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Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 7/2013

Ausgabe 7/2013

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01.07.2013 | Review | Ausgabe 7/2013

Immune-suppressive properties of the tumor microenvironment

Jürgen C. Becker, Mads Hald Andersen, David Schrama, Per thor Straten

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Activation, dysfunction and retention of T cells in vaccine sites after injection of incomplete Freund’s adjuvant, with or without peptide

Elise P. Salerno, Sofia M. Shea, Walter C. Olson, Gina R. Petroni, Mark E. Smolkin, Chantel McSkimming, Kimberly A. Chianese-Bullock, Craig L. Slingluff Jr.

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Efficient ex vivo induction of T cells with potent anti-tumor activity by protein antigen encapsulated in nanoparticles

Rodney A. Rosalia, Ana Luisa Silva, Marcel Camps, Ahmed Allam, Wim Jiskoot, Sjoerd H. van der Burg, Ferry Ossendorp, Jaap Oostendorp

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Intratumoral injection of therapeutic HPV vaccinia vaccine following cisplatin enhances HPV-specific antitumor effects

Sung Yong Lee, Tae Heung Kang, Jayne Knoff, Zhuomin Huang, Ruey-Shyang Soong, Ronald D. Alvarez, Chien-Fu Hung, T.-C. Wu

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Therapy model for advanced intracerebral B16 mouse melanoma using radiation therapy combined with immunotherapy

Henry M. Smilowitz, Daniel Sasso, Edward W. Lee, Gyuhyeong Goh, Peggy L. Micca, F. Avraham Dilmanian

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Anti-metastatic potential of human Vδ1+ γδ T cells in an orthotopic mouse xenograft model of colon carcinoma

Christel Devaud, Benoît Rousseau, Sonia Netzer, Vincent Pitard, Christian Paroissin, Camille Khairallah, Pierre Costet, Jean-François Moreau, Franck Couillaud, Julie Dechanet-Merville, Myriam Capone

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

EBV-transformed lymphoblastoid cell lines as vaccines against cancer testis antigen-positive tumors

Frank Neumann, Dominic Kaddu-Mulindwa, Thomas Widmann, Klaus-Dieter Preuss, Gerhard Held, Carsten Zwick, Klaus Roemer, Michael Pfreundschuh, Boris Kubuschok

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Analysis of surrogate gene expression markers in peripheral blood of melanoma patients to predict treatment outcome of adjuvant pegylated interferon alpha 2b (EORTC 18991 side study)

Antonia Busse, Jérôme Rapion, Alberto Fusi, Stefan Suciu, Anika Nonnenmacher, Mario Santinami, Wim H. J. Kruit, Alessandro Testori, Cornelis J. A. Punt, Angus G. Dalgleish, Alan Spatz, Alexander M. M. Eggermont, Ulrich Keilholz

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Antibody-dependent cell lysis by NK cells is preserved after sarcoma-induced inhibition of NK cell cytotoxicity

Jens H. W. Pahl, S. Eriaty N. Ruslan, Kitty M. C. Kwappenberg, Monique M. van Ostaijen-ten Dam, Maarten J. D. van Tol, Arjan C. Lankester, Marco W. Schilham

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Ex vivo analysis of pancreatic cancer-infiltrating T lymphocytes reveals that ENO-specific Tregs accumulate in tumor tissue and inhibit Th1/Th17 effector cell functions

Amedeo Amedei, Elena Niccolai, Marisa Benagiano, Chiara Della Bella, Fabio Cianchi, Paolo Bechi, Antonio Taddei, Lapo Bencini, Marco Farsi, Paola Cappello, Domenico Prisco, Francesco Novelli, Mario Milco D’Elios

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

A novel recombinant protein of IP10-EGFRvIIIscFv and CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes synergistically inhibits the growth of implanted glioma in mice

Xuan Wang, Xiao-Ling Lu, Hong-Yang Zhao, Fang-Cheng Zhang, Xiao-Bing Jiang

01.07.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Blocking retinoic acid receptor-α enhances the efficacy of a dendritic cell vaccine against tumours by suppressing the induction of regulatory T cells

Karen C. Galvin, Lydia Dyck, Neil A. Marshall, Anna M. Stefanska, Kevin P. Walsh, Barry Moran, Sarah C. Higgins, Lara S. Dungan, Kingston H. G. Mills

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