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Clinical & Experimental Metastasis

Clinical & Experimental Metastasis 8/2012

Ausgabe 8/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

Periostin, a stroma-associated protein, correlates with tumor invasiveness and progression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Meixiang Li, Cui Li, Danjuan Li, Yuanjie Xie, Jinfeng Shi, Guoqing Li, Yongjun Guan, Maoyu Li, Pengfei Zhang, Fang Peng, Zhiqiang Xiao, Zhuchu Chen

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

VEGFR-1 expression levels predict occurrence of disseminated tumor cells in the bone marrow of patients with esophageal carcinoma

Alexander Schultze, Isabel Ben Batalla, Sabine Riethdorf, Michael Bubenheim, Emre Yekebas, Andreas Erbersdobler, Uta Reichelt, Katharina E. Effenberger, Thomas Schmidt, Jakob R. Izbicki, Carsten Bokemeyer, Klaus Pantel, Walter Fiedler, Sonja Loges

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

hMLH1 promoter hypermethylation and MSI status in human endometrial carcinomas with and without metastases

J. Bischoff, A. Ignatov, A. Semczuk, C. Schwarzenau, T. Ignatov, T. Krebs, D. Küster, D. Przadka-Rabaniuk, A. Roessner, S. D. Costa, R. Schneider-Stock

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

BTG2 suppresses cancer cell migration through inhibition of Src-FAK signaling by downregulation of reactive oxygen species generation in mitochondria

Seo-Kyung Lim, Yong Won Choi, In Kyoung Lim, Tae Jun Park

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

Diabetes-associated angiotensin activation enhances liver metastasis of colon cancer

Takasumi Shimomoto, Hitoshi Ohmori, Yi Luo, Yoshitomo Chihara, Ayumi Denda, Tomonori Sasahira, Naokuni Tatsumoto, Kiyomu Fujii, Hiroki Kuniyasu

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

Location matters: osteoblast and osteoclast distribution is modified by the presence and proximity to breast cancer cells in vivo

H. K. Brown, P. D. Ottewell, C. A. Evans, I. Holen

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

CD44+/CD24− ovarian cancer cells demonstrate cancer stem cell properties and correlate to survival

Erhong Meng, Beverely Long, Paula Sullivan, Steve McClellan, Michael A. Finan, Eddie Reed, Lalita Shevde, Rodney P. Rocconi

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

Brain metastases in patients under 50 years of age: retrospective analysis

Carsten Nieder, Anca L. Grosu, Oddvar Spanne, Nicolaus H. Andratschke, Hans Geinitz

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

Over-expression of integrin-linked kinase correlates with aberrant expression of Snail, E-cadherin and N-cadherin in oral squamous cell carcinoma: implications in tumor progression and metastasis

Dan Zhao, Xiu-Fa Tang, Kai Yang, Ji-Yuan Liu, Xiang-Rui Ma

01.12.2012 | Research Paper | Ausgabe 8/2012

Differential effects of vitamin D treatment on inflammatory and non-inflammatory breast cancer cell lines

Rebecca L. Hillyer, Padma Sirinvasin, Madhura Joglekar, Robert A. Sikes, Kenneth L. van Golen, Anja Nohe

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