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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 6/2014

Ausgabe 6/2014

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.06.2014 | Educational Series - Blue Series | Ausgabe 6/2014

Cancer cell resistance mechanisms: a mini review

S. Al-Dimassi, T. Abou-Antoun, M. El-Sibai

01.06.2014 | EDUCATIONAL SERIES—RED SERIES | Ausgabe 6/2014

Lung cancer in women: an overview with special focus on Spanish women

J. Remon, E. Molina-Montes, M. Majem, P. Lianes, D. Isla, P. Garrido, E. Felip, N. Viñolas, J. de Castro, A. Artal, M.-J. Sánchez

01.06.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 6/2014

p53 pathway activation by telomere attrition in X-DC primary fibroblasts occurs in the absence of ribosome biogenesis failure and as a consequence of DNA damage

J. Carrillo, A. González, C. Manguán-García, L. Pintado-Berninches, R. Perona

01.06.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 6/2014

High interstitial fluid pressure promotes tumor progression through inducing lymphatic metastasis-related protein expressions in oral squamous cell carcinoma

T. Yu, Z. Wang, K. Liu, Y. Wu, J. Fan, J. Chen, C. Li, G. Zhu, L. Li

01.06.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 6/2014

Tumor histological subtyping determined by hormone receptors and HER2 status defines different pathological complete response and outcome to dose-dense neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients

A. Sánchez-Muñoz, Y. Plata-Fernández, M. Fernández, A. Jaén-Morago, M. Fernández-Navarro, C. de la Torre-Cabrera, C. Ramirez-Tortosa, J. Pascual, E. Alba, P. Sánchez-Rovira

01.06.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 6/2014

Final results of a phase II single-institutional trial with hyperfractionated radiation therapy (HFX) and four-weekly continuous cisplatin in locally advanced head and neck carcinoma

F. Arias, G. Asín, M. I. Uzcanga, E. Maraví, I. Quílez, V. Chicata, C. Eito, A. Viudez, I. Hernández, F. Mañeru, M. A. Domínguez

01.06.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 6/2014

Peroxiredoxin 3 is resistant to oxidation-induced apoptosis of Hep-3b cells

Y.-G. Wang, L. Li, C.-H. Liu, S. Hong, M.-J. Zhang

01.06.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 6/2014

Concurrent chemoradiotherapy with low-dose docetaxel inhibits the growth of DU-145 prostate cancer xenografts

L. Wang, X. Huang, X. Zheng, X. Wang, S. Li, L. Zhang, Z. Yang

01.06.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 6/2014

Post-chemoradiation anastomotic recurrence in locally advanced rectal cancer: no increased risk associated with distal margin

F. A. Calvo, F. Rivas, C. V. Sole, M. Gómez-Espí, R. Herranz, E. del Valle, M. Rodríguez, E. Álvarez

01.06.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 6/2014

Identification of the methylation of p14ARF promoter as a novel non-invasive biomarker for early detection of lung cancer

L. Li, Y. Shen, M. Wang, D. Tang, Y. Luo, W. Jiao, Z. Wang, R. Yang, K. Tian

01.06.2014 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 6/2014

Methodological flaws of the best evidence on cytoreductive surgery and intraperitoneal chemotherapy in peritoneal carcinomatosis of colorectal cancer

Á. Sanz, J. C. Torrego

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