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Calcified Tissue International

Ausgabe 1/2024

Special Issue: Sarcopenia: an emerging syndrome of advancing age

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Open Access Review

Reductions in Motor Unit Firing are Associated with Clinically Meaningful Leg Extensor Weakness in Older Adults

Nathan P. Wages, Mohamed H. Mousa, Leatha A. Clark, Dallin Tavoian, W. David Arnold, Sherif M. Elbasiouny, Brian C. Clark


The Interconnection Between Muscle and Bone: A Common Clinical Management Pathway

Cassandra Smith, Marc Sim, Jack Dalla Via, Itamar Levinger, Gustavo Duque


Nutrition Interventions on Muscle-Related Components of Sarcopenia in Females: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials

Margaret Thornton, Marc Sim, Mary A. Kennedy, Kylie Blodgett, Richard Joseph, Rachele Pojednic

Open Access Review

Mitophagy Activation by Urolithin A to Target Muscle Aging

Julie Faitg, Davide D’Amico, Chris Rinsch, Anurag Singh


Impact of EASO/ESPEN-Defined Sarcopenic Obesity Following a Technology-Based Weight Loss Intervention

Brian S. Wood, Dakota J. Batchek, David H. Lynch, Hillary B. Spangler, Danae C. Gross, Curtis L. Petersen, John A. Batsis


A Critical Review of Current Worldwide Definitions of Sarcopenia

Haya F. Alhmly, Roger A. Fielding

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