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Hellenic Journal of Surgery

Ausgabe 3-4/2019

Inhalt (7 Artikel)

Cover Story

Social Media Networking in Medicine and Surgery

Iakovos N Nomikos

Original Article

The Stage of Colorectal Cancer in Surgical Patients in Greece

Adam Mylonakis, Areti Kalfoutzou, K Siozos, Aikaterini Roidou, D Voros

Original Article

Which Needle in which Trocar? A Mathematical-Theoretical Approach

K. Chondros, Iraklis Perysinakis, E. Kountourakis, N. Chondros

Review Article

Framing the Preoperative Assessment of the Oncogeriatric Patient. The Surgeon’s Point of View

Dimitris Papagoras, Maria Kanara, Ntouvli Stella

Case Report

Parasitic Pelvic and Infradiaphragmatic Leiomyomatosis Following Laparoscopic Myomectomy

Emmanouil Bakalinis, Alexandrina Nikova, Dionisia Gkouma, C Kokkinos

Case Report

Post Gastrectomy Phytobezoar Causing Intestinal Obstruction

Supreet Kaur Grewal, Rudra Prasad Doley, Arvind Sahni, JD Wig

Case Report

Neck Cannulation for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support in a 2-Year-Old Child with Acute Myocarditis

Meletios Kanakis, Evangelia Grisbolaki, D Bobos, A Lioulias, K Alexiou, N Giannopoulos

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