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Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine

Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine 11/2013

Ausgabe 11/2013

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.11.2013 | Feature Article | Ausgabe 11/2013

Therapeutic effects of traditional herbal medicine on cerebral ischemia: A perspective of vascular protection

Youngmin Bu, Kyungjin Lee, Hyuk-Sang Jung, Sang-Kwan Moon

01.11.2013 | Feature Article | Ausgabe 11/2013

Angiogenesis opens a way for Chinese medicine to treat stroke

A-li Yang 杨阿莉, Qing-hua Liang 梁清华, Han-jin Cui 崔寒尽, Hua-jun Zhou 周华军, Jie-kun Luo 罗杰坤, Tao Tang 唐 涛

01.11.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2013

Controlling the recurrence of pelvic endometriosis after a conservative operation: Comparison between Chinese herbal medicine and western medicine

Rui-hua Zhao 赵瑞华, Zeng-ping Hao 郝增平, Yi Zhang 张 毅, Feng-mei Lian 连凤梅, Wei-wei Sun 孙伟伟, Yong Liu 刘 永, Rui Wang 王 蕊, Li Long 龙 隶, Ling Cheng 程 玲, Yong-fen Ding 丁永芬, Dian-rong Song 宋殿荣, Qing-wei Meng 孟庆伟, Ai-ming Wang 王蔼明

01.11.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2013

Reciprocal effects of Guizhi decoction (桂枝汤) to the Guizhi decoction syndrome by toll-like receptor mRNA expression and cytokines secretion

Xin-liang Du 杜新亮, Feng Sui 隋 峰, Hai-ru Huo 霍海如, Hong-wei Zhang 张宏伟, Kan Luo 罗 侃, Lan-fang Li 李兰芳, Shu-ying Guo 郭淑英, Ting-liang Jiang 姜廷良

01.11.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2013

Effect of safflor yellow injection on inhibiting lipopolysaccharide-induced pulmonary inflammatory injury in mice

Ming Jin 金 鸣, Chun-yan Sun 孙春燕, Chong-qiang Pei 裴崇强, Lin Wang 王 麟, Pei-cheng Zhang 张培成

01.11.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2013

Effects of different extracts of kanggushu (抗骨疏) on osteoporosis in model rats and the underlying mechanisms

Zhi-ming Gao 高植明, Li Yang 杨 丽, Feng Huang 黄 丰, Ai-hua Xiong 熊爱华, Ning Zhou 周 宁, Lan Zhou 周 岚, Kong-yan Li 李孔燕, Jie-li Deng 邓洁丽, Kai-yu Li 李凯宇, Wei Liu 刘 伟, Yao Chen 陈 瑶, Wan-ting Luo 罗万婷, Hong Nie 聂 红

01.11.2013 | Original Article | Ausgabe 11/2013

Cluster analysis for acupoint specificity of acupuncture effect based on cerebral infarction rat model

Xiao-bo Chang 常晓波, Xiao-nong Fan 樊小农, Shu Wang 王 舒, Zhi-hong Meng 孟智宏, Xue Yang 杨 雪, Xue-min Shi 石学敏

01.11.2013 | Case Report | Ausgabe 11/2013

Orthostatic hypotension leading to recurrent syncope episodes in a hypertensive patient: Treatment with Tianma Gouteng Decoction (天麻钩藤饮)

Yun-fei Wang 王云飞, La Zhang 张 腊

01.11.2013 | Literature Research | Ausgabe 11/2013

Study of osteoporosis treatment principles used historically by ancient physicians in Chinese Medicine

Zhen Gao 高 振, Yong Lu 卢 勇, Halmurat·Upur 哈木拉提·吾甫尔, Jing Jing 荆 晶, Dan Xu 徐 丹

01.11.2013 | Academic Exploration | Ausgabe 11/2013

Feasibility analysis of the value of Q method in the classification and understanding of expert experience

Meng-yu Liu 刘孟宇, Yong Li 李 勇, Ai-ping Lu 吕爱平, Xue-jie Han 韩学杰

01.11.2013 | Review | Ausgabe 11/2013

How does Chinese medicine target cytokine imbalance in rheumatoid arthritis?

Jian Liu 刘 健, Yue Sun 孙 玥

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