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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 9/2016

Ausgabe 9/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 13 Artikel )

29.01.2016 | Review Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Braf V600E mutation in melanoma: translational current scenario

J. A. Guadarrama-Orozco, A. Ortega-Gómez, E. B. Ruiz-García, H. Astudillo-de la Vega, A. Meneses-García, C. Lopez-Camarillo

21.12.2015 | Review Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

The emerging role of Snail1 in the tumor stroma

A. Herrera, M. Herrera, C. Peña

13.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

SATB1 is a potential therapeutic target in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma

Z. Zhao, J. Ma, K. Wu, L. Chen, J. Yu, W. Hu, K. Zhang

30.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Management of prostate cancer patients following radiation therapy after radical surgery referred from urology to radiation oncology departments in Spain

A. Gómez Caamaño, A. Zapatero, J. López Torrecilla, X. Maldonado

23.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Molecular mechanism mediating cytotoxic activity of axitinib in sunitinib-resistant human renal cell carcinoma cells

A. Miyazaki, H. Miyake, M. Fujisawa

25.11.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Quality of life in patients treated by adjuvant radiotherapy for endometrial and cervical cancers: correlation with dose–volume parameters

C. Pisani, L. Deantonio, D. Surico, M. Brambilla, A. Galla, E. Ferrara, L. Masini, G. Gambaro, N. Surico, M. Krengli

14.12.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Patterns and management of distant failure in locally advanced rectal cancer: a cohort study

J. Arredondo, J. Baixauli, J. Rodríguez, C. Beorlegui, L. Arbea, G. Zozaya, W. Torre, J. A. -Cienfuegos, J. L. Hernández-Lizoáin

09.12.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016 Open Access

The relationship between RRM1 gene polymorphisms and effectiveness of gemcitabine-based first-line chemotherapy in advanced NSCLC patient

R. Mlak, P. Krawczyk, M. Ciesielka, P. Kozioł, I. Homa, T. Powrózek, M. Prendecka, J. Milanowski, T. Małecka-Massalska

11.12.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Vaginal-cuff control and toxicity results of a daily HDR brachytherapy schedule in endometrial cancer patients

I. Ríos, A. Rovirosa, C. Ascaso, I. Valduvieco, A. Herreros, L. Castilla, S. Sabater, K. Holub, J. Pahisa, A. Biete, M. Arenas

22.12.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Paediatric tumour boards in Spain: a national survey

P. Berlanga, V. Segura, A. Juan Ribelles, P. Sánchez de Toledo, T. Acha, V. Castel, A. Cañete

07.01.2016 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Prognosticating metastatic osteosarcoma treated with uniform chemotherapy protocol without high dose methotrexate and delayed metastasectomy: a single center experience of 102 patients

V. Nataraj, S. Rastogi, S. A. Khan, M. C. Sharma, S. Agarwala, S. Vishnubhatla, S. Bakhshi

22.12.2015 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2016

Diagnosis and management of breakthrough cancer pain: Have all the questions been resolved? A Delphi-based consensus assessment (DOIRON)

J. Porta-Sales, C. Pérez, Y. Escobar, V. Martínez

18.03.2016 | Correspondence | Ausgabe 9/2016

Clinical guide SEOM: hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC): considerations on SBRT

F. Arias, G. Asín, A. Viúdez

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