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Brain Structure and Function 9/2019
Brain Structure and Function

Ausgabe 9/2019


Inhaltsverzeichnis (28 Artikel)

Open Access 26.08.2019 | Review

The cingulate cortex and limbic systems for emotion, action, and memory
Edmund T. Rolls

25.10.2019 | Review

Hippocampal place cells are topographically organized, but physical space has nothing to do with it
Thiago F. A. França, José M. Monserrat

07.11.2019 | Review

Source-based morphometry: a decade of covarying structural brain patterns
Cota Navin Gupta, Jessica A. Turner, Vince D. Calhoun

06.09.2019 | Original Article

Structural and functional connections between the median and the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus
Augustin Walter, Lorijn van der Spek, Eléonore Hardy, Alexis Pierre Bemelmans, Nathalie Rouach, Armelle Rancillac

06.09.2019 | Original Article

Developing brain as a source of circulating norepinephrine in rats during the critical period of morphogenesis
Aliia R. Murtazina, Yulia O. Nikishina, Nadezhda S. Bondarenko, Liliya K. Dil’mukhametova, Anna Ya. Sapronova, Michael V. Ugrumov

Open Access 07.09.2019 | Original Article

Large-scale plurimodal networks common to listening to, producing and reading word lists: an fMRI study combining task-induced activation and intrinsic connectivity in 144 right-handers
Isabelle Hesling, L. Labache, M. Joliot, N. Tzourio-Mazoyer

Open Access 10.09.2019 | Original Article

Altered motor, anxiety-related and attentional task performance at baseline associate with multiple gene copies of the vesicular acetylcholine transporter and related protein overexpression in ChAT::Cre+ rats
Craig P. Mantanona, Johan Alsiö, Joanna L. Elson, Beth M. Fisher, Jeffrey W. Dalley, Timothy Bussey, Ilse S. Pienaar

11.09.2019 | Original Article

Inactivation of the dorsolateral periaqueductal gray matter impairs the promoting influence of stress on fear memory during retrieval
Marcelo Giachero, Eloisa Pavesi, Gastón Calfa, Simone C. Motta, Newton S. Canteras, Víctor A. Molina, Antonio P. Carobrez

12.09.2019 | Original Article

Segregated precuneus network and default mode network in naturalistic imaging
ZhengZheng Deng, JinFeng Wu, JiaQi Gao, Yang Hu, YiWen Zhang, YinShan Wang, HaoMing Dong, Zhi Yang, XiNian Zuo

12.09.2019 | Original Article

The impact of physiological noise on hemodynamic-derived estimates of directed functional connectivity
F. Konrad Schumacher, Carmen Steinborn, Cornelius Weiller, Björn O. Schelter, Matthias Reinhard, Christoph P. Kaller

13.09.2019 | Original Article

Individual differences in neonatal white matter are associated with executive function at 3 years of age
Sarah J. Short, Michael T. Willoughby, Marie Camerota, Rebecca L. Stephens, Rachel J. Steiner, Martin Styner, John H. Gilmore

13.09.2019 | Original Article

The robust and independent nature of structural STS asymmetries
Jonathan S. Bain, Shir Filo, Aviv A. Mezer

25.09.2019 | Original Article

Social hierarchy regulates ocular dominance plasticity in adult male mice
Jenny Balog, Franziska Hintz, Marcel Isstas, Manuel Teichert, Christine Winter, Konrad Lehmann

27.09.2019 | Original Article

A dimensional approach to jealousy reveals enhanced fronto-striatal, insula and limbic responses to angry faces
Xiaoxiao Zheng, Lizhu Luo, Jialin Li, Lei Xu, Feng Zhou, Zhao Gao, Benjamin Becker, Keith M. Kendrick

Open Access 28.09.2019 | Original Article

The functional microscopic neuroanatomy of the human subthalamic nucleus
Anneke Alkemade, Gilles de Hollander, Steven Miletic, Max C. Keuken, Rawien Balesar, Onno de Boer, Dick F. Swaab, Birte U. Forstmann

16.10.2019 | Original Article

The descending motor tracts are different in dancers and musicians
Chiara Giacosa, Falisha J. Karpati, Nicholas E. V. Foster, Krista L. Hyde, Virginia B. Penhune

28.10.2019 | Original Article

Non-radial tortuous migration with cell polarity alterations of newly generated granule neurons in the neonatal rat dentate gyrus
Takashi Namba, Hiroshi Shinohara, Tatsunori Seki

Open Access 30.10.2019 | Original Article

Sparse force-bearing bridges between neighboring synaptic vesicles
John F. Wesseling, Sébastien Phan, Eric A. Bushong, Léa Siksou, Serge Marty, Isabel Pérez-Otaño, Mark Ellisman

30.10.2019 | Original Article

Auditory prediction errors and auditory white matter microstructure associated with psychotic-like experiences in healthy individuals
L. K. L. Oestreich, R. Randeniya, M. I. Garrido

31.10.2019 | Original Article

Predictive coding of action intentions in dorsal and ventral visual stream is based on visual anticipations, memory-based information and motor preparation
Simona Monaco, Giulia Malfatti, Alessandro Zendron, Elisa Pellencin, Luca Turella

31.10.2019 | Original Article

Structure related to function: prefrontal surface area has an indirect effect on the relationship between amygdala volume and trait neuroticism
Peter J. Castagna

02.11.2019 | Original Article

Thalamic degeneration in MPTP-treated Parkinsonian monkeys: impact upon glutamatergic innervation of striatal cholinergic interneurons
Rosa M. Villalba, Jean-Francois Pare, Solah Lee, Sol Lee, Yoland Smith

Open Access 07.11.2019 | Original Article

Cerebellar neural markers of susceptibility to social isolation and positive affective processing
Nichol M. L. Wong, Robin Shao, Jingsong Wu, Jing Tao, Lidian Chen, Tatia M. C. Lee

15.11.2019 | Original Article

Shaping of discrete auditory inputs to extramodular zones of the lateral cortex of the inferior colliculus
Isabel D. Lamb-Echegaray, William A. Noftz, Jeremiah P. C. Stinson, Mark L. Gabriele

16.11.2019 | Original Article

White-matter microstructural properties of the corpus callosum: test–retest and repositioning effects in two parcellation schemes
Chaitali Anand, Andreas M. Brandmaier, Muzamil Arshad, Jonathan Lynn, Jeffrey A. Stanley, Naftali Raz

15.11.2019 | Original Article

Grey matter volume in developmental speech and language disorder
Lauren Pigdon, Catherine Willmott, Sheena Reilly, Gina Conti-Ramsden, Christian Gaser, Alan Connelly, Angela T. Morgan

Open Access 17.10.2019 | Short Communication

TMS reveals inhibitory extrastriate cortico-cortical feedback modulation of V1 activity in humans
M. Maniglia, Y. Trotter, F. Aedo-Jury

Open Access 07.08.2019 | Correction

Correction to: Central serotonin modulates neural responses to virtual violent actions in emotion regulation networks
Dhana Wolf, Martin Klasen, Patrick Eisner, Florian D. Zepf, Mikhail Zvyagintsev, Nicola Palomero‑Gallagher, René Weber, Albrecht Eisert, Klaus Mathiak

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