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Calcified Tissue International

Calcified Tissue International 5/2017

Ausgabe 5/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

09.08.2017 | Review | Ausgabe 5/2017

Bicarbonate Transport During Enamel Maturation

Kaifeng Yin, Michael L. Paine

10.07.2017 | Original Research | Ausgabe 5/2017

Occurrence of Clinical Bone Fracture Following a Prolonged Stay in Intensive Care Unit: A Retrospective Controlled Study

Anne-Françoise Rousseau, Etienne Cavalier, Jean-Yves Reginster, Pierre Damas, Olivier Bruyère

04.07.2017 | Original Research | Ausgabe 5/2017

Health-Related Quality of Life in Adults with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Jannie Dahl Hald, Lars Folkestad, Torben Harsløf, Kim Brixen, Bente Langdahl

14.07.2017 | Original Research | Ausgabe 5/2017

Obese Versus Normal-Weight Late-Adolescent Females have Inferior Trabecular Bone Microarchitecture: A Pilot Case-Control Study

Joseph M. Kindler, Norman K. Pollock, Hannah L. Ross, Christopher M. Modlesky, Harshvardhan Singh, Emma M. Laing, Richard D. Lewis

31.07.2017 | Original Research | Ausgabe 5/2017

Enhanced Identification of Potential Pleiotropic Genetic Variants for Bone Mineral Density and Breast Cancer

Cheng Peng, Hui-Ling Lou, Feng Liu, Jie Shen, Xu Lin, Chun-Ping Zeng, Ji-Rong Long, Kuan-Jui Su, Lan Zhang, Jonathan Greenbaum, Wei-Feng Deng, Yu-Mei Li, Hong-Wen Deng

19.07.2017 | Original Research | Ausgabe 5/2017

Development of a New Immunoassay for Human Cathepsin K-Generated Periostin Fragments as a Serum Biomarker for Cortical Bone

Patrick Garnero, Nicolas Bonnet, Serge L. Ferrari

31.07.2017 | Original Research | Ausgabe 5/2017

Evaluation of a New Fully Automated Assay for Plasma Intact FGF23

Jean-Claude Souberbielle, Dominique Prié, Marie-Liesse Piketty, Anya Rothenbuhler, Pierre Delanaye, Philippe Chanson, Etienne Cavalier

28.07.2017 | Original Research | Ausgabe 5/2017

Impact of Chiropractic Manipulation on Bone and Skeletal Muscle of Ovariectomized Rats

A. López-Herradón, R. Fujikawa, M. Gómez-Marín, J. P. Stedile-Lovatel, F. Mulero, J. A. Ardura, P. Ruiz, I. Muñoz, P. Esbrit, I. Mahíllo-Fernández, A. Ortega-de Mues

31.07.2017 | Original Research | Ausgabe 5/2017

Dicalcium Phosphate Anhydrous: An Appropriate Bioceramic in Regeneration of Critical-Sized Radial Bone Defects in Rats

Ahmad Oryan, Soodeh Alidadi, Amin Bigham-Sadegh

20.07.2017 | Case Reports | Ausgabe 5/2017

Skeletal Fluorosis Due to Fluorocarbon Inhalation from an Air Dust Cleaner

Katherine Peicher, Naim M. Maalouf

19.07.2017 | Case Reports | Ausgabe 5/2017

Cyst-Like Lesions at Chondro-Osseous Junction

Zijun Zhang, Jeffrey Beckett, Lew Schon

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