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Breast Cancer Research and Treatment

Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 3/2018

Ausgabe 3/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 25 Artikel )

04.11.2017 | Review | Ausgabe 3/2018

Efficacy and safety in older patient subsets in studies of endocrine monotherapy versus combination therapy in patients with HR+/HER2− advanced breast cancer: a review

Rachel A. Freedman, Sara M. Tolaney

06.11.2017 | Review | Ausgabe 3/2018

Patient-reported factors associated with adherence to adjuvant endocrine therapy after breast cancer: an integrative review

Leah K. Lambert, Lynda G. Balneaves, A. Fuchsia Howard, Carolyn C. Gotay

30.10.2017 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

Canine invasive mammary carcinomas as models of human breast cancer. Part 1: natural history and prognostic factors

Frédérique Nguyen, Laura Peña, Catherine Ibisch, Delphine Loussouarn, Adelina Gama, Natascha Rieder, Anton Belousov, Mario Campone, Jérôme Abadie

01.11.2017 | Preclinical study | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

CD56+ immune cell infiltration and MICA are decreased in breast lobules with fibrocystic changes

Daniel Kerekes, Daniel W. Visscher, Tanya L. Hoskin, Derek C. Radisky, Rushin D. Brahmbhatt, Alvaro Pena, Marlene H. Frost, Muhammad Arshad, Melody Stallings-Mann, Stacey J. Winham, Linda Murphy, Lori Denison, Jodi M. Carter, Keith L. Knutson, Amy C. Degnim

22.10.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

Ribociclib with letrozole vs letrozole alone in elderly patients with hormone receptor-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer in the randomized MONALEESA-2 trial

Gabe S. Sonke, Lowell L. Hart, Mario Campone, Frans Erdkamp, Wolfgang Janni, Sunil Verma, Cristian Villanueva, Erik Jakobsen, Emilio Alba, Erik Wist, Anne M. Favret, Thomas Bachelot, Roberto Hegg, Paul Wheatley-Price, Farida Souami, Santosh Sutradhar, Michelle Miller, Caroline Germa, Howard A. Burris

23.10.2017 | Clinical Trial | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

Avelumab, an anti-PD-L1 antibody, in patients with locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer: a phase 1b JAVELIN Solid Tumor study

Luc Y. Dirix, Istvan Takacs, Guy Jerusalem, Petros Nikolinakos, Hendrik-Tobias Arkenau, Andres Forero-Torres, Ralph Boccia, Marc E. Lippman, Robert Somer, Martin Smakal, Leisha A. Emens, Borys Hrinczenko, William Edenfield, Jayne Gurtler, Anja von Heydebreck, Hans Juergen Grote, Kevin Chin, Erika P. Hamilton

25.10.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

Sensation of the autologous reconstructed breast improves quality of life: a pilot study

Anouk J. M. Cornelissen, Jop Beugels, Sander M. J. van Kuijk, Esther M. Heuts, Shai M. Rozen, Aldona J. Spiegel, René R. W. J. van der Hulst, Stefania M. H. Tuinder

30.10.2017 | Clinical Trial | Ausgabe 3/2018

The yield of targeted genotyping for the recurring mutations in BRCA1/2 in Israel

Rinat Bernstein-Molho, Yael Laitman, Hagit Schayek, Orit Reish, Shira Lotan, Sara Haim, Jamal Zidan, Eitan Friedman

30.10.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2018

The value of embedding: integrated palliative care for patients with metastatic breast cancer

M. Rabow, R. Small, A. Jow, M. Majure, A. Chien, M. Melisko, J. Belkora, L. J. Esserman, H. Rugo

03.11.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2018

Randomized placebo-controlled pilot trial of omega 3 fatty acids for prevention of aromatase inhibitor-induced musculoskeletal pain

Maryam B. Lustberg, Tonya S. Orchard, Raquel Reinbolt, Rebecca Andridge, Xueliang Pan, Martha Belury, Rachel Cole, Amanda Logan, Rachel Layman, Bhuvaneswari Ramaswamy, Robert Wesolowski, Michael Berger, Elaine Patterson, Charles Loprinzi, Charles L. Shapiro, Lisa Yee

06.11.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2018

The effect of an aerobic exercise bout 24 h prior to each doxorubicin treatment for breast cancer on markers of cardiotoxicity and treatment symptoms: a RCT

Amy A. Kirkham, Neil D. Eves, Rob E. Shave, Kelcey A. Bland, Joshua Bovard, Karen A. Gelmon, Sean A. Virani, Don C. McKenzie, Eric J. Stöhr, Darren E. R. Waburton, Kristin L. Campbell

