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Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Clinical Pharmacokinetics 3/2020

Ausgabe 3/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

07.11.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 3/2020

Setting the Dose of Checkpoint Inhibitors: The Role of Clinical Pharmacology

Etienne Chatelut, Félicien Le Louedec, Gérard Milano

21.11.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 3/2020 Open Access

Clinical Pharmacology of Elagolix: An Oral Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Receptor Antagonist for Endometriosis

Mohamad Shebley, Akshanth R. Polepally, Ahmed Nader, Juki W. Ng, Insa Winzenborg, Cheri E. Klein, Peter Noertersheuser, Megan A. Gibbs, Nael M. Mostafa

22.11.2019 | Review Article | Ausgabe 3/2020 Open Access

Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Risankizumab in Psoriasis Patients

Yinuo Pang, Amit Khatri, Ahmed A. Suleiman, Ahmed A. Othman

31.08.2019 | Original Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2020

Vancomycin Population Pharmacokinetics in Critically Ill Adults During Sustained Low-Efficiency Dialysis

Salmaan Kanji, Jason A. Roberts, Jiao Xie, Sheryl Zelenitsky, Swapnil Hiremath, Guijun Zhang, Irene Watpool, Rebecca Porteous, Rakesh Patel

21.09.2019 | Original Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2020

Exposure-Response Analyses of the Effects of Venetoclax, a Selective BCL-2 Inhibitor, on B-Lymphocyte and Total Lymphocyte Counts in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Ahmed Nader, Mukul Minocha, Ahmed A. Othman

04.10.2019 | Original Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2020

An Open-Label, Single-Period, Two-Stage, Single Oral Dose Pharmacokinetic Study of Remogliflozin Etabonate Tablet 100 and 250 mg in Healthy Asian Indian Male Subjects Under Fasting and Fed Conditions

Shashank Joshi, Girish Gudi, Vinu C. A. Menon, Monika Tandon, Vikas Joshi, Sachin Suryawanshi, Hanmant Barkate, Nikhil Sawant, Sagar Katare, Waseem Siddique

04.10.2019 | Original Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2020 Open Access

Population Pharmacokinetic and Exposure–Response Analysis of Finerenone: Insights Based on Phase IIb Data and Simulations to Support Dose Selection for Pivotal Trials in Type 2 Diabetes with Chronic Kidney Disease

Nelleke Snelder, Roland Heinig, Henk-Jan Drenth, Amer Joseph, Peter Kolkhof, Jörg Lippert, Dirk Garmann, Bart Ploeger, Thomas Eissing

25.09.2019 | Original Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2020

Amisulpride: Real-World Evidence of Dose Adaptation and Effect on Prolactin Concentrations and Body Weight Gain by Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Analyses

Anaïs Glatard, Monia Guidi, Aurélie Delacrétaz, Céline Dubath, Claire Grosu, Nermine Laaboub, Armin von Gunten, Philippe Conus, Chantal Csajka, Chin B. Eap

04.10.2019 | Original Research Article | Ausgabe 3/2020

Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modelling to Identify Pharmacokinetic Parameters Driving Drug Exposure Changes in the Elderly

Felix Stader, Hannah Kinvig, Melissa A. Penny, Manuel Battegay, Marco Siccardi, Catia Marzolini

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