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Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie 7/2022
Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie

Ausgabe 7/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (14 Artikel)

10.05.2022 | Editorials

Decompressive craniectomy as a potentially reversible condition in brain death—brain stunning or skin and pericranium stretching?
Ellery T. Cunan, Roy Dudley, Sam D. Shemie

14.03.2022 | Reflections

Advancing the profession and avoiding the commoditization of anesthesiology
Scott Wallace

04.04.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Albumin use for fluid resuscitation in cardiac surgical patients: a survey of Canadian perioperative care providers
Laura Liu, Stuart A. McCluskey, Michael Law, Lusine Abrahamyan, Miki Peer, Gordon Tait, Vivek Rao, Duminda N. Wijeysundera, Damon C. Scales, Jeannie Callum, Keyvan Karkouti, Justyna Bartoszko

22.03.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

What are we missing? The quality of intraoperative handover before and after introduction of a checklist
Sophia Lane, Marketa Gross, Cristian Arzola, Archana Malavade, Leah Szadkowski, Ella Huszti, Zeev Friedman

22.03.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Characteristics of good clinical teachers in anesthesiology from medical students’ perspective: a qualitative descriptive study
Ligia Cordovani, Daniel Cordovani, Anne Wong

18.03.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Frequency and characteristics of patient exclusion criteria in Canadian multidisciplinary pain treatment facilities: a cross-sectional study
Lise Dassieu, Manon Choinière, Laurence Saint-Jean, Fiona Webster, Philip Peng, Norm Buckley, Ian Gilron, Owen Williamson, G. Allen Finley, Krista Baerg, Audrée Janelle-Montcalm, Maria Hudspith, Aline Boulanger, Tania Di Renna, Howard Intrater, Brenda Lau, John Pereira

02.05.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Implementation of a regional multidisciplinary veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation unit improved survival: a historical cohort study
Maxime Nguyen, Valentin Kabbout, Vivien Berthoud, Isabelle Gounot, Ophélie Dransart-Raye, Christophe Douguet, Olivier Bouchot, Marie-Catherine Morgant, Belaid Bouhemad, Pierre-Grégoire Guinot

Open Access 01.04.2022 | COVID-19 | Reports of Original Investigations

Evidence-informed consensus statements to guide COVID-19 patient visitation policies: results from a national stakeholder meeting
Kirsten M. Fiest, Karla D. Krewulak, Laura C. Hernández, Natalia Jaworska, Kira Makuk, Emma Schalm, Sean M. Bagshaw, Xavier Bernet, Karen E. A. Burns, Philippe Couillard, Christopher J. Doig, Robert Fowler, Michelle E. Kho, Shelly Kupsch, François Lauzier, Daniel J. Niven, Taryn Oggy, Oleksa G. Rewa, Bram Rochwerg, Sean Spence, Andrew West, Henry T. Stelfox, Jeanna Parsons Leigh

25.04.2022 | Reports of Original Investigations

Regional anesthesia in patients with Charcot–Marie–Tooth disease: a historical cohort study of 53 patients
Robert L. McClain, Devon I. Rubin, Kimmy S. Bais, Antonio M. Navarro, Christopher B. Robards, Steven B. Porter

10.05.2022 | Review Article/Brief Review

Effect of intravenous acetaminophen on postoperative outcomes in hip fracture patients: a systematic review and narrative synthesis
Jenny Sue Hyun Cho, Kristian McCarthy, Simone Schiavo, Binu Jacob, Marina Engelsakis, Michael Zywiel, Keyvan Karkouti, Stuart McCluskey, Hance Clarke, Jean Wong

18.04.2022 | Images

Congenital absence of the pericardium encountered during thoracoscopy
Joshua Nicholas, Evan Barber, Sean Grondin, Julia Haber

Open Access 18.05.2022 | Case Reports / Case Series

A red flag for diagnosing brain death: decompressive craniectomy of the posterior fossa
Uwe Walter, Maximilian Eggert, Udo Walther, Jürgen Kreienmeyer, Christian Henker, Hanka Arndt, Daniel Cantré, Amelie Zitzmann

08.04.2022 | Correspondence

In 2022, why is temperature monitoring not mandatory?
Gregory C. Allen

04.05.2022 | Correspondence

A retrospective cohort comparison of programmed intermittent epidural bolus (PIEB) and continued epidural infusion (CEI) on delivery mode
Allana Munro, Hilary MacCormick, Milia Aidemouni, Chris M. Nash, Ronald B. George

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