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Clinical Autonomic Research

Ausgabe 2/2022

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Inappropriate sinus tachycardia in long-COVID and other updates on recent autonomic research

Mitchell G. Miglis, Nicholas Larsen, Srikanth Muppidi

Open Access Research Article

Cardiac sympathetic innervation in Parkinson’s disease versus multiple system atrophy

Christine Eckhardt, Florian Krismer, Eveline Donnemiller, Sabine Eschlböck, Alessandra Fanciulli, Cecilia Raccagni, Sylvia Bösch, Katherina Mair, Christoph Scherfler, Atbin Djamshidian, Christian Uprimny, Bernhard Metzler, Klaus Seppi, Werner Poewe, Stefan Kiechl, Irene Virgolini, Gregor K. Wenning

Research Article

Impaired sympathetic neural recruitment during exercise pressor reflex activation in women with post-traumatic stress disorder

Andrew W. D’Souza, Jeung-Ki Yoo, Ryosuke Takeda, Mark B. Badrov, Elizabeth H. Anderson, Jessica I. Wiblin, Carol S. North, Alina Suris, Michael D. Nelson, J. Kevin Shoemaker, Qi Fu

Open Access Research Article

The effect of water temperature on orthostatic tolerance: a randomised crossover trial

Iain T. Parsons, Brooke C. D. Hockin, Omnia M. Taha, Natalie D. Heeney, Erin L. Williams, Vera-Ellen M. Lucci, Rebekah H. Y. Lee, Michael J. Stacey, Nick Gall, Phil Chowienczyk, David R. Woods, Victoria E. Claydon

Letter to the Editor

Cerebral blood velocity and arterial pressure at the onset of exercise: potential influence of the cardiopulmonary baroreflex

Shigehiko Ogoh, Shotaro Saito, Hironori Watanabe, Keisho Katayama

Letter to the Editor

Quality of life and injury due to vasovagal syncope

Juliana Jorge, Satish Raj, Zhiying Liang, Robert Sheldon

Letter to the Editor

Elevated muscle sympathetic activity in former smokers with heart failure

Anthony V. Incognito, Hisayoshi Murai, Takuto Hamaoka, Hiroyuki Sugimoto, Philip J. Millar, Masayuki Takamura

Letter to the Editor

Impact of sampling duration on spontaneous sympathetic transduction

Myles W. O’Brien, Jennifer L. Petterson, Derek S. Kimmerly