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25.09.2022 | Original Article

A prevalence study of the atlantomastoid muscle

Approximately 18–26% of the human population have a muscle variant in the suboccipital region known as the atlantomastoid (Fig. 1 ) [ 5 , 8 ]. Despite this relatively high prevalence, there remains little documentation and discussion regarding the …

23.09.2022 | Original Article

Skin landmarks as ideal entry points for ventricular drainage, a radiological study

Catheterization of the cerebral ventricles is a fundamental life-saving procedure in neurosurgery. Although numerous safe entry points to the cerebral ventricles have been described in the literature, the accuracy of free-hand catheter placement …

23.09.2022 | Review

The prevalence of the anatomical variation in a Turkish population: supernumerary muscle–anconeus epitrochlearis

Muscle anatomical variants are frequently encountered and include the absence of a muscle, presence of a supernumerary muscle, or deviation of a muscle from its normal course due to an abnormal origin or insertion. An accessory muscle is an …

Open Access 21.09.2022 | Original Article

Anatomical basis of retrograde thoracic veins flow and its implications in complex thoracic wall reconstructive surgery

The internal thoracic veins (ITVs) are the main vessels responsible for the physiological venous drainage of the anterior thoracic wall. Both right and left ITVs originate from the confluence of the inferior musculophrenic and epigastric veins …

20.09.2022 | Review

The potential scope of a humanoid robot in anatomy education: a review of a unique proposal

In the context of cognitive computing, the capacity of a computer or robot to do activities that are usually performed by humans is known as artificial intelligence (AI) [ 36 ]. An intelligent system understands its surroundings and acts …

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The application of anatomical research to clinical problems requires selectivity in choosing from numerous publications. Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy, the first international journal of Clinical anatomy operates in the spirit that meaningful progress remains to be made.

Each issue includes: Original papers, review articles, articles on the anatomical bases of medical, surgical and radiological techniques, articles of normal radiologic anatomy, brief reviews of anatomical publications of clinical interest.
Particular attention is given to high quality illustrations, which are indispensable for a better understanding of anatomical problems.
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy is a journal written by anatomists for clinicians with a special interest in anatomy.

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