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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 4/2013

Ausgabe 4/2013

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 13 Artikel )

01.04.2013 | Educational Series – Blue Series | Ausgabe 4/2013

Dynamic regulation of cancer stem cells and clinical challenges

Chao Ni, Jian Huang

01.04.2013 | Educational Series – Red Series | Ausgabe 4/2013

Therapeutic management of epithelial ovarian cancer during pregnancy

L. Minig, L. Otaño, I. Diaz-Padilla, R. Alvarez Gallego, M. G. Patrono, J. Valero de Bernabé

01.04.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Serum VEGF and VEGF-C values before surgery and after postoperative treatment in gastric cancer

Pedro Villarejo-Campos, David Padilla-Valverde, Raúl Martin Martin, Pablo Menéndez-Sánchez, Teófilo Cubo-Cintas, Jose Antonio Bondia-Navarro, Jesús Martín Fernández

01.04.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Hypofractionated helical tomotherapy using 2.5–2.6 Gy daily fractions for localized prostate cancer

Jose Luis Lopez Guerra, Nicolas Isa, Raul Matute, Moises Russo, Fernando Puebla, Michelle Miran Kim, Alberto Sanchez-Reyes, Cesar Beltran, Javier Jaen, Celine Bourgier, Hugo Marsiglia

01.04.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Impact of radiotherapy delay on survival in glioblastoma

Izaskun Valduvieco, Eugènia Verger, Jordi Bruna, Lluís Caral, Teresa Pujol, Teresa Ribalta, Teresa Boget, Laura Oleaga, Estela Pineda, Francesc Graus

01.04.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Tumor volume delineation in head and neck cancer with 18-fluor-fluorodeoxiglucose positron emission tomography: adaptive thresholding method applied to primary tumors and metastatic lymph nodes

Luis Alberto Perez-Romasanta, Maria Bellon-Guardia, Javier Torres-Donaire, Eva Lozano-Martin, Miguel Sanz-Martin, Joaquin Velasco-Jimenez

01.04.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Multicenter phase II clinical trial of preoperative capecitabine with concurrent radiotherapy in patients with locally advanced rectal cancer

Manuel de las Heras, Fernando Arias, Rosario del Moral-Avila, Jaime Gómez-Millán, Encarnación Jiménez, Amadeo Wals, Jose Luis Tisaire, Ma Pino Alcantara

01.04.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Zoledronic acid and radiation: toxicity, synergy or radiosensitization?

M. Alcaraz, A. Olivares, D. Armero, M. Alcaraz-Saura, D. Achel

01.04.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Prognostic significance of c-erbB2 overexpression in patients with metastatic gastric cancer

Muharrem Bayrak, Omer Fatih Olmez, Ender Kurt, Erdem Cubukcu, Turkkan Evrensel, Ozkan Kanat, Osman Manavoglu

01.04.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

VEGF-A and VEGF-B mRNA expression in gastro-oesophageal cancers

Cristina Angelescu, Florin Burada, Mihai Ioana, Radu Angelescu, Emil Moraru, Anca Riza, Sanda Marchian, Francisc Mixich, Mihai Cruce, Adrian Săftoiu

01.04.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Competing causes of death in patients with locoregionally advanced head and neck cancer treated with concomitant boost radiation plus concurrent weekly cisplatin

Jaime Gómez-Millán, Maria Dolores Toledo, Yolanda Lupiañez, Antonio Rueda, Jose Manuel Trigo, Antonio Sachetti, Jose Antonio Medina

01.04.2013 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Sacral chordoma: management of a rare disease in a tertiary hospital

Gada Housari, Mariana González, Purificación Calero, Rafael Beni, Eduardo Lobo

01.04.2013 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2013

Specific genetic polymorphisms of IL10-592 AA and IL10-819 TT genotypes lead to the key role for inducing docetaxel-induced liver injury in breast cancer patients

Xu Liang, Jie Zhang, Yulin Zhu, Yuanli Lu, Xinna Zhou, Zheng Wang, Jing Yu, Ying Yan, Lijun Di, Li Che, Hanfang Jiang, Bin Shao, Xiaoli Wang, Huabing Yang, Herbert Kim Lyerly, Jun Ren

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