07.11.2017 | Clinical trial | Ausgabe 3/2018

Low PTEN levels and PIK3CA mutations predict resistance to neoadjuvant lapatinib and trastuzumab without chemotherapy in patients with HER2 over-expressing breast cancer

Mothaffar F. Rimawi, Carmine De Angelis, Alejandro Contreras, Fresia Pareja, Felipe C. Geyer, Kathleen A. Burke, Sabrina Herrera, Tao Wang, Ingrid A. Mayer, Andres Forero, Rita Nanda, Matthew P. Goetz, Jenny C. Chang, Ian E. Krop, Antonio C. Wolff, Anne C. Pavlick, Suzanne A. W. Fuqua, Carolina Gutierrez, Susan G. Hilsenbeck, Marilyn M. Li, Britta Weigelt, Jorge S. Reis-Filho, C. Kent Osborne, Rachel Schiff

24.10.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2018

The effect of genetic variants on the relationship between statins and breast cancer in postmenopausal women in the Women’s Health Initiative observational study

Cathryn H. Bock, Allison M. Jay, Gregory Dyson, Jennifer L. Beebe-Dimmer, Michele L. Cote, Lifang Hou, Barbara V. Howard, Pinkal Desai, Kristen Purrington, Ross Prentice, Michael S. Simon

28.10.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2018

Clinical risk score to predict likelihood of recurrence after ductal carcinoma in situ treated with breast-conserving surgery

Rinaa S. Punglia, Wei Jiang, Stuart R. Lipsitz, Melissa E. Hughes, Stuart J. Schnitt, Michael J. Hassett, Larissa Nekhlyudov, Ninah Achacoso, Stephen Edge, Sara H. Javid, Joyce C. Niland, Richard L. Theriault, Yu-Ning Wong, Laurel A. Habel

02.11.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

Safety of fertility preservation in breast cancer patients in a register-based matched cohort study

Kenny A. Rodriguez-Wallberg, Sandra Eloranta, Kamilla Krawiec, Agneta Lissmats, Jonas Bergh, Annelie Liljegren

07.11.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2018

Breast cancer-related paraneoplastic neurologic disease

Brittany L. Murphy, Nicholas L. Zalewski, Amy C. Degnim, Andrew McKeon, Eoin P. Flanagan, Sean J. Pittock, Elizabeth B. Habermann

07.11.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2018 Open Access

Young age at first pregnancy does protect against early onset breast cancer in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers

DG Evans, EF Harkness, S. Howel, ER Woodward, A. Howell, F. Lalloo

08.11.2017 | Epidemiology | Ausgabe 3/2018

Impact of microinvasion on breast cancer mortality in women with ductal carcinoma in situ

Victoria Sopik, Ping Sun, Steven A. Narod

07.11.2017 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 3/2018

Vitamin D supplementation decreases serum 27-hydroxycholesterol in a pilot breast cancer trial

Catherine C. Going, Ludmila Alexandrova, Kenneth Lau, Christine Y. Yeh, David Feldman, Sharon J. Pitteri

07.11.2017 | Brief Report | Ausgabe 3/2018

BRCA1 deficiency is a recurrent event in early-onset triple-negative breast cancer: a comprehensive analysis of germline mutations and somatic promoter methylation

Rafael Canfield Brianese, Kivvi Duarte de Mello Nakamura, Fernanda Gabriella dos Santos Ramos de Almeida, Rodrigo Fernandes Ramalho, Bruna Durães de Figueiredo Barros, Elisa Napolitano e Ferreira, Maria Nirvana da Cruz Formiga, Victor Piana de Andrade, Vladmir Claudio Cordeiro de Lima, Dirce Maria Carraro

11.10.2017 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 3/2018

Duration of trastuzumab in HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer after complete remission: still debatable issue?

Kadri Altundag

13.10.2017 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 3/2018

Hormone receptor-positive invasive lobular and ductal carcinoma of the breast have comparable hormone receptor expression levels both if detected by screening and clinically

Alessandra Ravaioli, Fabio Falcini, Lauro Bucchi

20.10.2017 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 3/2018

Does the elevation of CAMLs predict metastatic breast cancer patients’ survival?

Qixing Tan, Qinghong Qin

23.10.2017 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 3/2018

Dose adjustment in obese breast cancer patients receiving neoadjuvant chemotherapy might have an impact on survival

Kadri Altundag

23.10.2017 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 3/2018

Reclassifying HER2-equivocal disease

Steven Sorscher

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