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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 8/2015

Ausgabe 8/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 11 Artikel )

01.08.2015 | Clinical Guides in Oncology | Ausgabe 8/2015

Recommendations of the Spanish Brachytherapy Group of SEOR for HDR endoluminal treatments. Part 1: Oesophagus

Á. Rovirosa, J. Anchuelo, V. Crispin, C. Gutiérrez, A. Herreros, I. Herruzo, J. C. Menéndez, P. Pino, A. Polo, S. Rodríguez

01.08.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

Does vitamin D mediate inhibition of epithelial ovarian cancer by modulating cytokines?

S. Mohapatra, A. Saxena, G. Gandhi, B. C. Koner, T. Singh, P. C. Ray

01.08.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

Single fraction volumetric modulated arc radiosurgery of brain metastases

A. Serna, P. P. Escolar, V. Puchades, F. Mata, D. Ramos, M. A. Gómez, A. Iglesias, J. Salinas, M. Alcaraz

01.08.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

Prognostic significance of ADAM17 expression in patients with gastric cancer who underwent curative gastrectomy

D. Aydin, A. Bilici, D. Yavuzer, U. Kefeli, A. Tan, O. Ercelep, A. Mert, S. Yuksel, M. Ozcelik, D. Isik, H. Surmeli, H. Odabasi, M. Aliustaoglu

01.08.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

On the prediction of Hodgkin lymphoma treatment response

E. J. deAndrés-Galiana, J. L. Fernández-Martínez, O. Luaces, J. J. del Coz, R. Fernández, J. Solano, E. A. Nogués, Y. Zanabilli, J. M. Alonso, A. R. Payer, J. M. Vicente, J. Medina, F. Taboada, M. Vargas, C. Alarcón, M. Morán, A. González-Ordóñez, M. A. Palicio, S. Ortiz, C. Chamorro, S. Gonzalez, A. P. González-Rodríguez

01.08.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

Differentially expressed proteins among normal cervix, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and cervical squamous cell carcinoma

Q. Zhao, Y. He, X.-L. Wang, Y.-X. Zhang, Y.-M. Wu

01.08.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

CMTM3 is reduced in prostate cancer and inhibits migration, invasion and growth of LNCaP cells

F. Hu, W. Yuan, X. Wang, Z. Sheng, Y. Yuan, C. Qin, C. He, T. Xu

01.08.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

Aberrant expression of UCA1 in gastric cancer and its clinical significance

Q. Zheng, F. Wu, W.-Y. Dai, D.-C. Zheng, C. Zheng, H. Ye, B. Zhou, J.-J. Chen, P. Chen

01.08.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

Selection of a novel DNA thioaptamer against HER2 structure

Y. Hu, J. Duan, B. Cao, L. Zhang, X. Lu, F. Wang, F. Yao, Z. Zhu, W. Yuan, C. Wang, X.-D. Yang

01.08.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

Immunotherapy with liposome-bound TRAIL overcomes partial protection to soluble TRAIL-induced apoptosis offered by down-regulation of Bim in leukemic cells

D. De Miguel, A. Gallego-Lleyda, P. Galan-Malo, C. Rodriguez-Vigil, I. Marzo, A. Anel, L. Martinez-Lostao

01.08.2015 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2015

Lung metastases in oligometastatic patients: outcome with stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT)

S. García-Cabezas, C. Bueno, E. Rivin, J. M. Roldán, A. Palacios-Eito

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