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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 4/2012

Ausgabe 4/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.04.2012 | Editorial | Ausgabe 4/2012

Liposomal cytarabine in central nervous system disease of haematological malignancies: more effective but more toxic?

Mar Tormo Díaz

01.04.2012 | Educational Series/Blue Series | Ausgabe 4/2012

Epithelial to mesenchymal transition in the pathogenesis of uterine malignant mixed Müllerian tumours: the role of ubiquitin proteasome system and therapeutic opportunities

Ioannis A. Voutsadakis

01.04.2012 | Educational Series/Red Series | Ausgabe 4/2012

Lynch syndrome diagnostics: decision-making process for germ-line testing

Enrique Lastra, María García-González, Beatriz Llorente, Coralina Bernuy, M. Jesús Barrio, Lucía Pérez-Cabornero, Mercedes Durán, Carlos García-Girón

01.04.2012 | Special Article | Ausgabe 4/2012

Consensus on treatment of endometrium carcinoma with brachytherapy

José Luis Guinot, José Pérez-Calatayud, José María Azcoaga, Ismael Herruzo, Coral Bodineau, Angels Rovirosa, Vicente Crispín, Pedro Galán, Ezequiel González-Patiño, José Pérez-Regadera, Alfredo Polo

01.04.2012 | Research Articles | Ausgabe 4/2012

Lack of T-cell responses following autologous tumour lysate pulsed dendritic cell vaccination, in patients with relapsed osteosarcoma

Nourredine Himoudi, Rebecca Wallace, Kathryn L. Parsley, Kimberly Gilmour, Alpha-Umaru Barrie, Karen Howe, Rong Dong, Neil J. Sebire, Antony Michalski, Adrian J. Thrasher, John Anderson

01.04.2012 | Research Articles | Ausgabe 4/2012

Efficacy and safety of liposomal cytarabine in children with primary CNS tumours with leptomeningeal involvement

Aurora Navajas, Álvaro Lassaletta, Andrés Morales, Blanca López-Ibor, Constantino Sábado, Cristina Moscardó, Elena Mateos, Javier Molina, María Sagaseta, Ana Sastre

01.04.2012 | Research Articles | Ausgabe 4/2012

Increased expression of PRL-1 protein correlates with shortened patient survival in human hepatocellular carcinoma

Jeng-Wei Lu, Jan-Gowth Chang, Kun-Tu Yeh, Rong-Ming Chen, Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, Wei-Wen Su, Rouh-Mei Hu

01.04.2012 | Research Articles | Ausgabe 4/2012

Prognostic factors for overall survival in paediatric patients with Ewing sarcoma of bone treated according to multidisciplinary protocol

José Luis López Guerra, Catalina Márquez-Vega, Gema Lucía Ramírez-Villar, Patricia Cabrera, Rafael Ordóñez, Juan Manuel Praena-Fernández, María José Ortiz

01.04.2012 | Research Articles | Ausgabe 4/2012

Curcumin abrogates bile-induced NF-κB activity and DNA damage in vitro and suppresses NF-κB activity whilst promoting apoptosis in vivo, suggesting chemopreventative potential in Barrett’s oesophagus

Nihit Rawat, Ali Alhamdani, Elizabeth McAdam, James Cronin, Zak Eltahir, Paul Lewis, Paul Griffiths, John N. Baxter, Gareth J. S. Jenkins

01.04.2012 | Research Articles | Ausgabe 4/2012

Correlation between surgical modality and clinicopathologic characteristics for ureteral transitional cell carcinoma

Shi Bing-bing, Chen Cheng, Li Han-zhong, Rong Shi, Huang Zhong-ming, Fan Hua, Wen Jin, Wang Qing-hai, Ji Zhi-Gang, Yujiang Fang

01.04.2012 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 4/2012

Prophylactic cranial irradiation: the state of the art and areas of uncertainty

Santiago Vilar-González, José Javier Aristu-Mendioroz, Alberto Pérez-Rozos

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