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Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 8/2007

Ausgabe 8/2007

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01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

TLR7 imidazoquinoline ligand 3M-019 is a potent adjuvant for pure protein prototype vaccines

Dean Johnston, Bushra Zaidi, Jean-Claude Bystryn

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Targeting tumour cells with defects in the MHC Class I antigen processing pathway with CD8+ T cells specific for hydrophobic TAP- and Tapasin-independent peptides: the requirement for directed access into the ER

Farah Aladin, Georg Lautscham, Elizabeth Humphries, Judy Coulson, Neil Blake

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

NK cells rapidly remove B16F10 tumor cells in a perforin and interferon-gamma independent manner in vivo

Martin A. Grundy, Tong Zhang, Charles L. Sentman

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

[F-18]-Fluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose positron emission tomography as a tool for early detection of immunotherapy response in a murine B cell lymphoma model

Coralie Chaise, Emmanuel Itti, Yolande Petegnief, Evelyne Wirquin, Christiane Copie-Bergman, Jean-Pierre Farcet, Marie-Hélène Delfau-Larue, Michel Meignan, Jean-Noël Talbot, Valérie Molinier-Frenkel

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Overexpression of B7-H1 (PD-L1) significantly associates with tumor grade and postoperative prognosis in human urothelial cancers

Juro Nakanishi, Yoshihiro Wada, Koichiro Matsumoto, Miyuki Azuma, Ken Kikuchi, Shoichi Ueda

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Assessment of CD4+  T cells specific for the tumor antigen SSX-1 in cancer-free individuals

Emmanuelle Godefroy, Yu Wang, Naira E. Souleimanian, Luigi Scotto, Stefan Stevanovic, Yao-Tseng Chen, Danila Valmori, Maha Ayyoub

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

An MVA vaccine overcomes tolerance to human p53 in mice and humans

Guang-Yun Song, Glen Gibson, Wahajul Haq, Eric C. C. Huang, Tumul Srivasta, Monica Hollstein, Pirouz Daftarian, Zhongde Wang, Don Diamond, Joshua D. I. Ellenhorn

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Efficacy of an osmotic pump delivered, GM-CSF-based tumor vaccine in the treatment of upper aerodigestive squamous cell carcinoma in rats

Hamid R. Djalilian, Emiro Caicedo, Khashayar Lessan, Vahid Grami, Chap T. Le, Stephen R. Spellman, Stephan Pambuccian, Walter A. Hall, Walter C. Low, Frank G. Ondrey

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Monoclonal antibody 2C5-modified doxorubicin-loaded liposomes with significantly enhanced therapeutic activity against intracranial human brain U-87 MG tumor xenografts in nude mice

Bhawna Gupta, Vladimir P. Torchilin

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

The C-type lectin MGL expressed by dendritic cells detects glycan changes on MUC1 in colon carcinoma

Eirikur Saeland, Sandra J. van Vliet, Malin Bäckström, Venice C. M. van den Berg, Teunis B. H. Geijtenbeek, Gerrit A. Meijer, Yvette van Kooyk

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Tumor cells prevent mouse dendritic cell maturation induced by TLR ligands

Juliana Idoyaga, José Moreno, Laura Bonifaz

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Encapsulation in liposomal nanoparticles enhances the immunostimulatory, adjuvant and anti-tumor activity of subcutaneously administered CpG ODN

Susan de Jong, Ghania Chikh, Laura Sekirov, Sam Raney, Sean Semple, Sandra Klimuk, Ning Yuan, Micheal Hope, Pieter Cullis, Ying Tam

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Mechanism of antitumor effect on mouse hepatocellular carcinoma by intratumoral injection of OK-432, a streptococcal preparation

Sadamu Homma, Yukiko Sagawa, Hideo Komita, Shigeo Koido, Eijiro Nagasaki, Yoshiki Ryoma, Masato Okamoto

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Prevention of human PC-346C prostate cancer growth in mice by a xenogeneic tissue vaccine

Mark A. Suckow, Elliot D. Rosen, William R. Wolter, Valerie Sailes, Randy Jeffrey, Martin Tenniswood

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Chemotherapy and zoledronate sensitize solid tumour cells to Vγ9Vδ2 T cell cytotoxicity

Stephen R. Mattarollo, Tony Kenna, Mie Nieda, Andrew J. Nicol

01.08.2007 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2007

Evaluation of a xenogeneic VEGF vaccine in dogs with soft tissue sarcoma

Debra Kamstock, Robyn Elmslie, Douglas Thamm, Steven Dow

01.08.2007 | Meeting Report | Ausgabe 8/2007

International conference: progress in vaccination against cancer-2006 (PIVAC 6), Granada, Spain

Natalia Aptsiauri, Teresa Cabrera, Graham Pawelec, Cécile Gouttefangeas, Evelyna Derhovanessian, Federico Garrido, Angel Garcia-Lora

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