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Ausgabe 4/2021

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Open Access Acknowledgement to Referees

Acknowledgement to Referees

Open Access Case Report

Delayed Cutaneous Hypersensitivity Reaction to Vaxzevria (ChAdOx1-S) Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2

Rosanne Sprute, Sofie Schumacher, Martina Pauls, Wolfgang Pauls, Oliver A. Cornely

Open Access Original Research Article

Apixaban Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics in Subjects with Mild or Moderate Hepatic Impairment

Charles E. Frost, Van Ly, Samira M. Garonzik

Open Access Original Research Article

The Safety of Agalsidase Alfa Enzyme Replacement Therapy in Canadian Patients with Fabry Disease Following Implementation of a Bioreactor Process

Aneal Khan, Sandra M. Sirrs, Daniel G. Bichet, Chantal F. Morel, Adina Tocoian, Lan Lan, Michael L. West

Open Access Original Research Article

Dissociated Responses in Patients with Metastatic Solid Tumors Treated with Immunotherapy

Pauline Vaflard, Xavier Paoletti, Vincent Servois, Patricia Tresca, Elvire Pons-Tostivint, Marie-Paule Sablin, Francesco Ricci, Delphine Loirat, Ségolène Hescot, Nouritza Torossian, Diana Bello Roufai, Maud Kamal, Edith Borcoman, Christophe Le Tourneau

Open Access Original Research Article

Prediction of Belimumab Pharmacokinetics in Chinese Pediatric Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Xuan Zhou, Tsung-I Lee, Min Zhu, Peiming Ma

Open Access Original Research Article

Effects of Letermovir and/or Methylprednisolone Coadministration on Voriconazole Pharmacokinetics in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Population Pharmacokinetic Study

Kimitaka Suetsugu, Shota Muraki, Junshiro Fukumoto, Ryosuke Matsukane, Yasuo Mori, Takeshi Hirota, Toshihiro Miyamoto, Nobuaki Egashira, Koichi Akashi, Ichiro Ieiri

Open Access Original Research Article

Pharmacokinetics of the Melanocortin Type 1 Receptor Agonist PL8177 After Subcutaneous Administration

John Dodd, Robert Jordan, Marie Makhlina, Luana Pesco Koplowitz, Barry Koplowitz, Keith Barnett, Wei H. Yang, Carl Spana

Open Access Original Research Article

The Anti-inflammatory Effect of Dexmedetomidine Administration on Patients Undergoing Intestinal Surgery: A Randomized Study

Rushuang Chen, Zhenming Kang, Yaduan Wang, Jie Zhao, Shunyuan Li

Open Access Original Research Article

Clinical and Preclinical Single-Dose Pharmacokinetics of VIR-2218, an RNAi Therapeutic Targeting HBV Infection

Sneha V. Gupta, Marie C. Fanget, Christopher MacLauchlin, Valerie A. Clausen, Jing Li, Daniel Cloutier, Ling Shen, Gabriel J. Robbie, Erik Mogalian

Open Access Letter to the Editor

Author’s Reply to Petersen: “Differences in In Vitro Properties of Pancreatin Preparations for Pancreatic Exocrine Insufficiency as Marketed in Russia and CIS”

Igor V. Maev, Yury A. Kucheryavyy, Natalya B. Gubergrits, Ingo Bonnacker, Ekaterina A. Shelest, Gwendolyn P. Janssen‑van Solingen, J. Enrique Dominguez‑Munoz