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Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie 6/2022
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie

Ausgabe 6/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (27 Artikel)

08.04.2022 | Editorials

What defines success after major surgery?
Duminda N. Wijeysundera

31.01.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Patient prioritization of routine and patient-reported postoperative outcome measures: a prospective, nested cross-sectional study
Soha Abdellatif, Emily Hladkowicz, Manoj M. Lalu, Sylvain Boet, Sylvain Gagne, Daniel I. McIsaac

08.04.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Factors associated with functional disability or mortality after elective noncardiac surgery: a prospective cohort study
Mitsuru Ida, Yusuke Naito, Yuu Tanaka, Satoki Inoue, Masahiko Kawaguchi

30.03.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Comparison of carbetocin as a bolus or an infusion with prophylactic phenylephrine on maternal heart rate during Cesarean delivery under spinal anesthesia: a double-blinded randomized controlled trial
Marie-Ève Boisselle, Valérie Vasiliki Zaphiratos, Annik Fortier, Philippe Richebé, Christian Loubert

Open Access 25.03.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Three-Minute Diagnostic Assessment for Delirium using the Confusion Assessment Method (3D-CAM): French translation and cultural adaptation
John G. Gaudet, Corey Kull, Marc L. Eskenazi, John Diaper, Julien Maillard, Florence Mollard, Christophe Marti, Edward R. Marcantonio, Delphine S. Courvoisier, Bernhard Walder

14.03.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Postoperative neurologic symptoms in the operative arm after shoulder surgery with interscalene blockade: a systematic review
Thomas Mutter, Gabrielle S. Logan, Sam Neily, Scott Richardson, Nicole Askin, Marita Monterola, Ahmed Abou-Setta

14.03.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Assessment of sensory block during labour epidural analgesia: a prospective cohort study to determine the influence of the direction of testing
Eliane Cristina de Souza Soares, Mrinalini Balki, Kristi Downey, Xiang Y. Ye, Jose Carlos A. Carvalho

Open Access 23.03.2022 | Review Article/Brief Review

Mapping the current evidence on the anesthetic management of adult patients with neuromuscular disorders—a scoping review
Luuk R. van den Bersselaar, Madelief Gubbels, Sheila Riazi, Luc Heytens, Heinz Jungbluth, Nicol C. Voermans, Marc M. J. Snoeck

Open Access 23.03.2022 | Special Article

A framework for critical care triage during a major surge in critical illness
James Downar, Maxwell J. Smith, Dianne Godkin, Andrea Frolic, Sally Bean, Cecile Bensimon, Carrie Bernard, Mary Huska, Mike Kekewich, Nancy Ondrusek, Ross Upshur, Randi Zlotnik-Shaul, Jennifer Gibson

14.02.2022 | Correspondence

An innovative template to ensure reliable rigid intubation stylet shape: a prospective comparative study
Philippe Mercier, Etienne J. Couture, Mathieu Asselin, Yves Lacasse, Frédérique Fiset-Cholette, Jean S. Bussières

14.02.2022 | Correspondence

Airway management in a patient with a traumatic retropharyngeal hematoma causing airway compromise
Shih-Chieh Huang, Peter Rose, Alexander Wong

25.02.2022 | Correspondence

Lactate-buffered solutions in patients with citrin deficiency
Kun-ming Tao, Ling Shen, Yu-ming Sun

10.03.2022 | Correspondence

Continuous wound infusion combined with intrathecal morphine for analgesia after Cesarean delivery compared with intrathecal morphine or continuous wound infusion alone
Chloé Viviand, Eric Pietretti, Amandine Luc, Delphine Herbain, Noureddine Baka, Olivier Morel, Jérôme Feugeas, Cristina Aron, Hervé Bouaziz, Philippe Guerci, Florence Vial

17.03.2022 | Correspondence

Initiatives to support rural access to anesthesia
Tyler J. Law, John Rose, Adrian W. Gelb

15.03.2022 | Correspondence

In reply: Initiatives to support rural access to anesthesia
Beverley A. Orser, C. Ruth Wilson, Daniel Bainbridge

