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31.01.2023 | Original Paper

Endothelial hyperactivation of mutant MAP3K3 induces cerebral cavernous malformation enhanced by PIK3CA GOF mutation

Cerebral cavernous malformations (CCMs) refer to a common vascular abnormality that affects up to 0.5% of the population. A somatic gain-of-function mutation in MAP3K3 (p.I441M) was recently reported in sporadic CCMs, frequently accompanied by …

Open Access 11.01.2023 | Original Paper

Endothelial cells require functional FLVCR1a during developmental and adult angiogenesis

The Feline Leukemia Virus Subgroup C Receptor 1a (FLVCR1a) is a transmembrane heme exporter essential for embryonic vascular development. However, the exact role of FLVCR1a during blood vessel development remains largely undefined. Here, we show …

Open Access 02.12.2022 | Original Paper

Proinflammatory activity of VEGF-targeted treatment through reversal of tumor endothelial cell anergy

Tumor angiogenesis is a hallmark of cancer progression [ 1 , 2 ] and mounting evidence demonstrates that it also induces immune suppression and evasion of anti-tumor immunity [ 3 ]. Angiogenic factors, such as vascular endothelial growth factor …

20.11.2022 | Original Paper

Endothelial Rap1B mediates T-cell exclusion to promote tumor growth: a novel mechanism underlying vascular immunosuppression

Overcoming vascular immunosuppression: lack of endothelial cell (EC) responsiveness to inflammatory stimuli in the proangiogenic environment of tumors, is essential for successful cancer immunotherapy. The mechanisms through which Vascular …

Open Access 15.11.2022 | Original Paper

Notch1 and Notch4 core binding domain peptibodies exhibit distinct ligand-binding and anti-angiogenic properties

The Notch signaling pathway is an important therapeutic target for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer. We previously created ligand-specific inhibitors of Notch signaling comprised of Fc fusions to specific EGF-like repeats of the …

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Angiogenesis is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to the publication of top quality original articles and reviews on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate angiogenesis in physiological and pathological conditions. As a central source for rapid communications representing the full spectrum of angiogenesis research, this multidisciplinary journal publishes innovative experimental studies using molecular, in vitro, animal model systems and clinical investigations of angiogenic diseases. Angiogenesis also reports on novel therapeutic approaches for promoting or inhibiting angiogenesis as well as new markers and techniques for disease diagnosis and prognosis.

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