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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 8/2016

Ausgabe 8/2016

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08.12.2015 | Review Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Review: circulating tumor cells in the practice of breast cancer oncology

R. Ramos-Medina, F. Moreno, S. Lopez-Tarruella, M. del Monte-Millán, I. Márquez-Rodas, E. Durán, Y. Jerez, J. A. Garcia-Saenz, I. Ocaña, S. Andrés, T. Massarrah, M. González-Rivera, M. Martin

17.12.2015 | Review Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Closing faucets: the role of anti-angiogenic therapies in malignant pleural diseases

D. Marquez-Medina, S. Popat

21.12.2015 | Review Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Consensus on management of advanced medullary thyroid carcinoma on behalf of the Working Group of Thyroid Cancer of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology (SEEN) and the Spanish Task Force Group for Orphan and Infrequent Tumors (GETHI)

E. Grande, J. Santamaría Sandi, J. Capdevila, E. Navarro González, C. Zafón Llopis, T. Ramón y Cajal Asensio, J. M. Gómez Sáez, P. Jiménez-Fonseca, G. Riesco-Eizaguirre, J. C. Galofré

02.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

ATAD2 is overexpressed in gastric cancer and serves as an independent poor prognostic biomarker

M.- J. Zhang, C.- Z. Zhang, W.- J. Du, X.- Z. Yang, Z.- P. Chen

13.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Prognostic value of ZFP36 and SOCS3 expressions in human prostate cancer

J.-G. Zhu, D.-B. Yuan, W.-H. Chen, Z.-D. Han, Y.-X. Liang, G. Chen, X. Fu, Y.-K. Liang, G.-X. Chen, Z.-L. Sun, Z.-Z. Liu, J.-H. Chen, F.-N. Jiang, W.-D. Zhong

26.10.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Pin1 promotes prostate cancer cell proliferation and migration through activation of Wnt/β-catenin signaling

Z. Zhu, H. Zhang, F. Lang, G. Liu, D. Gao, B. Li, Y. Liu

05.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Prognostic value of ERCC1, RRM1, BRCA1 and SETDB1 in early stage of non-small cell lung cancer

A. Lafuente-Sanchis, Á. Zúñiga, J. M. Galbis, A. Cremades, M. Estors, N. J. Martínez-Hernández, J. Carretero

05.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

GEINOFOTE: efficacy and safety of fotemustine in patients with high-grade recurrent gliomas and poor performance status

P. Pérez-Segura, R. Manneh, I. Ceballos, A. García, M. Benavides, J. Fuster, M. A. Vaz, J. M. Cano, J. P. Berros, M. Covela, V. Moreno, T. Quintanar, J. M. García Bueno, I. Fernández, J. Sepúlveda

06.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

CA125-related tumor cell kinetics variables after chemotherapy in advanced ovarian cancer: a systematic review

G. Colloca, A. Venturino, I. Governato

16.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Aldehyde dehydrogenase isoform 1 (ALDH1) expression as a predictor of radiosensitivity in laryngeal cancer

M. Martín, A. Hinojar, L. Cerezo, J. García, M. Lopez, J. Prada, A. Marín, C. Gamallo

17.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Factors affecting the recurrence and survival of hepatocellular carcinoma after hepatectomy: a retrospective study of 601 Chinese patients

T. T. Zhang, X. Q. Zhao, Z. Liu, Z. Y. Mao, L. Bai

19.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Expression of serum miR-218 in hepatocellular carcinoma and its prognostic significance

L. Yang, Q. Xu, H. Xie, G. Gu, J. Jiang

30.10.2015 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 8/2016

Doublet BRAF/MEK inhibition versus single-agent BRAF inhibition in the management of BRAF-mutant advanced melanoma, biological rationale and meta-analysis of published data

O. Abdel-Rahman, H. ElHalawani, H. Ahmed

30.10.2015 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 8/2016

Late recurrence (more than 10 years) in early (tumors equal to or smaller than 2 cm) breast cancer patients

J. Giuliani, A. Mercanti, A. Bonetti

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