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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 11/2017

Ausgabe 11/2017

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

13.06.2017 | Review article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Supportive care in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

B. Laquente, A. Calsina-Berna, A. Carmona-Bayonas, P. Jiménez-Fonseca, I. Peiró, A. Carrato

23.06.2017 | Review article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Surgery for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

R. Vera, L. Díez, E. Martín Pérez, J. C. Plaza, A. Sanjuanbenito, A. Carrato

11.05.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Validation of SDM-Q-Doc Questionnaire to measure shared decision-making physician’s perspective in oncology practice

C. Calderon, P. J. Ferrando, A. Carmona-Bayonas, U. Lorenzo-Seva, C. Jara, C. Beato, T. García, A. Ramchandani, B. Castelo, M. M. Muñoz, S. Garcia, O. Higuera, M. Mangas-Izquierdo, P. Jimenez-Fonseca

12.05.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

MicroRNA-195 inhibits human gastric cancer by directly targeting basic fibroblast growth factor

J. Wang, L. Li, M. Jiang, Y. Li

17.05.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Hangeshashinto (TJ-14) prevents radiation-induced mucositis by suppressing cyclooxygenase-2 expression and chemotaxis of inflammatory cells

D. Kamide, T. Yamashita, K. Araki, M. Tomifuji, A. Shiotani

24.05.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Prognostic value of maximum standardized uptake value measured by pretreatment 18F-FDG PET/CT in locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

J. Cacicedo, I. Fernandez, O. del Hoyo, A. Navarro, A. Gomez-Iturriaga, J. Ignacio Pijoan, L. Martinez-Indart, J. Escudero, J. Gomez-Suarez, R. Ortiz de Zarate, J. Fernando Perez, P. Bilbao, D. Rades

09.06.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

A novel capillary nano-immunoassay for assessing androgen receptor splice variant 7 in plasma. Correlation with CD133 antigen expression in circulating tumor cells. A pilot study in prostate cancer patients

J. L. García, R. Lozano, I. Misiewicz-Krzeminska, J. Fernández-Mateos, P. Krzeminski, S. Alfonso, R. A. Marcos, R. García, F. Gómez-Veiga, Á. Virseda, M. Herrero, D. Olmos, J. J. Cruz-Hernández

21.07.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Inhibitory effect and mechanism of mesenchymal stem cells on melanoma cells

J. Zhang, L. Hou, D. Zhao, M. Pan, Z. Wang, H. Hu, J. He

29.05.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Improving efficacy and efficiency through the implementation of a new organisational model in a Radiation Oncology Department

Y. Lupiañez-Perez, J. Gomez-Millan, M. Lobato, P. Pedrosa, I. Lupiañez-Perez, J. A. Medina

16.06.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

The spine instability neoplastic score (SINS) in the assessment of response to radiotherapy for bone metastases

E. Gallizia, G. Apicella, T. Cena, M. Di Genesio Pagliuca, L. Deantonio, M. Krengli

10.08.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for pseudomyxoma peritonei and appendix tumours in elderly patients: Is it justified?

V. López-López, P. A. Cascales-Campos, E. Gil, J. Arevalo, A. Gonzalez, J. Gil, F. C. Muñoz-Casares, J. T. Melero, P. Barrios, R. Morales, I. Ramos, G. Ortega, B. Camps, L. González-Bayón, P. Bretcha-Boix, J. Farré-Alegre, S. González-Moreno, P. Parrilla

14.08.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

A logistic regression model predicting high axillary tumour burden in early breast cancer patients

I. Barco, M. García Font, A. García-Fernández, N. Giménez, M. Fraile, J. M. Lain, E. Vallejo, S. González, L. Canales, J. Deu, M. C. Vidal, M. Rodríguez-Carballeira, A. Pessarrodona, C. Chabrera

29.08.2017 | Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017 Open Access

Long-term cardiovascular complications in stage I seminoma patients

A. Terbuch, F. Posch, L. M. Annerer, T. Bauernhofer, M. Pichler, J. Szkandera, G. C. Hutterer, K. Pummer, R. Partl, K. S. Kapp, H. Stöger, A. Gerger, M. Stotz

17.05.2017 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Gynecological brachytherapy for postoperative endometrial cancer: dosimetric analysis (Ir-192 vs Co-60)

V. Tormo Ferrero, R. Duque Ugarte, M. Á. Berenguer Francés, R. Cardenal Maciá

11.05.2017 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 11/2017

Validation of the prognostic value of new sub-stages within the AJCC 8th edition of non-small cell lung cancer

O. Abdel-Rahman

06.06.2017 | Erratum | Ausgabe 11/2017

Erratum to: Stimulated thyroglobulin values above 5.6 ng/ml before radioactive iodine ablation treatment following levothyroxine withdrawal is associated with a 2.38-fold risk of relapse in Tg-ab negative subjects with differentiated thyroid cancer

U. Mousa, A. S. Yikilmaz, A. Nar

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