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Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 5/2017

Ausgabe 5/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 13 Artikel )

17.02.2017 | Review | Ausgabe 5/2017

PD-1 and PD-L1 antibodies in cancer: current status and future directions

Arjun Vasant Balar, Jeffrey S. Weber

09.02.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 5/2017

Differences in the frequencies of HLA-class I and II alleles between German patients with renal cell carcinoma and healthy controls

Steffen Goebel, Astrid Kehlen, Karen Bluemke, Wolfgang Altermann, Gerald Schlaf, Kersten Fischer, Paolo Fornara, Bernd Wullich, Sven Wach, Helge Taubert

14.02.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 5/2017

Elevated basal antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) and high epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) expression predict favourable outcome in patients with locally advanced head and neck cancer treated with cetuximab and radiotherapy

Laura Lattanzio, Nerina Denaro, Daniela Vivenza, Chiara Varamo, Giuliana Strola, Mirella Fortunato, Emmanuel Chamorey, Alberto Comino, Martino Monteverde, Cristiana Lo Nigro, Gerard Milano, Marco Merlano

15.02.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 5/2017 Open Access

Vedolizumab treatment for immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced enterocolitis

Viktoria Bergqvist, Erik Hertervig, Peter Gedeon, Marija Kopljar, Håkan Griph, Sara Kinhult, Ana Carneiro, Jan Marsal

21.02.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 5/2017 Open Access

Tumor specific regulatory T cells in the bone marrow of breast cancer patients selectively upregulate the emigration receptor S1P1

Anchana Rathinasamy, Christoph Domschke, Yingzi Ge, Hans-Henning Böhm, Steffen Dettling, David Jansen, Felix Lasitschka, Ludmila Umansky, Markus H. Gräler, Jennifer Hartmann, Christel Herold-Mende, Florian Schuetz, Philipp Beckhove

21.02.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 5/2017

Upregulation of thioredoxin-1 in activated human NK cells confers increased tolerance to oxidative stress

Kousaku Mimura, Ley-Fang Kua, Noriko Shimasaki, Kensuke Shiraishi, Shotaro Nakajima, Lim Kee Siang, Asim Shabbir, Jimmy So, Wei-Peng Yong, Koji Kono

22.02.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 5/2017

FOXO3, estrogen receptor alpha, and androgen receptor impact tumor growth rate and infiltration of dendritic cell subsets differentially between male and female mice

Matthew G. Thompson, Daniel S. Peiffer, Michelle Larson, Flor Navarro, Stephanie K. Watkins

24.02.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 5/2017

Expression of VISTA correlated with immunosuppression and synergized with CD8 to predict survival in human oral squamous cell carcinoma

Lei Wu, Wei-Wei Deng, Cong-Fa Huang, Lin-Lin Bu, Guang-Tao Yu, Liang Mao, Wen-Feng Zhang, Bing Liu, Zhi-Jun Sun

27.02.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 5/2017 Open Access

Interleukin 21 inhibits cancer-mediated FOXP3 induction in naïve human CD4 T cells

Vinodh Kannappan, Kate Butcher, Malgorzata Trela, Iain Nicholl, Weiguang Wang, Kesley Attridge

11.01.2017 | Focussed Research Review | Ausgabe 5/2017

Intralesional treatment of metastatic melanoma: a review of therapeutic options

Benjamin Weide, Dario Neri, Giuliano Elia

17.03.2017 | Focussed Research Review | Ausgabe 5/2017 Open Access

Evolution of MHC-based technologies used for detection of antigen-responsive T cells

Amalie Kai Bentzen, Sine Reker Hadrup

21.03.2017 | Focussed Research Review | Ausgabe 5/2017 Open Access

Exercise and cancer: from “healthy” to “therapeutic”?

Manja Idorn, Per thor Straten

01.03.2017 | Meeting Report | Ausgabe 5/2017

Mechanisms of efficacy in cancer immunotherapy: 14th Annual Meeting of the Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT), Mainz, Germany, May 10–12, 2016

Judith Theelen, Jennifer Braun, Helen Hörzer, Bjoern-Philipp Kloke, Martina Ott, Irene Pizzitola, Uwe Schirmer, Matthias Miller

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