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Current Cardiovascular Imaging Reports

Current Cardiovascular Imaging Reports 6/2009

Ausgabe 6/2009

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.12.2009 | Clinical Trials Report | Ausgabe 6/2009

Cardiac CT for the triage of acute chest pain: Ready for clinical use?

Koen Nieman

01.12.2009 | Ausgabe 6/2009

Diagnostic performance of CT coronary angiography for the detection of obstructive coronary artery disease

Willem Bob Meijboom

01.12.2009 | Ausgabe 6/2009

Complementary use of CT angiography and stress tests to evaluate coronary heart disease

Christopher Uebleis, Marcus Hacker

01.12.2009 | Ausgabe 6/2009

Cardiovascular residual risk assessment in patients undergoing therapy: A combined structural and functional approach

Harvey S. Hecht, Morteza Naghavi

01.12.2009 | Ausgabe 6/2009

Value of cardiac CT in patients with heart failure

Deepa Mangalat, Andreas Kalogeropoulos, Vasiliki Georgiopoulou, Arthur Stillman, Javed Butler

01.12.2009 | Ausgabe 6/2009

Evaluation of plaque instability

Sadako Motoyama, Yukio Ozaki, Jagat Narula

01.12.2009 | Ausgabe 6/2009

Adjunctive use of cardiac CT in the coronary intervention laboratory

Carlos A. G. Van Mieghem, Steve Ramcharitar, Pim J. de Feyter

01.12.2009 | Ausgabe 6/2009

CT-guided cardiac electrophysiology

Farhood Saremi, Trien Dang

01.12.2009 | Ausgabe 6/2009

Prospective ECG-triggered sequential versus retrospective ECG-gated spiral CT: Pros and cons

Jun Horiguchi, Hideya Yamamoto, Yasuki Kihara, Katsuhide Ito

01.12.2009 | Ausgabe 6/2009

Added value of CT in adult congenital heart disease

Avneet Singh, Amgad N. Makaryus

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