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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 7/2013

Ausgabe 7/2013

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.07.2013 | Editorial | Ausgabe 7/2013

Should be NICE have a Spanish NICE?

J. Feliu, E. Espinosa

01.07.2013 | Educational Series - Blue Series | Ausgabe 7/2013 Open Access

Lung adenocarcinoma in the era of targeted therapies: histological classification, sample prioritization, and predictive biomarkers

E. Conde, B. Angulo, E. Izquierdo, L. Paz-Ares, C. Belda-Iniesta, M. Hidalgo, F. López-Ríos

01.07.2013 | Educational Series - Red Series | Ausgabe 7/2013 Open Access

GEICO (Spanish Group for Investigation on Ovarian Cancer) treatment guidelines in ovarian cancer 2012

A. González Martín, A. Redondo, M. Jurado, A. De Juan, I. Romero, I. Bover, J. M. Del Campo, A. Cervantes, Y. García, J. A. López-Guerrero, C. Mendiola, J. Palacios, M. J. Rubio, A. Poveda Velasco

01.07.2013 | Review Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Optimal management of breakthrough cancer pain (BCP)

Y. Escobar, A. Mañas, J. Juliá, R. Gálvez, F. Zaragozá, C. Margarit, R. López, A. Casas, A. Antón, J. J. Cruz

01.07.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Comparison of second-line treatment outcomes between sensitive and refractory small cell lung cancer patients: a retrospective analysis

T. Korkmaz, S. Seber, U. Kefeli, E. Sari, M. Canhoroz, B. Oven, E. Yildirim, N. Yasar, D. Aydin, O. Balvan, N. Sener, S. Yuksel, A. Mert, O. Polat, F. Yumuk, O. Kanat, M. Gumus, N. S. Turhal

01.07.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Increased expression of CD24 is associated with tumor progression and prognosis in patients suffering osteosarcoma

J. Tang, H. Cai, L. Lin, P. Xie, W. Zhong, M. Tang

01.07.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Management and outcome of ovarian malignancy complicating pregnancy: an analysis of 41 cases and review of the literature

T. Gui, D. Cao, K. Shen, J. Yang, C. Fu, J. Lang, X. Liu

01.07.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Association of BRCA1 promoter methylation with rs11655505 (c.2265C>T) variants and decreased gene expression in sporadic breast cancer

Tarique N. Hasan, B. Leena Grace, Gowhar Shafi, Rabbani Syed

01.07.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Altered expression of piRNAs and their relation with clinicopathologic features of breast cancer

G. Huang, H. Hu, X. Xue, S. Shen, E. Gao, G. Guo, X. Shen, X. Zhang

01.07.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Upregulation of microRNA-224 confers a poor prognosis in glioma patients

S. Lu, S. Wang, S. Geng, S. Ma, Z. Liang, B. Jiao

01.07.2013 | Research Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Persistent elevated C-reactive protein after treatment is an independent marker of a poor prognosis in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

N. Imai, A. Kinoshita, H. Onoda, A. Iwaku, M. Oishi, K. Tanaka, N. Fushiya, K. Koike, H. Nishino, H. Tajiri

01.07.2013 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 7/2013

Lack of Bax expression is associated with irinotecan-based treatment activity in advanced colorectal cancer patients

F. Pietrantonio, P. Biondani, M. Milione, F. Melotti, G. Bertarelli, F. Perrone, F. de Braud, L. Mariani, G. Fanetti, D. Cortinovis, M. Di Bartolomeo

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