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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 3/2015

Ausgabe 3/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.03.2015 | Educational Series – Blue Series | Ausgabe 3/2015

Differences of osteoblastic bone metastases and osteolytic bone metastases in clinical features and molecular characteristics

J. Fang, Q. Xu

01.03.2015 | Review Article | Ausgabe 3/2015

Running away from side effects: physical exercise as a complementary intervention for breast cancer patients

S. Casla, P. Hojman, I. Márquez-Rodas, S. López-Tarruella, Y. Jerez, R. Barakat, M. Martín

01.03.2015 | Review Article | Ausgabe 3/2015

Appendiceal carcinoid tumor in children: implications for less radical surgery?

A. D. Malkan, F. N. Wahid, I. Fernandez-Pineda, J. A. Sandoval

01.03.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2015

Hypoxia and Serum deprivation protected MiaPaCa-2 cells from KAI1-induced proliferation inhibition through autophagy pathway activation in solid tumors

C. Y. Wu, X. Z. Guo, H. Y. Li

01.03.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2015

MicroRNA-10b indicates a poor prognosis of non-small cell lung cancer and targets E-cadherin

J. Zhang, L. Xu, Z. Yang, H. Lu, D. Hu, W. Li, Z. Zhang, B. Liu, S. Ma

01.03.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2015

Expression and clinical significance of IMP3 in microdissected premalignant and malignant pancreatic lesions

B.-J. Wang, L. Wang, S.-Y. Yang, Z.-J. Liu

01.03.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2015

Androgen deprivation and radiotherapy in patients with prostate cancer and cardiovascular risk factors: clinical controversies

A. Zapatero, C. González San Segundo, A. Boladeras, A. Gómez Caamaño, J. López Torrecilla, X. Maldonado

01.03.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2015

RETRACTED ARTICLE: Profiling of differentially expressed microRNAs (miRNAs) during differentiation of rat hepatic oval cells (HOCs) into hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells

R. H. Xu, L. Y. Zheng, D. L. He, J. Meng, L. P. Xia, X. B. Hao, Z. Z. Zhang

01.03.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2015

Differential patterns of recurrence and specific survival between luminal A and luminal B breast cancer according to recent changes in the 2013 St Gallen immunohistochemical classification

A. García Fernández, C. Chabrera, M. García Font, M. Fraile, J. M. Lain, S. Gónzalez, I. Barco, C. González, J. Torres, M. Piqueras, L. Cirera, E. Veloso, A. Pessarrodona, N. Giménez

01.03.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2015

Multidisciplinary cancer care may impact on the postoperative mortality and survival of patients with oesophageal and oesophagogastric junction cancer: a retrospective cohort study

M. Galán, L. Farran, L. Aliste, G. Hormigo, H. Aranda, C. Bettonica, A. M. Boladeras, J. M. Botargues, M. Calvo, G. Creus, M. E. De Lama, J. B. Gornals, R. Mast, M. Miró, M. J. Paúles, J. Robles, N. Virgili, J. M. Borràs

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