27.04.2022 | Correspondence

Continuous peripheral nerve blocks for outpatient orthopedic surgery: improving patient care and hospital efficiency through knowledge translation
Brian A. Pollard, Celine Meschino, Bijan Teja, Gregory M. T. Hare, Yekta Soleimani Jobaneh, Chloe Butler, Ryan Khan, Jeremy Hall, Timothy Daniels

04.03.2022 | Correction

Correction to: Intrapandemic regional anesthesia as practice: a historical cohort study in patients undergoing breast cancer surgery
Ariane Clairoux, Maxim Soucy-Proulx, François Pretto, Victoria Courgeon, Maxime Caron-Goudreau, Rami Issa, Marie-Ève Bélanger, Véronique Brulotte, Olivier Verdonck, Moulay Idrissi, Annik Fortier, Philippe Richebé

19.02.2022 | Correction

Correction to: Noise in the operating room during induction of anesthesia: impact of a quality improvement initiative
Charles V. Yu, Julena Foglia, Paul Yen, Trina Montemurro, Stephan K. W. Schwarz, Su-Yin MacDonell

14.02.2022 | Correction

Correction to: Morbidity and mortality in patients managed with high compared with low blood pressure targets during on-pump cardiac surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Charlotte C. McEwen, Takhliq Amir, Yuan Qiu, Jack Young, Kevin Kennedy, Hilary P. Grocott, Hessam Kashani, David Mazer, Scott Brudney, Morvarid Kavosh, Eric Jacobsohn, Anne Vedel, Eugene Wang, Richard P. Whitlock, Emilie P. Belley-Coté, Jessica Spence

22.03.2022 | COVID-19 | Correction Zur Zeit gratis

Correction to: Airway recommendations for perioperative patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review
Alexa Lynn Grudzinski, Billy Sun, MengQi Zhang, Agnes Crnic, Abdul H. Djokhdem, Mary Hanna, Joshua Montroy, Laura V. Duggan, Gavin M. Hamilton, Dean A. Fergusson, Sylvain Boet, Daniel I. McIsaac, Manoj M. Lalu

22.03.2022 | Correction

Correction: Implementation of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society guidelines for perioperative risk assessment and management: an interrupted time series study
Daniel I. McIsaac, Joshua Montroy, Sylvain Gagne, Chris Johnson, Jacelyn Ernst, Samantha Halman, Jeffrey Oake, James Chan, Susan Madden, Simon Feng, Michelle Moody, Cedric Godbout Simard, Monica Taljaard, Madison Foster, Dean A. Fergusson, Manoj M. Lalu

31.03.2022 | Correction

Correction to: Initiatives to support rural access to anesthesia
Tyler J. Law, John Rose, Adrian W. Gelb

17.11.2021 | Retraction Note

Retraction Note to: Fluid choice for resuscitation of the trauma patient: a review of the physiological, pharmacological, and clinical evidence
Joachim Boldt

26.04.2022 | Retraction Note

Retraction Note to: Delayed recovery of vecuronium neuromuscular block in diabetic patients during sevoflurane anesthesia
Yuhji Saitoh, Hisashi Hattori, Norie Sanbe, Hiroshi Nakajima, Masahiko Akatu, Masahiro Murakawa

22.04.2022 | Retraction Note

Retraction Note to: Neuromuscular blockade can be assessed accelerographically over the vastus medialis muscle in patients positioned prone
Yuhji Saitoh, Hiroshi Nakajima, Hisashi Hattori, Kenichi Aoki, Takaaki Katayama, Masahiro Murakawa

26.04.2022 | Retraction Note

Retraction Note to: Recovery of post-tetanic and train-of-four responses at the first dorsal interosseous and adductor pollicis muscles in patients receiving vecuronium
Yuhji Saitoh, Hiroyoshi Tanaka, Hidenori Toyooka, Keisuke Amaha

29.04.2022 | Retraction Note

Retraction Note to: Train-of-four and double burst stimulation fade at the great toe and thumb
Yuhji Saitoh, Yasuhiro Koitabashi, Koshi Makita, Hiroyoshi Tanaka, Keisuke Amaha

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