontoid screw versus posterior C1–C2 arthrodesis: a meta-analysis

Li Baogui, Chen Juwen

15.03.2019 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

Denosumab treatment for giant-cell tumor of bone: a systematic review of the literature

Gonzalo Luengo-Alonso, Maria Mellado-Romero, Shai Shemesh, Luis Ramos-Pascua, Juan Pretell-Mazzini

20.03.2019 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

RATeS (Re-Admissions in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery): a prospective regional service evaluation of complications and readmissions

Alex E. Ward, RATeS Study Group

09.07.2019 | Orthopaedic Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

Multi-segmental lumbar spinal stenosis treated with Dynesys stabilization versus lumbar fusion in elderly patients: a retrospective study with a minimum of 5 years’ follow-up

Annan Hu, Chi Sun, Yun Liang, Houlei Wang, Xilei Li, Jian Dong

17.05.2019 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

How can the articular surface of the tibial plateau be best exposed? A comparison of specific surgical approaches

Matthias Krause, Sebastian Krüger, Gunnar Müller, Klaus Püschel, Karl-Heinz Frosch

17.05.2019 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

Significance of orthopedic trauma specialists in trauma centers in Korea

Yong-Cheol Yoon, Chang-Wug Oh, Jong-Keon Oh

21.05.2019 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

Space available for trans-sacral implants to treat fractures of the pelvis assessed by virtual implant positioning

Daniel Wagner, Lukas Kamer, Takeshi Sawaguchi, Hansrudi Noser, Masafumi Uesugi, Andreas Baranowski, Dominik Gruszka, Pol M. Rommens

17.06.2019 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

Outcome of arthroscopy-assisted treatment for distal clavicle fractures

Yuta Mochizuki, Takao Kaneko, Keisuke Kawahara, Shinya Toyoda, Hiroyasu Ikegami, Yoshiro Musha

15.06.2019 | Trauma Surgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

Comparison of the use of evaporative coolants and ice packs for the management of preoperative edema and pain in ankle fractures: a prospective randomized controlled trial

Young Hwan Park, Jong Hyub Song, Tae Jin Kim, Seong Hyun Kang, An Seong Chang, Hak Jun Kim

27.05.2019 | Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine | Ausgabe 10/2019

Does non-contact or delayed contact of an adjustable-loop femoral button affect knee stability following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction?

Sueen Sohn, In Jun Koh, Man Soo Kim, Kwang Yun Song, Yong In

18.07.2019 | Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine | Ausgabe 10/2019

All-arthroscopic glenoid reconstruction by iliac crest bone graft transfer does not affect structural integrity and 3-dimensional volume of the subscapularis muscle

Benjamin Bockmann, Arne Johannes Venjakob, Rolf Gebing, Wolfgang Nebelung

11.07.2019 | Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine | Ausgabe 10/2019

Lateral extra-articular tenodesis with ACL reconstruction demonstrates better patient-reported outcomes compared to ACL reconstruction alone at 2 years minimum follow-up

F. E. Rowan, S. S. Huq, F. S. Haddad

18.06.2019 | Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine | Ausgabe 10/2019

Analysis of complication after open coracoid transfer as a revision surgery for failed soft tissue stabilization in recurrent anterior shoulder instability

Marvin Minkus, Julia Wolke, Pit Fischer, Markus Scheibel

31.07.2019 | Knee Arthroplasty | Ausgabe 10/2019

Better outcomes with patellar resurfacing during primary total knee arthroplasty: a meta-analysis study

Filippo Migliorini, Jörg Eschweiler, Marc Niewiera, Yasser El Mansy, Markus Tingart, Björn Rath

14.08.2019 | Knee Arthroplasty | Ausgabe 10/2019

A whole leg radiograph is not necessary for postoperative determination of the mechanical leg axis after total knee arthroplasty

Nina Perka, Sebastian Kopf, Hagen Hommel

20.08.2019 | Hip Arthroplasty | Ausgabe 10/2019

The worst-case scenario: treatment of periprosthetic femoral fracture with coexistent periprosthetic infection—a prospective and consecutive clinical study

Michael Müller, Tobias Winkler, Sven Märdian, Andrej Trampuz, Nora Renz, Carsten Perka, Daniel Karczewski

31.07.2019 | Handsurgery | Ausgabe 10/2019

Analysis of recurrence and complications after percutaneous needle fasciotomy in Dupuytren’s disease

P. Moog, L. Buchner, M. K. Cerny, D. Schmauss, K. Megerle, H. Erne

04.09.2019 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 10/2019

Several issues on the article: patient-reported quality of life and pain after permissive weight bearing in surgically treated trauma patients with tibial plateau fractures: a retrospective cohort study

Fei Wu, Peng Yin, Xuefeng Yu, Weihao Zheng

20.09.2019 | ABSTRACTS | Ausgabe 10/2019

XIII. Congress of the German Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society

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