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Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation

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Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation is an health economics journal that publishes manuscripts on all aspects of cost-effectiveness analysis, including conceptual or methodological work, economic evaluations, and policy analysis related to resource allocation at a national or international level.

Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation is aimed at health economists, health services researchers, and policy-makers with an interest in enhancing the flow and transfer of knowledge relating to efficiency in the health sector. The journal encourages submissions from researchers based in low- and middle-income countries, with a view to increasing the international economic evidence base for health.

The journal particularly solicits manuscripts on the costs, effectiveness, or cost-effectiveness of health interventions, based on primary empirical research/data collection or via a modelling approach. A health intervention is defined broadly as any action whose primary intent is to improve health - promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative actions at the clinical or population level. As well as manuscripts reporting cost or cost-effectiveness data, the journal also considers contributions that report or discuss methodological aspects of economic evaluation - such as disease modelling, cost estimation, or uncertainty - and policy-related issues such as the interplay between efficiency and other decision-making criteria.

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