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Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 4/2015

Ausgabe 4/2015

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01.04.2015 | Review | Ausgabe 4/2015

Prostate cancer vaccines: the long road to clinical application

Constantin N. Baxevanis, Michael Papamichail, Sonia A. Perez

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

DNAM-1-based chimeric antigen receptors enhance T cell effector function and exhibit in vivo efficacy against melanoma

Ming-Ru Wu, Tong Zhang, Andre Alcon, Charles L. Sentman

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Increased proportion of FoxP3+ regulatory T cells in tumor infiltrating lymphocytes is associated with tumor recurrence and reduced survival in patients with glioblastoma

Elias J. Sayour, Pat McLendon, Roger McLendon, Gabriel De Leon, Renee Reynolds, Jesse Kresak, John H. Sampson, Duane A. Mitchell

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Inhibition of induced nitric oxide synthase enhances the anti-tumor effects on cancer immunotherapy using TLR7 agonist in mice

Hiroyasu Ito, Tatsuya Ando, Hideyuki Ogiso, Yuko Arioka, Mitsuru Seishima

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Cutaneous keratoacanthomas/squamous cell carcinomas associated with neutralization of transforming growth factor β by the monoclonal antibody fresolimumab (GC1008)

Mario E. Lacouture, John C. Morris, Donald P. Lawrence, Antoinette R. Tan, Thomas E. Olencki, Geoffrey I. Shapiro, Bruce J. Dezube, Jay A. Berzofsky, Frank J. Hsu, Joan Guitart

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Enhancement of glioma-specific immunity in mice by “NOBEL”, an insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor antisense oligodeoxynucleotide

Mélanie Morin-Brureau, Kirsten M. Hooper, Michael Prosniak, Sami Sauma, Larry A. Harshyne, David W. Andrews, D. Craig Hooper

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

The prognostic significance of stable disease following high-dose interleukin-2 (IL-2) treatment in patients with metastatic melanoma and renal cell carcinoma

Tasha Hughes, Matthew Klairmont, Joseph Broucek, Gail Iodice, Sanjib Basu, Howard L. Kaufman

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Local expression of complement factor I in breast cancer cells correlates with poor survival and recurrence

Marcin Okroj, Emelie Holmquist, Elise Nilsson, Lola Anagnostaki, Karin Jirström, Anna M. Blom

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Strengthened tumor antigen immune recognition by inclusion of a recombinant Eimeria antigen in therapeutic cancer vaccination

Dionisia Quiroga, Yasser A. Aldhamen, Daniel M. Appledorn, Sarah Godbehere, Andrea Amalfitano

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Phase I trial of a cancer vaccine consisting of 20 mixed peptides in patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer: dose-related immune boosting and suppression

Masanori Noguchi, Gaku Arai, Kazumasa Matsumoto, Seiji Naito, Fukuko Moriya, Shigetaka Suekane, Nobukazu Komatsu, Satoko Matsueda, Tetsuro Sasada, Akira Yamada, Tatsuyuki Kakuma, Kyogo Itoh

01.04.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Low-dose cyclophosphamide enhances antigen-specific CD4+ T cell responses to NY-ESO-1/ISCOMATRIX™ vaccine in patients with advanced melanoma

Oliver Klein, Ian D. Davis, Grant A. McArthur, Li Chen, Andrew Haydon, Phillip Parente, Nektaria Dimopoulos, Heather Jackson, Kun Xiao, Eugene Maraskovsky, Wendie Hopkins, Rodica Stan, Weisan Chen, Jonathan Cebon

01.04.2015 | Meeting Report | Ausgabe 4/2015

“Tumor immunology meets oncology” (TIMO) X, May 23–24, 2014, Halle/Saale, Germany

Dagmar Quandt, Barbara Seliger

01.04.2015 | ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO REVIEWERS | Ausgabe 4/2015


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