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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 4/2015

Ausgabe 4/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.04.2015 | Educational Series – Red Series | Ausgabe 4/2015 Open Access

Preventive treatments for breast cancer: recent developments

J. E. Alés-Martínez, A. Ruiz, J. I. Chacón, A. Lluch Hernández, M. Ramos, O. Córdoba, E. Aguirre, A. Barnadas, C. Jara, S. González, A. Plazaola, J. Florián, R. Andrés, P. Sánchez Rovira, A. Frau

01.04.2015 | Clinical Guides in Oncology | Ausgabe 4/2015

Updated guidelines for biomarker testing in colorectal carcinoma: a national consensus of the Spanish Society of Pathology and the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology

P. García-Alfonso, J. García-Foncillas, R. Salazar, P. Pérez-Segura, R. García-Carbonero, E. Musulén-Palet, M. Cuatrecasas, S. Landolfi, S. Ramón y Cajal, S. Navarro

01.04.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Analysis of regulatory T cells frequency in peripheral blood and tumor tissues in papillary thyroid carcinoma with and without Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Y. Liu, X. Yun, M. Gao, Y. Yu, X. Li

01.04.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Quantification of circulating endothelial cells as a predictor of response to chemotherapy with platinum and pemetrexed in patients with advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung carcinoma

Alfredo Sánchez Hernández, Oscar José Juan, José Vidal Martínez, Remei Blanco, Sonia Maciá, Gaspar Esquerdo Galiana, Francisco Aparisi aparisi, Javier Garde Noguera, Silvia Catot, Ferran Losa Gaspá, Francisco García-Piñon

01.04.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

CC genotype of anti-apoptotic gene BCL-2 (−938 C/A) is an independent prognostic marker of unfavorable clinical outcome in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer

J. Javid, R. Mir, M. Mirza, A. Imtiyaz, Y. Prasant, Z. Mariyam, P. K. Julka, A. Mohan, M. Lone, P. C. Ray, A. Saxena

01.04.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

A study comparing two consecutive historical periods in breast cancer with a focus on surgical treatment, loco-regional recurrence, distant metastases and mortality

A. García-Fernández, C. Chabrera, M. García-Font, M. Fraile, I. Barco, S. González, L. Cirera, J. M. Lain, C. González, E. Veloso, L. Codina, M. Piqueras, A. Pessarrodona, N. Gimenez

01.04.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Overexpression of ribonuclease inhibitor defines good prognosis and suppresses proliferation and metastasis in human colorectal cancer cells via PI3K/AKT pathway

Y. Tang, P. Liu, Y. Tian, Y. Xu, F. Ren, X. Cui, J. Fan

01.04.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor is a proliferation and survival factor for pancreatic cancer cells

J. Zuo, C. Zhang, C. Ren, D. Pang, Y. Li, X. Xie, Z. Tang, X. Jiang

01.04.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

Gene expression differences in primary colorectal tumors and matched liver metastases: chemotherapy related or tumoral heterogeneity?

M. López-Gómez, J. Moreno-Rubio, I. Suárez-García, P. Cejas, R. Madero, E. Casado, A. M. Jiménez, M. Sereno, C. Gómez-Raposo, F. Zambrana, M. Merino, D. Fernández-Luengas, J. Feliu

01.04.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 4/2015

A 50-gene signature is a novel scoring system for tumor-infiltrating immune cells with strong correlation with clinical outcome of stage I/II non-small cell lung cancer

S. Hernández-Prieto, A. Romera, M. Ferrer, J. L. Subiza, J. A. López-Asenjo, J. R. Jarabo, A. M. Gómez, Elena M. Molina, J. Puente, J. L. González-Larriba, F. Hernando, B. Pérez-Villamil, E. Díaz-Rubio, J. Sanz-Ortega

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