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11.03.2023 | Original Article

Minimally invasive surgery for anterior flail chest injury in the acute phase: series of 10 cases

Anterior type of chest wall injury involved multiple uni- or bilateral rib fractures that cause serious instability of the chest wall and are sometimes present in combination with pulmonary contusion. Ventilatory management is required in such …

verfasst von:
Tomoki Nakagawa, Ryota Masuda, Shunsuke Yamada, Masayuki Iwazaki

05.03.2023 | Original Article

A series of experiences with TissuePatch™ for alveolar air leak after pulmonary resection

Persistent air leak is the most common complication caused by alveolar-pleural fistulas during lung resection [ 1 – 4 ]. Persistent air leak is associated with prolonged chest tube duration and length of hospital stay; adverse events, such as …

verfasst von:
Takahiro Homma

27.02.2023 | Original Article

Outcomes of del Nido cardioplegia after surgical aortic valve replacement and coronary artery bypass grafting

The use of del Nido cardioplegia (DNC) as the cardioplegic solution of choice is well accepted in the pediatric cardiac surgery field [ 1 ]. However, very few clinical studies have been conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety in adult …

verfasst von:
Chikashi Nakai, Cheng Zhang, Hiroto Kitahara, Christian Shults, Ron Waksman, Ezequiel. J. .Molina

25.02.2023 | Original Article

Residual middle lobectomy after right upper or lower lobectomy: indications and outcome

Middle lobectomy after upper or lower lobectomy is occasionally encountered in routine clinical practice; however, the indications and approaches differ according to the initial operation.

verfasst von:
Satoshi Takamori, Hiroyuki Oizumi, Jun Suzuki, Hikaru Watanabe, Kaito Sato, Satoshi Shiono, Tetsuro Uchida

22.02.2023 | Original Article

Outcomes of immune checkpoint inhibitors for postoperative recurrence of non-small cell lung cancer

Treatment for postoperative recurrence of resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) depends on its location (locoregional or distant) and number (single or multiple) [ 1 ]. Although selected patients with oligometastases may be successfully …

verfasst von:
Itsuki Yuasa, Masatsugu Hamaji, Hiroaki Ozasa, Yuichi Sakamori, Hironori Yoshida, Yojiro Yutaka, Toshi Menju, Toyohiro Hirai, Hiroshi Date

Open Access 21.02.2023 | Original Article

Outcomes of continuous flow left ventricular assist device after surgical left ventricular restoration

Surgical ventricular restoration (SVR) has been developed for patients with end-stage heart failure which is refractory to guideline-directed heart failure therapy in Japan, the United States of America, and Europe, owing to a shortage of donors [ …

verfasst von:
Takayuki Gyoten, Minoru Ono

18.02.2023 | Original Article

Could the probability of surgical indication be determined after first episode of primary spontaneous pneumothorax?

Primary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSP) is a common condition. The universally accepted indications for surgical treatment of PSP are prolonged air leak (PAL) and ipsilateral recurrence of pneumothorax [ 1 – 3 ]. Many studies have been published …

verfasst von:
Necati Çıtak, Servet Özdemir, Selçuk Köse

18.02.2023 | Original Article

Propensity score analysis comparing off-pump versus on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting in older adults

Off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (OPCAB) was introduced in the 1990s to reduce the invasiveness of extracorporeal circulation and make coronary artery bypass grafting less invasive. OPCAB does not lead to elevated inflammatory marker …

verfasst von:
Shinji Ogawa, Yoshiharu Mori, Tumurbaatar Batkhishig, Toshiyuki Yamada, Yuhei Saito, Yukihide Numata, Shinji Kamiya, Miki Asano, Takayuki Saito, Hisao Suda

09.02.2023 | Original Article

Circ_0024108 promotes the progression of esophageal cancer cells

Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) remains a prevalent gastrointestinal malignancy [ 3 ]. Since there is a lack of specific symptoms and early diagnosis methods, ESCC patients are usually diagnosed as late with lymphatic metastasis. Even if …

verfasst von:
Tongchen Hu, Huali Peng, Fan Yang, Fan Zhang, Jintao He

06.02.2023 | Original Article

The effect of adding an open distal anastomosis to proximal aneurysm repairs in bicuspid aortopathy

The bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) pathology is commonly associated with aneurysms of the ascending aorta or aortic root, with a reported prevalence of 20–40% [ 1 ]. Moreover, evidence has suggested that patients with bicuspid aortic valves May have …

verfasst von:
Christian Pearsall, Philip M. Allen, Yanling Zhao, Ilya Kim, Casidhe Bethancourt, Diane Hu, Paul A. Kurlansky, Isaac George, Craig R. Smith, Hiroo Takayama

05.02.2023 | Original Article

The preoperative assessment of thoracic wall adhesions using four-dimensional computed tomography

