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Ausgabe 3/2021

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Open Access Review Article

Potential for the Repurposing of Adamantane Antivirals for COVID-19

Roger F. Butterworth

Open Access Original Research Article

A Novel Therapeutic Peptide Blocks SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Binding with Host Cell ACE2 Receptor

Sajjan Rajpoot, Tomokazu Ohishi, Ashutosh Kumar, Qiuwei Pan, Sreeparna Banerjee, Kam Y. J. Zhang, Mirza S. Baig

Open Access Original Research Article

Safety and Pharmacokinetics of HTL0018318, a Novel M1 Receptor Agonist, Given in Combination with Donepezil at Steady State: A Randomized Trial in Healthy Elderly Subjects

Charlotte Bakker, Jasper van der Aart, Geert Labots, Jan Liptrot, David M. Cross, Erica S. Klaassen, Steve Dickinson, Tim Tasker, Geert Jan Groeneveld

Open Access Original Research Article

Effect of Landiolol Hydrochloride on Hemodynamics in a Histamine-Induced Shock Model

Masaharu Hirano, Tatsuaki Okamura, Tetsuji Nagano, Shigeyuki Nonaka, Tsutomu Shiroya

Open Access Original Research Article

A Novel In Vitro Model for Determining the Optimum pH and Dose Volume of New Liquid Alginate for Infant Reflux Suppression

Jeanine Fisher, Fiona McLaughlin, Neil Fawkes, Hannah Tipple, Cathal Coyle, Peter W. Dettmar

Open Access Current Opinion

Vaccinations in Patients Receiving Systemic Drugs for Skin Disorders: What Can We Learn for SARS-Cov-2 Vaccination Strategies?

Reinhart Speeckaert, Jo Lambert, Luis Puig, Marijn Speeckaert, Hilde Lapeere, Sofie De Schepper, Nanja van Geel

Open Access Short Communication

Long-Term Maintenance of Golimumab Effectiveness for Injection Spacing in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients with Low Disease Activity Who Previously Received Other TNF Inhibitors: Minimum 2-year Data From an Observational Study

Hiroki Wakabayashi, Nobuto Nagao, Hitoshi Inada, Yosuke Nishioka, Masahiro Hasegawa, Kusuki Nishioka, Akihiro Sudo