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01.12.2018 | Research | Ausgabe 1/2018 Open Access

Respiratory Research 1/2018

Cost-effectiveness of lung volume reduction coil treatment in patients with severe emphysema: results from the 2-year follow-up crossover REVOLENS study (REVOLENS-2 study)

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Julie Bulsei, Sylvie Leroy, Jeanne-Marie Perotin, Hervé Mal, Charles-Hugo Marquette, Hervé Dutau, Arnaud Bourdin, Jean-Michel Vergnon, Christophe Pison, Romain Kessler, Vincent Jounieaux, Mathieu Salaün, Armelle Marceau, Sylvain Dukic, Coralie Barbe, Margaux Bonnaire, Gaëtan Deslee, Isabelle Durand-Zaleski, the REVOLENS study group



The REVOLENS study compared lung volume reduction coil treatment to usual care in patients with severe emphysema at 1 year, resulting in improved quality-adjusted life-year (QALY) and higher costs. Durability of the coil treatment benefit and its cost-effectiveness at 2 years are now assessed.


After one year, the REVOLENS trial’s usual care group patients received coil treatment (second-line coil treatment group). Costs and QALYs were assessed in both arms at 2 years and an incremental cost-effectiveness ratio in cost per QALY gained was calculated. The uncertainty of the results was estimated by probabilistic bootstrapping.


The average cost of coil treatment in both groups was estimated at €24,356. The average total cost at 2 years was €9655 higher in the first-line coil treatment group (p = 0.07) and the difference in QALY between the two groups was 0.127 (p = 0.12) in favor of first-line coil treatment group. The 2-year incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) was €75,978 / QALY. The scatter plot of the probabilistic bootstrapping had 92% of the replications in the top right-hand quadrant.


First-line coil treatment was more expensive but also more effective than second-line coil treatment at 2 years, with a 2-year ICER of €75,978 / QALY.

Trial registration Identifier NCT01822795.
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