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Clinical & Experimental Metastasis

Clinical & Experimental Metastasis 5/2015

Ausgabe 5/2015

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01.06.2015 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 5/2015

Amino-terminal fragments of laminin γ2 chain stimulate migration of metastatic breast cancer cells by interacting with CD44

Hiroki Sato, Shouichi Higashi, Kaoru Miyazaki

01.06.2015 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 5/2015

Loss of PCDH9 is associated with the differentiation of tumor cells and metastasis and predicts poor survival in gastric cancer

Ying Chen, Honggang Xiang, Yingfan Zhang, Jiejun Wang, Guanzhen Yu

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 5/2015

NANOG signaling promotes metastatic capability of immunoedited tumor cells

Hyo-Jung Lee, Kyung Hee Noh, Young-Ho Lee, Kwon-Ho Song, Se Jin Oh, So Youn Kim, Tae Woo Kim

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 5/2015

Transketolase is upregulated in metastatic peritoneal implants and promotes ovarian cancer cell proliferation

Carmela Ricciardelli, Noor A. Lokman, Sowmya Cheruvu, Izza A. Tan, Miranda P. Ween, Carmen E. Pyragius, Andrew Ruszkiewicz, Peter Hoffmann, Martin K. Oehler

01.06.2015 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 5/2015

Nationwide trends in incidence, treatment and survival of colorectal cancer patients with synchronous metastases

Lydia G. M. van der Geest, Jorine’t Lam-Boer, Miriam Koopman, Cees Verhoef, Marloes A. G. Elferink, Johannes H. W. de Wilt

01.06.2015 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 5/2015

Nidogen 1 and Nuclear Protein 1: novel targets of ETV5 transcription factor involved in endometrial cancer invasion

Núria Pedrola, Laura Devis, Marta Llauradó, Irene Campoy, Elena Martinez-Garcia, Marta Garcia, Laura Muinelo-Romay, Lorena Alonso-Alconada, Miguel Abal, Francesc Alameda, Gemma Mancebo, Ramon Carreras, Josep Castellví, Sílvia Cabrera, Antonio Gil-Moreno, Xavier Matias-Guiu, Juan L. Iovanna, Eva Colas, Jaume Reventós, Anna Ruiz

01.06.2015 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 5/2015

Hepatoprotective and anti-tumor effects of targeting MMP-9 in hepatocellular carcinoma and its relation to vascular invasion markers

Mohammed A. F. Elewa, Mohammed M. Al-Gayyar, Mona F. Schaalan, Khaled H. Abd El Galil, Mohamed A. Ebrahim, Mamdouh M. El-Shishtawy

01.06.2015 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 5/2015

Activation of tumour cell ECM degradation by thrombin-activated platelet membranes: potentially a P-selectin and GPIIb/IIIa-dependent process

J. H. Pang, L. A. Coupland, C. Freeman, B. H. Chong, Christopher R. Parish

01.06.2015 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 5/2015

Fibroblast activation protein increases metastatic potential of fibrosarcoma line HT1080 through upregulation of integrin-mediated signaling pathways

Sarah K. Baird, Laura Allan, Christoph Renner, Fiona E. Scott, Andrew M. Scott

01.06.2015 | Erratum | Ausgabe 5/2015

Erratum to: Kurt Hellmann D.M., D.Phil. Oxon. A happy 90th birthday!

Suzanne A. Eccles, Rudolf K. Steiner

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