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Clinical Rheumatology

Journal of the International League of Associations for Rheumatology

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26.09.2020 | Brief Report

Living with arthritis: a “training camp” for coping with stressful events? A survey on resilience of arthritis patients following the COVID-19 pandemic

Resilience is defined as “the capacity of individuals to cope successfully with significant change or adversity”. The challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic may potentially represent an overwhelmingly stressful event for patients with chronic …

26.09.2020 | Letter to the Editor

COVID-19 reinfection or relapse: an intriguing dilemma

26.09.2020 | Clinical Image

Cutaneous features of anti-TIF1-γ-associated dermatomyositis

A 75-year-old Chinese male presented with 6 months history of progressive, pruritic rashes on his occiput, face, back, arms, and thighs, associated with dysphagia, hoarseness, and proximal weakness.

25.09.2020 | Editorial

Mitochondrial DNA in osteoarthritis disease

mtDNA haplogroups are the result of sequentially accumulating mutations along radiating maternal lineages as women migrated out of Africa to colonize the rest of the world, adapting their energy metabolism to different environments to allow our …

24.09.2020 | COVID-19 | Letter to the Editor Zur Zeit gratis

Clinical impact of COVID-19 on a French population of spondyloarthritis patients

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Clinical Rheumatology is an international English-language journal devoted to publishing original clinical investigation and research in the general field of rheumatology with accent on clinical aspects at postgraduate level.

The journal succeeds Acta Rheumatologica Belgica, originally founded in 1945 as the official journal of the Belgian Rheumatology Society. Clinical Rheumatology aims to cover all modern trends in clinical and experimental research as well as the management and evaluation of diagnostic and treatment procedures connected with the inflammatory, immunologic, metabolic, genetic and degenerative soft and hard connective tissue diseases.

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