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Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy 9/2009

Ausgabe 9/2009

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

01.09.2009 | Review | Ausgabe 9/2009

The immunologic aspects of poxvirus oncolytic therapy

Andrea Worschech, D. Haddad, D. F. Stroncek, E. Wang, Francesco M. Marincola, Aladar A. Szalay

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

Metastatic tumour cells favour the generation of a tolerogenic milieu in tumour draining lymph node in patients with early cervical cancer

Alessandra Battaglia, Alexia Buzzonetti, Cinzia Baranello, Gabriella Ferrandina, Enrica Martinelli, Francesco Fanfani, Giovanni Scambia, Andrea Fattorossi

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

Toll-like receptor expression in normal ovary and ovarian tumors

Mingfu Zhou, Molly M. McFarland-Mancini, Holly M. Funk, Nader Husseinzadeh, Taofic Mounajjed, Angela F. Drew

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

Screening and identification of novel B cell epitopes in human heparanase and their anti-invasion property for hepatocellular carcinoma

Jian-min Yang, Hui-ju Wang, Ling Du, Xiao-mei Han, Zai-yuan Ye, Yong Fang, Hou-quan Tao, Zhong-sheng Zhao, Yong-lie Zhou

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

Synthesis of sialyl Lewisa (sLea, CA19-9) and construction of an immunogenic sLea vaccine

Govind Ragupathi, Payal Damani, Geeta Srivastava, Om Srivastava, Steven J. Sucheck, Yoshi Ichikawa, Philip O. Livingston

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

HLA ligand profiles of primary renal cell carcinoma maintained in metastases

Juliane Sarah Stickel, Andreas O. Weinzierl, Nina Hillen, Oliver Drews, Mathias M. Schuler, Jörg Hennenlotter, Dorothee Wernet, Claudia A. Müller, Arnulf Stenzl, Hans-Georg Rammensee, Stefan Stevanović

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

Amyloid precursor-like protein 2 association with HLA class I molecules

Amit Tuli, Mahak Sharma, Xiaojian Wang, Laura C. Simone, Haley L. Capek, Steven Cate, William H. Hildebrand, Naava Naslavsky, Steve Caplan, Joyce C. Solheim

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

−509C>T polymorphism in the TGF-β1 gene promoter, impact on the hepatocellular carcinoma risk in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection

Peng Qi, Yue-ming Chen, Hao Wang, Meng Fang, Qiang Ji, Yun-peng Zhao, Xiao-juan Sun, Yan Liu, Chun-fang Gao

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

CD4+ T cell responses to HLA-DP5-restricted wild-type sequence p53 peptides in patients with head and neck cancer

Kazuaki Chikamatsu, Koichi Sakakura, Goro Takahashi, Atsushi Okamoto, Nobuhiko Furuya, Theresa L. Whiteside, Albert B. DeLeo, Keisuke Masuyama

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

BCR/ABL-specific CD8+ T cells can be detected from CML patients, but are only expanded from healthy donors

Sylvie Rusakiewicz, Alejandro Madrigal, Paul Travers, Anthony I. Dodi

01.09.2009 | Original Article | Ausgabe 9/2009

Soluble HLA/peptide monomers cross-linked with co-stimulatory antibodies onto a streptavidin core molecule efficiently stimulate antigen-specific T cell responses

Sylvie Rusakiewicz, Geraldine Aubert, Richard E. Clark, Alejandro J. Madrigal, Anthony I. Dodi, Paul J. Travers

01.09.2009 | Original article | Ausgabe 9/2009

The new face of nucleolin in human melanoma

Dorota Hoja-Łukowicz, Małgorzata Przybyło, Ewa Pocheć, Anna Drabik, Jerzy Silberring, Marcelina Kremser, Dirk Schadendorf, Piotr Laidler, Anna Lityńska

01.09.2009 | Focussed Research Review | Ausgabe 9/2009

The prevention and treatment of cytomegalovirus infection in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Mark Tuthill, Frederick Chen, Samantha Paston, Hugo De La Peña, Sylvie Rusakiewicz, Alejandro Madrigal

01.09.2009 | Focussed Research Review | Ausgabe 9/2009

Tumour antigen-targeted immunotherapy for chronic myeloid leukaemia: is it still viable?

Catherine L. Riley, Morgan G. Mathieu, Richard E. Clark, Stephanie E. B. McArdle, Robert C. Rees

01.09.2009 | Focussed Research Review | Ausgabe 9/2009

The European searchable tumour line database

James Robinson, Chrissy h. Roberts, I. Anthony Dodi, J. Alejandro Madrigal, Graham Pawelec, Lilly Wedel, Steven G. E. Marsh

01.09.2009 | Focussed Research Review | Ausgabe 9/2009

HLA and melanoma: multiple alterations in HLA class I and II expression in human melanoma cell lines from ESTDAB cell bank

Rosa Mendez, Natalia Aptsiauri, Ana Del Campo, Isabel Maleno, Teresa Cabrera, Francisco Ruiz-Cabello, Federico Garrido, Angel Garcia-Lora

01.09.2009 | Focussed Research Review | Ausgabe 9/2009

Expression of adhesion molecules and ligands for activating and costimulatory receptors involved in cell-mediated cytotoxicity in a large panel of human melanoma cell lines

Javier G. Casado, Graham Pawelec, Sara Morgado, Beatriz Sanchez-Correa, Elena Delgado, Inmaculada Gayoso, Esther Duran, Rafael Solana, Raquel Tarazona

01.09.2009 | Erratum | Ausgabe 9/2009

FcγRIIIa polymorphisms and cetuximab induced cytotoxicity in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Rodney J. Taylor, Siaw-Lin Chan, Aaron Wood, Caroline J. Voskens, Jeffrey S. Wolf, Wei Lin, Andrei Chapoval, Dan H. Schulze, Guoliang Tian, Scott E. Strome

01.09.2009 | Acknowledgement to Reviewers | Ausgabe 9/2009 Open Access


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