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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 5/2020

Ausgabe 5/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 18 Artikel )

16.07.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Rosette-forming glioneuronal tumor: an update

C. T. Anyanwu, T. M. Robinson, J. H. Huang

29.07.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Emerging roles of aerobic glycolysis in breast cancer

Z. Wu, J. Wu, Q. Zhao, S. Fu, J. Jin

29.07.2019 | Clinical Guides in Oncology | Ausgabe 5/2020 Open Access

Multidisciplinary management of liver metastases in patients with colorectal cancer: a consensus of SEOM, AEC, SEOR, SERVEI, and SEMNIM

R. Vera, E. González-Flores, C. Rubio, J. Urbano, M. Valero Camps, J. J. Ciampi-Dopazo, J. Orcajo Rincón, V. Morillo Macías, M. A. Gomez Braco, G. Suarez-Artacho

29.06.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

A retrospective study of malignant melanoma from a tertiary care centre in Saudi Arabia from 2004 to 2016

A. Alshedoukhy, P. Cahusac, J. Kashir, F. H. Alkhawaja, A. M. M. Tulbah, K. Anwar

01.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Role of boost radiotherapy for local control of pure ductal carcinoma in situ after breast-conserving surgery: a multicenter, retrospective study of 622 patients

M. J. Cambra, F. Moreno, X. Sanz, L. Anglada, M. Mollà, V. Reyes, M. Arenas, A. Pedro, R. Ballester, V. García, J. Casals, M. Cusidó, C. Jimenez, J. M. Escribà, M. Macià, J. M. Solé, A. Arcusa, M. A. Seguí, S. Gonzalez, B. Farrús, A. Biete

18.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Whole-exome sequencing of familial esophageal squamous cell carcinoma identified rare pathogenic variants in new predisposition genes

F. F. Golyan, T. E. Druley, M. R. Abbaszadegan

29.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

The impact of PTEN deletion and ERG rearrangement on recurrence after treatment for prostate cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis

R. Liu, J. Zhou, S. Xia, T. Li

29.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

A new therapeutic approach in very refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

A. Avilés, M.-J. Nambo, N. Neri, S. Cleto, L. Silva

22.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Clinical outcomes to pemetrexed-based versus non-pemetrexed-based platinum doublets in patients with KRAS-mutant advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer

B. Ricciuti, M. Brambilla, A. Cortellini, A. De Giglio, C. Ficorella, A. Sidoni, G. Bellezza, L. Crinò, V. Ludovini, S. Baglivo, G. Metro, R. Chiari

12.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Prospective, multicenter study on the economic and clinical impact of gene-expression assays in early-stage breast cancer from a single region: the PREGECAM registry experience

S. Pérez Ramírez, M. del Monte-Millán, S. López-Tarruella, N. Martínez Jáñez, I. Márquez-Rodas, F. Lobo Samper, Y. Izarzugaza Perón, C. Rubio Terres, D. Rubio Rodríguez, J. Á. García-Sáenz, F. Moreno Antón, P. Zamora Auñón, M. Arroyo Yustos, M. Á. Lara Álvarez, E. M. Ciruelos Gil, L. Manso Sánchez, M. J. Echarri González, J. A. Guerra Martínez, C. Jara Sánchez, C. Bueno Muiño, S. García Adrián, J. R. Carrión Galindo, V. Valentín Maganto, M. Martín

17.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Prognostic factors for the survival of patients with papillary renal cell carcinoma after surgical management

W. Ren, X. Gao, X. Zhang, J. Hu, H. Li, X. Zu

05.08.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Optimal duration of first-line chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer: data from the AGAMENON registry

A. Viúdez, A. Carmona-Bayonas, J. Gallego, A. Lacalle, R. Hernández, J. M. Cano, I. Macías, A. Custodio, E. Martínez de Castro, A. Sánchez, L. Iglesia, P. Reguera, L. Visa, A. Azkarate, M. Sánchez-Cánovas, M. Mangas, M. L. Limón, A. Martínez-Torrón, E. Asensio, A. Ramchandani, A. Martín-Carnicero, A. Hurtado, P. Cerdà, M. Garrido, R. Sánchez-Bayonas, R. Serrano, P. Jiménez-Fonseca, the AGAMENON Study Group

19.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Patient safety in radiation oncology in Spain: a need to change

J. Pardo Masferrer, E. del Cerro Peñalver, J. Contreras Martinez, C. Ferrer Albiach, On behalf of the Patient Safety and Quality Working Group of the Spanish Society of Radiation Oncology (SEOR)

31.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020 Open Access

Treatment options beyond immunotherapy in patients with wild-type lung adenocarcinoma: a Delphi consensus

D. Isla, J. de Castro, R. García-Campelo, P. Lianes, E. Felip, P. Garrido, L. Paz-Ares, J. M. Trigo

31.07.2019 | Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Orphan nuclear receptor COUP-TFII is an oncogenic gene in renal cell carcinoma

X. Fang, C.-X. Liu, X.-R. Zeng, X.-M. Huang, W.-L. Chen, Y. Wang, F. Ai

29.07.2019 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Expression of CD47 antigen in Reed–Sternberg cells as a new potential biomarker for classical Hodgkin lymphoma

B. López-Pereira, A. A. Fernández-Velasco, I. Fernández-Vega, D. Corte-Torres, C. Quirós, J. A. Villegas, P. Palomo, S. González, A. P. González, Á. Payer, T. Bernal, M. A. Moro-García, R. Alonso-Arias, S. Alonso-Álvarez, E. Colado

01.08.2019 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 5/2020

Axillary nodal involvement by primary tumor features in early breast cancer: an analysis of 2600 patients

M. C. De Santis, E. La Rocca, E. Meneghini, G. Bregni, G. Di Lorenzo, G. Galli, M. Di Nicola, S. Folli, M. Gennaro, G. Pruneri, B. Paolini, M. G. Daidone, F. De Braud, G. Apolone, M. Sant, S. Di Cosimo

15.07.2019 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 5/2020

In favor of total neoadjuvant therapy (TNT) for locally advanced rectal carcinoma

F. Arias, G. Asín, S. Flamarique, I. Hernández, J. Suarez

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