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Lasers in Medical Science 9/2021
Lasers in Medical Science

Ausgabe 9/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (24 Artikel)

21.01.2021 | Review Article

Effects of laser therapy on periorbital hyperpigmentation: a systematic review on current studies
Masoumeh Roohaninasab, Afsaneh Sadeghzadeh-Bazargan, Azadeh Goodarzi

24.01.2021 | Review Article

Low-power lasers on bacteria: stimulation, inhibition, or effectless?
Adenilson de Souza da Fonseca, Luiz Philippe da Silva Sergio, Andre Luiz Mencalha, Flavia de Paoli

18.02.2021 | Review Article

Safety and efficacy of thulium laser resection of bladder tumors versus transurethral resection of bladder tumors: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Gongwei Long, Yucong Zhang, Guoliang Sun, Wei Ouyang, Zheng Liu, Heng Li

09.01.2021 | Original Article

Burnback: the role of pulse duration and energy on fiber-tip degradation during high-power laser lithotripsy
Brandon A. Levin, Ali H. Aldoukhi, Kristian M. Black, Timothy L. Hall, William W. Roberts, Khurshid R. Ghani

07.01.2021 | Original Article

Comparative study of treatment for striae alba stage striae gravidarum: 1565-nm non-ablative fractional laser versus fractional microneedle radiofrequency
Zhaoyang Tang, Shuheng Wen, Taoming Liu, Aijiao Yu, Yuanhong Li

07.01.2021 | Original Article

Effect of low-level laser irradiation on cytotoxicity of benzene in human normal fibroblast cells
Mahsa Salemi, Khatereh Khorsandi, Reza Hosseinzadeh, Parvaneh Maghami

03.01.2021 | Original Article

The beneficial effects of fractional CO2 laser treatment on perineal changes during puerperium and breastfeeding period: a multicentric study
Daniela Luvero, Maurizio Filippini, Stefano Salvatore, Annalisa Pieralli, Miriam Farinelli, Roberto Angioli

25.01.2021 | Original Article

Comparison of photobiomodulation in the treatment of skin injury with an open wound in mice
Ketlyn Germann Hendler, Jaquelini Betta Canever, Luana Gabriel de Souza, Laís Mara Siqueira das Neves, Marisa de Cássia Registro Fonseca, Heloyse Uliam Kuriki, Aderbal da Silva Aguiar Junior, Rafael Inácio Barbosa, Alexandre Marcio Marcolino

Open Access 06.01.2021 | Original Article

Raman spectroscopic study of cervical precancerous lesions and cervical cancer
Jing Wang, Cheng-Xia Zheng, Cai-Ling Ma, Xiang-Xiang Zheng, Xiao-Yi Lv, Guo-Dong Lv, Jun Tang, Guo-Hua Wu

03.01.2021 | Original Article

Transoral laser microsurgery: feasibility of a new exoscopic HD-3D system coupled with free beam or fiber laser
Andrea Luigi Camillo Carobbio, Francesco Missale, Marco Fragale, Francesco Mora, Luca Guastini, Giampiero Parrinello, Frank Rikki Mauritz Canevari, Giorgio Peretti, Leonardo S. Mattos

03.01.2021 | Original Article

Study on the mechanism of photodynamic therapy mediated by 5-aminoketovalerate in human ovarian cancer cell line
Qian Wang, Yuping Suo, Xiaoni Wang, Yulan Wang, Xiaojuan Tian, Yanxia Gao, Nannan Liu, Rui Liu

05.01.2021 | Original Article

Effect of 660/850 nm LED on the microcirculation of the foot: neurovascular biphasic reflex
Claudia Maria Duarte de Sá

04.01.2021 | Original Article

Effects of intravenous and transdermal photobiomodulation on the postoperative complications of coronary artery bypass grafting surgery: a randomized, controlled clinical trial
Nooshafarin Kazemikhoo, Majid Kyavar, Zahra Razzaghi, Fereshteh Ansari, Majid Maleki, Alireza Alizadeh Ghavidel, Maziar Gholampour, Mohammad Hassan Ghaffarinejad

28.01.2021 | Original Article

Comparison of 532-nm GreenLight HPS laser with 980-nm diode laser vaporization of the prostate in treating patients with lower urinary tract symptom secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia: a meta-analysis
Zhongbao Zhou, Yuanshan Cui, Xiaoyi Zhang, Yong Zhang

13.02.2021 | Original Article

Does interval time between pulsed dye laser treatments for port-wine stains influence outcome? A systematic review and meta-analysis
Igor Snast, Moshe Lapidoth, Ran Kaftory, Adi Nosrati, Emmilia Hodak, Daniel Mimouni, Efrat Solomon-Cohen, Assi Levi

18.02.2021 | Original Article

Photobiomodulation with a wavelength > 800 nm induces morphological changes in stem cells within otic organoids and scala media of the cochlea
So-Young Chang, Min Young Lee

27.02.2021 | Original Article

Comparison of carboxy therapy and fractional Q-switched ND:YAG laser on periorbital dark circles treatment: a clinical trial
Mohammad Ali Nilforoushzadeh, Maryam Heidari-Kharaji, Shiva Alavi, Sara Zolghadr, Mona Mahmoudbeyk, Nahid Nikkhah

31.03.2021 | Original Article

Effect of cetrimide 2% with and without photodynamic therapy to reduce Streptococcus mutans burden in dentinal carious lesions
Gabriele Giorgi Moro, Natalia Cunha Massat, Diana Roberta Pereira Grandizoli, Augusto Etchegaray Junior, Giovanna Rosa Degasperi, Carlos Eduardo Fontana, Sérgio Luiz Pinheiro

06.04.2021 | Original Article

Combination photobiomodulation/N-acetyl-L-cysteine treatment appears to mitigate hair cell loss associated with noise-induced hearing loss in rats
Chung-Ku Rhee, So-Young Chang

21.04.2021 | Original Article

Low level laser therapy, Er,Cr:YSGG laser and fluoride varnish for treatment of dentin hypersensitivity after periodontal surgery: A randomized clinical trial
Amir Moeintaghavi, Farzaneh Ahrari, Nahid Nasrabadi, Amir Fallahrastegar, Javad Sarabadani, Fatemeh Rajabian

Open Access 15.05.2021 | Original Article

Photobiomodulation of oral fibroblasts stimulated with periodontal pathogens
H. J. Serrage, P. R. Cooper, W. M. Palin, P. Horstman, M. Hadis, M. R. Milward

31.07.2021 | Original Article

Effectiveness of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy with indocyanine green against the standard and fluconazole-resistant Candida albicans
Maryam Mardani, Omid Kamrani

10.08.2021 | Original Article

Photobiomodulation therapy does not depend on the differentiation of dental pulp cells to enhance functional activity associated with angiogenesis and mineralization
Daniela Thomazatti Chimello-Sousa, Geovane Praxedes Lavez, Roger Rodrigo Fernandes, Milla Sprone Tavares, Adalberto Luiz Rosa, Selma Siessere, Simone Cecílio Hallak Regalo, Karina Fittipaldi Bombonato-Prado

01.05.2021 | Letter to the Editor

Anal dysplasia screening by Raman-enhanced spectroscopy can inform clinical diagnosis of cervical neoplasia
Michelle O. Nagata