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Brain Structure and Function 5/2018
Brain Structure and Function

Ausgabe 5/2018


Inhaltsverzeichnis (30 Artikel)

26.02.2018 | Review

The effects of acrobatic exercise on brain plasticity: a systematic review of animal studies
R. M. S. Gutierrez, N. A. Ricci, Q. R. S. Gomes, D. L. Oliveira, R. S. Pires

Open Access 25.01.2018 | Original Article

Transient and localized optogenetic activation of somatostatin-interneurons in mouse visual cortex abolishes long-term cortical plasticity due to vision loss
Isabelle Scheyltjens, Samme Vreysen, Chris Van den Haute, Victor Sabanov, Detlef Balschun, Veerle Baekelandt, Lutgarde Arckens

27.01.2018 | Original Article

Association of grey matter changes with stability and flexibility of prediction in akinetic-rigid Parkinson’s disease
Ima Trempler, Ellen Binder, Nadiya El-Sourani, Patrick Schiffler, Jan-Gerd Tenberge, Anne-Marike Schiffer, Gereon R. Fink, Ricarda I. Schubotz

29.01.2018 | Original Article

Intrinsic, stimulus-driven and task-dependent connectivity in human auditory cortex
Suvi Häkkinen, Teemu Rinne

29.01.2018 | Original Article

Altered white matter development in children born very preterm
Julia M. Young, Marlee M. Vandewouw, Benjamin R. Morgan, Mary Lou Smith, John G. Sled, Margot J. Taylor

29.01.2018 | Original Article

Post mortem single-cell labeling with DiI and immunoelectron microscopy unveil the fine structure of kisspeptin neurons in humans
Szabolcs Takács, Zsuzsanna Bardóczi, Katalin Skrapits, Balázs Göcz, Viktória Váczi, Zsófia Maglóczky, Iván Szűcs, Gergely Rácz, András Matolcsy, Waljit S. Dhillo, Masahiko Watanabe, Andrea Kádár, Csaba Fekete, Imre Kalló, Erik Hrabovszky

Open Access 31.01.2018 | Original Article

Post-mortem inference of the human hippocampal connectivity and microstructure using ultra-high field diffusion MRI at 11.7 T
Justine Beaujoin, Nicola Palomero-Gallagher, Fawzi Boumezbeur, Markus Axer, Jeremy Bernard, Fabrice Poupon, Daniel Schmitz, Jean-François Mangin, Cyril Poupon

Open Access 08.02.2018 | Original Article

Complementary expression of calcium binding proteins delineates the functional organization of the locomotor network
Eva M. Berg, Maria Bertuzzi, Konstantinos Ampatzis

13.02.2018 | Original Article

Neuroadaptations in the dentate gyrus following contextual cued reinstatement of methamphetamine seeking
Yoshio Takashima, McKenzie J. Fannon, Melissa H. Galinato, Noah L. Steiner, Michelle An, Alice E. Zemljic-Harpf, Sucharita S. Somkuwar, Brian P. Head, Chitra D. Mandyam

15.02.2018 | Original Article

Brain c-fos expression patterns induced by emotional stressors differing in nature and intensity
Jesús Úbeda-Contreras, Ignacio Marín-Blasco, Roser Nadal, Antonio Armario

19.02.2018 | Original Article

Brain STAT5 signaling modulates learning and memory formation
Isadora C. Furigo, Helen M. Melo, Natalia M. Lyra e Silva, Angela M. Ramos-Lobo, Pryscila D. S. Teixeira, Daniella C. Buonfiglio, Frederick Wasinski, Eliana R. Lima, Eliza Higuti, Cibele N. Peroni, Paolo Bartolini, Carlos R. J. Soares, Martin Metzger, Fernanda G. de Felice, Jose Donato Jr.

19.02.2018 | Original Article

Dorsal raphe projection inhibits the excitatory inputs on lateral habenula and alleviates depressive behaviors in rats
Hai Zhang, Kuan Li, Hong-Sheng Chen, Shuang-Qi Gao, Zhi-Xuan Xia, Jie-Ting Zhang, Fang Wang, Jian-Guo Chen

19.02.2018 | Original Article

Extrasynaptic homomeric glycine receptors in neurons of the rat trigeminal mesencephalic nucleus
Jin Young Bae, Jae Sik Lee, Sang Jin Ko, Yi Sul Cho, Jong-Cheol Rah, Hee Jung Cho, Mae Ja Park, Yong Chul Bae

