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Lasers in Medical Science 6/2021
Lasers in Medical Science

Ausgabe 6/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (24 Artikel)

15.11.2020 | Review Article

Photobiomodulation: systematic review and meta-analysis of the most used parameters in the resolution diabetic foot ulcers
Luan dos Santos Mendes-Costa, Vanessa Garcia de Lima, Maria Paula Ribeiro Barbosa, Ludmila Evangelista dos Santos, Suélia de Siqueira Rodrigues Fleury Rosa, José Carlos Tatmatsu-Rocha

02.01.2021 | Review Article

Effect of low power lasers on prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells under different stress condition: a review of the literature
Adenilson de Souza da Fonseca, Larissa Alexsandra da Silva Neto Trajano, Eduardo Tavares Lima Trajano, Flavia de Paoli, Andre Luiz Mencalha

03.01.2021 | Review Article

Laser and light-based therapies in the management of rosacea: an updated systematic review
Husein Husein-ElAhmed, Martin Steinhoff

Open Access 18.09.2020 | Original Article

Stokes polarimetry-based second harmonic generation microscopy for collagen and skeletal muscle fiber characterization
Nirmal Mazumder, Fu-Jen Kao

30.09.2020 | Original Article

In vitro effect of curcumin-mediated antimicrobial photodynamic therapy on fibroblasts: viability and cell signaling for apoptosis
Giuliana Campos Chaves Lamarque, Daniela Alejandra Cusicanqui Méndez, Adriana Arruda Matos, Thiago José Dionísio, Maria Aparecida Andrade Moreira Machado, Ana Carolina Magalhães, Rodrigo Cardoso Oliveira, Thiago Cruvinel

04.10.2020 | Original Article

Photobiomodulation of avian embryos by red laser
A. El-Hussein,, M. R. Hamblin, A. Saad, M. A. Harith

12.10.2020 | Original Article

Transurethral laser versus open simple prostatectomy for large volume prostates: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Wei Haibin, Qian Lin, Wu Junxiu, Wang Heng, Zhang Qi, Wang Yanpeng, Zhang Dahong

10.10.2020 | Original Article

Photobiomodulation therapy on expression of HSP70 protein and tissue repair in experimental acute Achilles tendinitis
André Nobre Evangelista, Flávia Franciele dos Santos, Lorena Pacheco de Oliveira Martins, Thais Peixoto Gaiad, Alex Sander Dias Machado, Etel Rocha-Vieira, Karine Beatriz Costa, Ana Paula Santos, Murilo Xavier Oliveira

20.03.2021 | Original Article

Effects of photobiomodulation in salivary glands of chronic kidney disease patients on hemodialysis
Vanessa Christina Santos Pavesi, Manoela Domingues Martins, Fábio Luiz Coracin, Aline Silva Sousa, Benedito Jorge Pereira, Renato Araújo Prates, Juliana Freitas da Silva, Marcela Leticia Leal Gonçalves, Cicero Dayves Silva Bezerra, Sandra Kalil Bussadori, Maria Lucia Zarvos Varellis, Alessandro Melo Deana

16.10.2020 | Original Article

The effect of combined curcumin-mediated photodynamic therapy and artificial skin on Staphylococcus aureus–infected wounds in rats
Fernanda Rossi Paolillo, Phamilla Gracielli Sousa Rodrigues, Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato, Fernanda Alves, Layla Pires, Adalberto Vieira Corazza

16.10.2020 | Original Article

Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser ablation of symptomatic vaginal endometriosis: a pilot study
Laura Buggio, Ermelinda Monti, Carlo Liverani, Maria Pina Frattaruolo, Dhouha Dridi, Edgardo Somigliana

21.10.2020 | Original Article

Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy against Propionibacterium acnes biofilms using hypericin (Hypericum perforatum) photosensitizer: in vitro study
Rosmeire Aparecida Barroso, Ricardo Navarro, Carla Roberta Tim, Lucas de Paula Ramos, Luciane Dias de Oliveira, Ângela Toshie Araki, Karina Gonzales Camara Fernandes, Daniela Macedo, Lívia Assis

Open Access 26.10.2020 | Original Article

Ablative laser surgery for allergic tattoo reactions: a retrospective study
S. A. S. van der Bent, Sanne Huisman, T. Rustemeyer, A. Wolkerstorfer

20.10.2020 | Original Article

Metagenomic analysis of the dust particles collected from the suction tube and the suction funnel of a dermatological laser smoke evacuator system
Ga-Eun Lee, Jin Ju Kim, Hei Sung Kim, Woo Jun Sul

28.10.2020 | Original Article

A retrospective study of neck rejuvenation using a noninsulated microneedle radiofrequency in Chinese subjects
Bihuan Xiao, Yuan Jiang, Bin Wang, Yang Hu, Yan Sun, Yan Wu, Shuai Qiao

03.11.2020 | Original Article

Efficacy and safety of 1440-nm Nd:YAG laser on lower face and neck rejuvenation
Sayed Mandour, Rania Ahmed El-Tatawy, Ahmed F. Alborgy, Sameh Elghamry

06.11.2020 | Original Article

A comprehensive reconstruction strategy for moderate to severe faciocervical scar contractures
Jue Wang, Jiang Wu, Minghuo Xu, Quanwen Gao, Baoguo Chen, Fang Wang, Hao Niu, Huifeng Song

07.01.2021 | Original Article

Rhinophyma in women: a case series
D. Ismail, L. Asfour, V. Madan

18.01.2021 | Original Article

Does the application of GaAlAs laser and platelet-rich plasma induce cell proliferation and increase alkaline phosphatase activity in human dental pulp stem cells?
Maryam Bidar, Aminmohammad Bahlakeh, Mahmoud Mahmoudi, Farzaneh Ahrari, Reza Shahmohammadi, Hamid Jafarzadeh

15.01.2021 | Original Article

Involvement of substance P, osteopontin and satellite glial cells on photobiomodulation-induced antinociceptive effect in an experimental model of dentin hypersensitivity
Victhor Teixeira de Oliveira, João Ignácio Ferrara-Jr, Heloísa Alonso Matielo, Adilson da Silva Alves, Luiz Roberto Britto, Ana Cecilia Corrêa Aranha, Camila Squarzoni Dale

01.02.2021 | Original Article

Comparative evaluation of improvement in periodontal and glycemic health status of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients after scaling and root planing with or without adjunctive use of diode laser
Sunakshi Soi, Vivek Kumar Bains, Ruchi Srivastava, Rohit Madan

23.02.2021 | Original Article

Efficacy of different irrigation technique in simulated curved root canals
Rosalie C. D. Swimberghe, Ruth Buyse, Maarten A. Meire, Roeland J. G. De Moor

10.02.2021 | Original Article

Evaluation of gingival displacement methods in terms of periodontal health at crown restorations produced by digital scan: 1-year clinical follow-up
Beyza Ünalan Değirmenci, Beyza Karadağ Naldemir, Alperen Değirmenci

03.01.2021 | Letter to the Editor

Use of fractionated microneedle radiofrequency for necrobiosis lipoidica
Rana Abdat, Stephanie R. Cohen, Sandhya Deverapalli, Joyce Hoot, F. Clarissa Yang