The mainstay of treatment for lung cancer, which is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide [ 1 ], is surgery. According to the Annual Report by the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery, the hospital mortality rate after surgery …

verfasst von:
Jun Suzuki, Satoshi Shiono, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Hikaru Watanabe, Satoshi Takamori, Takayuki Sasage, Kaito Sato, Yusuke Matsui, Testsuro Uchida, Fumika Watarai

27.01.2023 | Original Article

Prognostic factors for pulmonary carcinoid with positive lymph node after surgical resection: a SEER database study

Pulmonary carcinoid (PC) is a rare well differentiated lung neuroendocrine tumor (NET), which accounts for only 1–2% of all pulmonary neoplasms [ 1 , 2 ]. PC is divided into low-grade typical carcinoid (TC) and intermediate-grade atypical carcinoid …

verfasst von:
Xiaoling Wang, Tingting Liu, Jun Chen, Jun Dang

03.01.2023 | Original Article

Long-term results of one-and-a-half ventricle repair with open azygos vein

The one-and-a-half ventricle repair (1.5VR), i.e., intracardiac repair with an adjunction of bidirectional cavopulmonary shunt (BCPS) was proposed in 1989 for pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum [ 1 ]. The 1.5VR can be used for complex …

verfasst von:
Takahiro Ito, Mitsuru Aoki, Ikuo Hagino, Hiroshi Koshiyama

30.12.2022 | Original Article

Comprehensive outcomes after primary arterial switch operation

Recently, the long-term prognosis of transposition of the great arteries (TGA) after an arterial switch operation (ASO) has rapidly improved; however, the long-term complications have become a problem, and it is necessary to devise surgical …

verfasst von:
Makoto Nakamura, Kazuyoshi Kanno, Masahiko Nishioka

30.12.2022 | Original Article

Setting a quality indicator for actual surgery time relative to scheduled surgery time in the context of increasing robotic-assisted thoracic surgery cases

Properly valuing medical operations and appropriately allocating resources is a critical issue for payment and measuring productivity. One of the key elements in surgical care evaluation is the time required to perform the service, or surgery …

verfasst von:
Naoki Ozeki, Harushi Ueno, Jun Saeki, Yuka Kadomatsu, Taketo Kato, Shota Nakamura, Koichi Fukumoto, Takayuki Fukui, Toyofumi Fengshi Chen-Yoshikawa

16.12.2022 | Original Article

Is the QRS duration useful for determining the optimal timing of pulmonary valve replacement after tetralogy of Fallot repair?

An increasing number of adult patients experience pulmonary regurgitation (PR) after tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) repair, and the resultant chronic volume overload can lead to right ventricular (RV) dilation, biventricular dysfunction …

verfasst von:
Junya Sugiura, Shunji Uchita, Ai Kojima, Yusuke Akazawa, Hidemi Takata, Masashi Nakamura, Takashi Higaki, Hironori Izutani

03.12.2022 | Original Article

Outcomes of isolated CABG from “OPCAB favor institution” for patients with left ventricular dysfunction

Although the large, randomized trials have not proven the clinical efficacy of off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) [ 1 ], several studies have shown the superiority of OPCAB over on-pump coronary artery bypass (ONCAB), in specially for …

verfasst von:
Yoshifumi Itoda, Kazuki Morooka, Retsu Tateishi, Fumiya Haba, Shunya Ono, Yusuke Tsukioka, Yoshinori Nakahara, Takeyuki Kanemura

22.11.2022 | Original Article

Long-term outcomes and prognostic factors after aortic valve surgery in patients with Takayasu arteritis

Takayasu arteritis (TAK) is a type of chronic inflammatory vasculitis involving large vessels. It is mainly treated with steroids and immunosuppressants, but surgical interventions are often needed for occlusion or aneurysmal dilatation of the …

verfasst von:
So Hye Nam, Jino Park, Seokchan Hong, Yong-Gil Kim, Bin Yoo, Chang-Keun Lee, Dae-Hee Kim

31.07.2019 | Original Article

Prolonged warm ischemia exacerbated acute rejection after lung transplantation from donation after cardiac death in a mouse

The problem of donor organ shortage persists in lung transplantation (LTx). In an attempt to resolve this problem, LTx from donation after cardiac death (DCD) began to be performed in addition to LTx from donation after brain death (DBD) [ 1 , 2 ] …

verfasst von:
Yutaka Hirano, Seiichiro Sugimoto, Sumiharu Yamamoto, Masanori Okada, Shinji Otani, Toshiaki Ohara, Masaomi Yamane, Akihiro Matsukawa, Takahiro Oto, Shinichi Toyooka

25.06.2019 | Original Article

Robotic cardiac surgery impact of a new patient-side assistant on outcomes

A significant amount of literature has been published regarding robotic cardiac surgery since its inception [ 1 – 8 ]. The majority of these studies have focused on the feasibility of the robotic approach and the outcome of the procedures. Several …

verfasst von:
Mackenzie McCrorey, Hiroto Kitahara, Dorothy Krienbring, Brooke Patel, Sarah Nisivaco, Husam H. Balkhy