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Clinical and Translational Oncology

Clinical and Translational Oncology 9/2018

Ausgabe 9/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 16 Artikel )

22.02.2018 | Review Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Pleiotropic effects of heparins: does anticoagulant treatment increase survival in cancer patients?

I. García-Escobar, C. Beato-Zambrano, J. Muñoz Langa, E. Brozos Vázquez, B. Obispo Portero, D. Gutiérrez-Abad, A. J. Muñoz Martín, On behalf of the Cancer and Thrombosis Working Group of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM)

13.03.2018 | Review Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Circular RNAs and exosomes in cancer: a mysterious connection

J. Hou, W. Jiang, L. Zhu, S. Zhong, H. Zhang, J. Li, S. Zhou, S. Yang, Y. He, D. Wang, X. Chen, F. Deng, Q. Zhang, J. Wang, J. Hu, W. Zhang, L. Ding, J. Zhao, J. Tang

12.02.2018 | Review Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Cancer and aging in Ibero-America

E. Soto-Perez-de-Celis, R. Cordoba, R. Gironés, T. Karnakis, I. Paredero, Y. Chavarri-Guerra, A. P. Navarrete-Reyes, J. A. Avila-Funes

23.02.2018 | Review Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Radiotherapy in soft-tissue sarcoma of the extremities

R. Correa, J. Gómez-Millán, M. Lobato, A. Fernández, R. Ordoñez, C. Castro, Y. lupiañez, J. A. Medina

21.03.2018 | Review Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Preclinical and clinical development of palbociclib and future perspectives

E. Martínez de Dueñas, J. Gavila-Gregori, S. Olmos-Antón, A. Santaballa-Bertrán, A. Lluch-Hernández, E. J. Espinal-Domínguez, M. Rivero-Silva, A. Llombart-Cussac

16.01.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Inhibiting 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase selectively targets breast cancer through AMPK activation

Xiaoyu Yang, Xiaochun Peng, Jiangrong Huang

15.01.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Pancreaticoduodenectomy for periampullary tumours: a review article based on Surveillance, End Results and Epidemiology (SEER) database

S. K. Kamarajah

26.01.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018 Open Access

miR-328 mediates a metabolic shift in colon cancer cells by targeting SLC2A1/GLUT1

S. Santasusagna, I. Moreno, A. Navarro, C. Muñoz, F. Martinez, R. Hernández, J. J. Castellano, M. Monzo

19.02.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Frequent genomic alterations and better prognosis among young patients with non-small-cell lung cancer aged 40 years or younger

X. Pan, T. Lv, F. Zhang, H. Fan, H. Liu, Y. Song

08.02.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

The glycosyltransferase ST6Gal-I is enriched in cancer stem-like cells in colorectal carcinoma and contributes to their chemo-resistance

H. Cui, S. Yang, Y. Jiang, C. Li, Y. Zhao, Y. Shi, Y. Hao, F. Qian, B. Tang, P. Yu

08.02.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Stromal expression of JNK1 and VDR is associated with the prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Y. Bao, S. Zhang, Y. Guo, X. Wei, Y. Zhang, Y. Yang, H. Zhang, M. Ma, W. Yang

21.03.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018 Open Access

Histopathologic analysis of stage pT1b kidney neoplasms for optimal surgical margins of nephron-sparing surgery

G. Li, Q. Luo, Z. Lang, Y. Li, A. Wang, K. Wang, Y. Niu

02.03.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Integral nutritional approach to the care of cancer patients: results from a Delphi panel

M. Durán-Poveda, P. Jimenez-Fonseca, M. Sirvent-Ochando, P. P. García-Luna, J. L. Pereira-Cunill, B. Lema-Marqués, M. T. Parejo-Arrondo, C. Belda-Iniesta

01.03.2018 | Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Adjuvant radiotherapy following pancreaticoduodenectomy for ampullary adenocarcinoma improves survival in node-positive patients: a propensity score analysis

S. K. Kamarajah

13.03.2018 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Comparative analysis of the effect of different radiotherapy regimes on lymphocyte and its subpopulations in breast cancer patients

C. Yuan, Q. Wang

05.02.2018 | Brief Research Article | Ausgabe 9/2018

Germline promoter hypermethylation in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes is not present in hereditary breast cancer patients

M. Rodríguez-Balada, B. Roig, M. Melé, M. Salvat, L. Martorell, J. Borràs, J. Gumà

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