Open Access 20.02.2018 | Original Article

Diffusion MRI-based cortical connectome reconstruction: dependency on tractography procedures and neuroanatomical characteristics
Michel R. T. Sinke, Willem M. Otte, Daan Christiaens, Oliver Schmitt, Alexander Leemans, Annette van der Toorn, R. Angela Sarabdjitsingh, Marian Joëls, Rick M. Dijkhuizen

23.02.2018 | Original Article

ATP6AP2 over-expression causes morphological alterations in the hippocampus and in hippocampus-related behaviour
A. Bracke, S. Schäfer, V. von Bohlen und Halbach, F. Klempin, K. Bente, K. Bracke, D. Staar, J. van den Brandt, S. Harzsch, M. Bader, U. O. Wenzel, J. Peters, O. von Bohlen und Halbach

23.02.2018 | Original Article

Postnatal refinement of interareal feedforward projections in ferret visual cortex
Reem Khalil, Violeta Contreras-Ramirez, Jonathan B. Levitt

23.02.2018 | Original Article

Vesicular glutamate transporter 1 (VGLUT1)- and VGLUT2-immunopositive axon terminals on the rat jaw-closing and jaw-opening motoneurons
Sook Kyung Park, Sang Jin Ko, Sang Kyoo Paik, Jong-Cheol Rah, Kea Joo Lee, Yong Chul Bae

Open Access 24.02.2018 | Original Article

Integration of transcriptomic and cytoarchitectonic data implicates a role for MAOA and TAC1 in the limbic-cortical network
Sebastian Bludau, Thomas W. Mühleisen, Simon B. Eickhoff, Michael J. Hawrylycz, Sven Cichon, Katrin Amunts

27.02.2018 | Original Article

Tinnitus and temporary hearing loss result in differential noise-induced spatial reorganization of brain activity
Antonela Muca, Emily Standafer, Aaron K. Apawu, Farhan Ahmad, Farhad Ghoddoussi, Mirabela Hali, James Warila, Bruce A. Berkowitz, Avril Genene Holt

Open Access 28.02.2018 | Original Article

Multiple roles of Sonic Hedgehog in the developing human cortex are suggested by its widespread distribution
Fani Memi, Nada Zecevic, Nevena Radonjić

Open Access 01.03.2018 | Original Article

Substance P-expressing excitatory interneurons in the mouse superficial dorsal horn provide a propriospinal input to the lateral spinal nucleus
Maria Gutierrez-Mecinas, Erika Polgár, Andrew M. Bell, Marine Herau, Andrew J. Todd

02.03.2018 | Original Article

The TrkB agonist 7,8-dihydroxyflavone changes the structural dynamics of neocortical pyramidal neurons and improves object recognition in mice
Marta Perez-Rando, Esther Castillo-Gomez, Clara Bueno-Fernandez, Juan Nacher

Open Access 03.03.2018 | Original Article

Spatio-temporal specialization of GABAergic septo-hippocampal neurons for rhythmic network activity
Gunes Unal, Michael G. Crump, Tim J. Viney, Tímea Éltes, Linda Katona, Thomas Klausberger, Peter Somogyi

03.03.2018 | Original Article

Fast periodic stimulation (FPS): a highly effective approach in fMRI brain mapping
Xiaoqing Gao, Francesco Gentile, Bruno Rossion

Open Access 03.03.2018 | Original Article

Functional connectivity of task context representations in prefrontal nodes of the multiple demand network
Peter Stiers, Alexandros Goulas

Open Access 06.03.2018 | Original Article

Grey-matter network disintegration as predictor of cognitive and motor function with aging
Marisa Koini, Marco Duering, Benno G. Gesierich, Serge A. R. B. Rombouts, Stefan Ropele, Fabian Wagner, Christian Enzinger, Reinhold Schmidt

08.03.2018 | Original Article

Connectivity profiles of the insular network for speech control in healthy individuals and patients with spasmodic dysphonia
Giovanni Battistella, Veena Kumar, Kristina Simonyan

08.03.2018 | Original Article

Leptin alters somatosensory thalamic networks by decreasing gaba release from reticular thalamic nucleus and action potential frequency at ventrobasal neurons
Paula P. Perissinotti, María Celeste Rivero-Echeto, Edgar Garcia-Rill, Verónica Bisagno, Francisco J. Urbano

22.02.2018 | Brain Mythology

A critical view of the quest for brain structural markers of Albert Einstein’s special talents (a pot of gold under the rainbow)
Jorge A. Colombo

16.02.2018 | Short Communication

Structural disconnection is responsible for increased functional connectivity in multiple sclerosis
Kevin R. Patel, Sean Tobyne, Daria Porter, John Daniel Bireley, Victoria Smith, Eric Klawiter

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