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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 9/2014

Ausgabe 9/2014

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.09.2014 | Educational Series - Blue Series | Ausgabe 9/2014 Open Access

Overview of a chemoresponse assay in ovarian cancer

E. C. Grendys Jr., J. V. Fiorica, J. W. Orr Jr., R. Holloway, D. Wang, C. Tian, J. K. Chan, T. J. Herzog

01.09.2014 | Educational Series–Red Series | Ausgabe 9/2014

Diagnostic performance of PET/CT with tracers other than F-18-FDG in oncology: an evidence-based review

G. Treglia, R. Sadeghi, A. Del Sole, L. Giovanella

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014

Expression of Wilms’ tumor gene (WT1) is associated with survival in malignant pleural mesothelioma

S. Cedrés, M. A. Montero, E. Zamora, A. Martínez, P. Martínez, L. Fariñas, A. Navarro, D. Torrejon, A. Gabaldon, S. Ramon y Cajal, E. Felip

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014

Snail1 correlates with patient outcomes in E-cadherin-preserved gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma

H. Dong, L. Xie, C. Tang, S. Chen, Q. Liu, Q. Zhang, W. Zheng, Z. Zheng, H. Zhang

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014

Effects of common polymorphisms rs2910164 in miR-146a and rs11614913 in miR-196a2 on susceptibility to colorectal cancer: a systematic review meta-analysis

D. Wan, W. Gu, G. Xu, C. Shen, D. Ding, S. Shen, S. Wang, X. Gong, S. He, Q. Zhi

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014

Characterization of mechanism involved in acquired resistance to sorafenib in a mouse renal cell cancer RenCa model

K. Harada, H. Miyake, Y. Kusuda, M. Fujisawa

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014

Cell origins and significance of IL-17 in malignant pleural effusion

Y. Gong, S. X. Chen, B. A. Gao, R. C. Yao, L. Guan

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014 Open Access

Retrospective analysis of the use of G-CSF and its impact on dose response for anthracycline plus taxane-based schedules in early breast cancer

J. A. Pérez-Fidalgo, B. Bermejo, I. Chirivella, M. T. Martínez, I. González, J. M. Cejalvo, I. Catoira, P. Martínez, E. Contel, A. Lluch

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014

Iron deficiency in patients with solid tumours: prevalence and management in clinical practice

J. de Castro, P. Gascón, A. Casas, J. Muñoz-Langa, V. Alberola, M. Cucala, F. Barón

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014

Exclusive radiotherapy for gliomatosis cerebri: long-term follow-up at a single institution

K. Kim, E. K. Chie, H. J. Park, D. G. Kim, H.-W. Jung, S.-H. Park, I. H. Kim

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014

Intraoperative radiotherapy-containing multidisciplinary management of trunk-wall soft-tissue sarcomas

C. V. Sole, F. A. Calvo, M. Cambeiro, A. Polo, A. Montero, R. Hernanz, C. Gonzalez, M. Cuervo, D. Perez, M. S. Julian, R. Martinez-Monge

01.09.2014 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2014

Nin one binding protein expression as a prognostic marker in prostate carcinoma

G. Liu, D. Shen, L. Jiao, Y. Sun

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