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Brain Structure and Function 5/2005
Brain Structure and Function

Ausgabe 5/2005


Inhaltsverzeichnis (7 Artikel)

01.06.2005 | Review

Wnts and the neural crest
Corina Schmidt, Ketan Patel

01.06.2005 | Original Article

Mophometric study of the aortic arch and its major branches in rat fetuses on the 21st day of gestation
L. Monnereau, A. Carretero, S. Berges, M. Navarro, M. Leonard, F. Lyazrhi, J. Sautet, J. Ruberte

01.06.2005 | Original Article

The axon arbourisation of nuclei isthmi neurons in the optic tectum of the chick and pigeon. A Golgi and anterograde tracer-study
T. Tömböl, M. D. Eyre, A. Alpár, A. Németh

01.06.2005 | Original Article

Frequency of stages of the seminiferous cycle in the thick-tailed bush baby (Otolemur garnetti), a prosimian primate: possible phylogenetic implications?
Rodi O. Ojoo, George E. Otiang’a-Owiti, Dominic Oduor-Okelo, Daniel W. Onyango

01.06.2005 | Original Article

Decreased gap junctional communication in neurobiotin microinjected lens epithelial cells after taxol treatment
Daniel Giessmann, Carsten Theiss, Winrich Breipohl, Karl Meller

01.06.2005 | Original Article

Activin A inhibits formation of skeletal muscle during chick development
Liwen He, Konstantin Vichev, Raymond Macharia, Ruijin Huang, Bodo Christ, Ketan Patel, Helge Amthor

01.06.2005 | Original Article

Anatomy, histology, histochemistry and fine structure of the Harderian gland in the South American armadillo Chaetophractus villosus (Xenarthra, Mammalia)
Hernán Javier Aldana Marcos, Jorge Mario Affanni

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