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Brain Structure and Function 6/2021
Brain Structure and Function

Ausgabe 6/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (24 Artikel)

20.05.2021 | Letter to the Editor

An inspirational reflection on Nobel Prize-winning researches in nerve signaling from over a century: some lessons for inquisitive minds
Pooja Ojha

27.04.2021 | Correction

Correction to: A comparison of diffusion tractography techniques in simulating the generalized Ising model to predict the intrinsic activity of the brain
Pubuditha M. Abeyasinghe, Marco Aiello, Carlo Cavaliere, Adrian M. Owen, Andrea Soddu

30.05.2021 | Review

Leftovers of viruses in human physiology
Borros Arneth

Open Access 02.05.2021 | Review

Auditory thalamus dysfunction and pathophysiology in tinnitus: a predictive network hypothesis
Pia Brinkmann, Sonja A. Kotz, Jasper V. Smit, Marcus L. F. Janssen, Michael Schwartze

22.04.2021 | Original Article

White matter microstructural changes in short-term learning of a continuous visuomotor sequence
Stéfanie A. Tremblay, Anna-Thekla Jäger, Julia Huck, Chiara Giacosa, Stephanie Beram, Uta Schneider, Sophia Grahl, Arno Villringer, Christine L. Tardif, Pierre-Louis Bazin, Christopher J. Steele, Claudine J. Gauthier

Open Access 07.05.2021 | Original Article

Topographic volume-standardization atlas of the human brain
Kevin Akeret, Christiaan Hendrik Bas van Niftrik, Martina Sebök, Giovanni Muscas, Thomas Visser, Victor E. Staartjes, Federica Marinoni, Carlo Serra, Luca Regli, Niklaus Krayenbühl, Marco Piccirelli, Jorn Fierstra

Open Access 29.04.2021 | Original Article

Are visual working memory and episodic memory distinct processes? Insight from stroke patients by lesion-symptom mapping
Selma Lugtmeijer, Linda Geerligs, Frank Erik de Leeuw, Edward H. F. de Haan, Roy P. C. Kessels, on behalf of The Visual Brain Group

30.04.2021 | Original Article

A fully segmented 3D anatomical atlas of a lizard brain
Daniel Hoops, Hanyi Weng, Ayesha Shahid, Philip Skorzewski, Andrew L. Janke, Jason P. Lerch, John G. Sled

07.05.2021 | Original Article

A comprehensive approach to study the resting-state brain network related to creative potential
Claire Deshayes, Véronique Paban, Marie-Hélène Ferrer, Béatrice Alescio-Lautier, Caroline Chambon

16.05.2021 | Original Article

Characterization of basal forebrain glutamate neurons suggests a role in control of arousal and avoidance behavior
James T. McKenna, Chun Yang, Thomas Bellio, Marissa B. Anderson-Chernishof, Mackenzie C. Gamble, Abigail Hulverson, John G. McCoy, Stuart Winston, Erik Hodges, Fumi Katsuki, James M. McNally, Radhika Basheer, Ritchie E. Brown

Open Access 25.05.2021 | Original Article

Extensive divergence of projections to the forebrain from neurons in the paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus
Sa Li, Xinwen Dong, Gilbert J. Kirouac

Open Access 22.05.2021 | Original Article

Contribution of the basal forebrain to corticocortical network interactions
Peter Gombkoto, Matthew Gielow, Peter Varsanyi, Candice Chavez, Laszlo Zaborszky

Open Access 26.05.2021 | Original Article

Age-related differences in negative cognitive empathy but similarities in positive affective empathy
Maryam Ziaei, Lena Oestreich, David C. Reutens, Natalie C. Ebner

27.05.2021 | Original Article

Developmental changes of the central sulcus morphology in young children
Niharika Gajawelli, Sean C. L. Deoni, Natalie Ramsy, Douglas C. Dean III, Jonathan O’Muircheartaigh, Marvin D. Nelson, Natasha Lepore, Olivier Coulon

24.05.2021 | Original Article

Neural dynamics of pride and shame in social context: an approach with event-related brain electrical potentials
Jose Sánchez-García, Gema Esther Rodríguez, David Hernández-Gutiérrez, Pilar Casado, Sabela Fondevila, Laura Jiménez-Ortega, Francisco Muñoz, Miguel Rubianes, Manuel Martín-Loeches

20.05.2021 | Original Article

The adhesio interthalamica as a neuroanatomical marker of structural differences in healthy adult population
Anna Miró-Padilla, Jesús Adrián-Ventura, Víctor Costumero, María-Ángeles Palomar-García, Esteban Villar-Rodríguez, Lidón Marin-Marin, Naiara Aguirre, Elisenda Bueichekú

20.05.2021 | Original Article

The density of calretinin striatal interneurons is decreased in 6-OHDA-lesioned mice
S. Petryszyn, L. Saidi, D. Gagnon, A. Parent, M. Parent

27.05.2021 | Original Article

Motor network connectivity predicts neuroplastic response following theta burst stimulation in healthy adults
Brenton Hordacre, Mitchell R. Goldsworthy, Lynton Graetz, Michael C. Ridding

25.05.2021 | Original Article

The nucleus accumbens and ventral pallidum exhibit greater dopaminergic innervation in humans compared to other primates
Kristen N. Hirter, Elaine N. Miller, Cheryl D. Stimpson, Kimberley A. Phillips, William D. Hopkins, Patrick R. Hof, Chet C. Sherwood, C. Owen Lovejoy, Mary Ann Raghanti

29.05.2021 | Original Article

Phase fMRI defines brain resting-state functional hubs within central and posterior regions
Zikuan Chen, Ebenezer Daniel, Bihong T. Chen

29.05.2021 | Original Article

White matter variability in auditory callosal pathways contributes to variation in the cultural transmission of auditory symbolic systems
Massimo Lumaca, Giosuè Baggio, Peter Vuust

29.05.2021 | Original Article

Mapping fetal brain development based on automated segmentation and 4D brain atlasing
Haotian Li, Guohui Yan, Wanrong Luo, Tingting Liu, Yan Wang, Ruibin Liu, Weihao Zheng, Yi Zhang, Kui Li, Li Zhao, Catherine Limperopoulos, Yu Zou, Dan Wu

26.05.2021 | Original Article

Dissociable plasticity of visual-motor system in functional specialization and flexibility in expert table tennis players
Dazhi Yin, Xuefei Wang, Xiaoyou Zhang, Qiurong Yu, Yu Wei, Qing Cai, Mingxia Fan, Lin Li

30.05.2021 | Short Communication

Exercise ameliorates aberrant synaptic plasticity without enhancing adult-born cell survival in the hippocampus of serotonin transporter knockout mice
Carey Wilson, Jake Rogers, Feng Chen, Shanshan Li, Paul A. Adlard, Anthony J. Hannan, Thibault Renoir

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